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What they for???

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You can see stuff from far away

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When used, this item will give you a zoomed in view of the area you are looking at. Two additional levels of zoom can be achieved by pressing up in the D-Pad (official Dark Souls guide).

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Go to Quealaag's domain/ Princess' Chamber. That's what everyone told me to do, and now I'm finding my self feeling out of place. (O_O)

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you can aim w/ the crossbow. use the binocs and look at what you wanna shoot. swith to the crossbow and BLAMMO. no more use for longbow. cept i never use bows.... OH, and magic as well.

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Have you ever had a problem with something that is hard to see?
Have you ever wanted to see something up close and personal of something of interest?

WELL! The BINOCULARS is just for you! Get one now for free just down the graveyard behind a big gravestone and skeletons!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! If you make a character and he/he carries the dark sign! Your in luck! Out of a list of gorgeous items, you get to choose the BINOCULARS!

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