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Asked: 2 years ago

Pyromancer and Intelligence?

Well, my question is simple. When I started the game (now I'm level 64) I had read that Intelligent is good for Sorcerer's and Pyromancer's alike. Now I have 45 of intelligent and I'm wondering if I made a good choice. Because I bought the catalyser and some Sorcerers spells to investigate the diferences and I notice a big improvement in magic spells but not the same in Pyro spells. Intelligent is good for Pyromancers? (I have my Pyro's flame +7 and I'm thinking to improve it to +15 to ascend it...good idea?) Any help will be great! Thanks!

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From: 3DJutsu 2 years ago

Intelligence only affects the MELEE damage (R2 or RT) of an Ascended Pyromancers flame. The strength of your Pyromancers's Flame determines the power of the spell.

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Int has 0 effect on the damage on the pyromancies. It increases the damage of the Pyromancy Flame as a Fist Weapon

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