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Asked: 2 years ago

Best overall armor for defense?

I recognize that the Giant's set has the best defense overall.

But can anyone give a list of best individual pieces considering weight, resistances and poise.
e.g. Elite knight chest piece is widely considered the best chest piece in the game given its weight/resist ratio and lack of a stamina penalty.

In particular, I'm after helm, gauntlets, leggings and shield

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The Heavy armor with most defense is Havel's set, but it weighs a ton. The Middle weight armor that is best would probably be elite knight or black iron. Not sure on Light armor, but black leather has a reasonable weight and pretty good defense defense.

For a shield, I've heard the eagle shield is pretty great. The only side effect is it can't parry. The overally best shield if you want stability and the ability to parry is I believe the Silver Knights Shield.

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The armor set I would go for is the Steel armor set because it has got defense and isn't to heavy.

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Well you want defense but what kind of defense do you really want, physical defense, magical defense, a mix of both. Personally i like the mix of both but i still cant find a set armor that has that. So i just got some armor from different sets and so far its working out. I have the Gargoyle Helm, Gold-Hemmed Black Cloak, Silver Knight Gauntlets and Crimson Waistcloth. with all that on you magic and physical defense is pretty good if you want locations let me, know i can tell you where to find them.

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