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Asked: 2 years ago

Ornstein armor set worth it??

Is ornstein armor set better defence than black knight armor??

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I have all the Ornstein armor pieces but I use the Black Knight chest piece at +5 instead of the Ornstein full set. Everything else is Ornstein though and the lack of upgrading is what can make it not worth it but my build is pretty good with everything Ornstein except the chest.

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Its only worth it for the good lightning defence that's it

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If you dont have any titanite to level up your current armor, then use ornstiens i guess. its somewhat decent in weight and defence and it doesnt require being leveled up

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yes, i used it for quite a few playthroughs. But honestly if you don't mind how weird you look, and the fact that you look like you squeeze your nipple whenever you kneel, the smough armor is actually incredibly strong for its weight.

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