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Asked: 2 years ago

Can not warp in new game +!!?

Is warping at a bonfire not an option in new game +? I'm past the Painted World on my second play through and still no option to warp at any bonfire. I have joined Daughter of Chaos covenant, used her bonfire and still no warp. My Playstation Network and game have been updated online. Has any else had this issue and know how to correct it? Or is this just the developers' way of adding difficulty. Please help. Thanks

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If you have the lord vessel you should be able to warp.

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You will need the lord vessel first, but if you are in the painted world the only way to get out is to go through the entire painted world the behind priscilla is the way out.

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xqazwerdx has your answer to this question. You must have the lordvessel in order to warp.

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The Lord Vessel does not trade over to New Game +

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