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Asked: 2 years ago

What do I have to do make Shiva of the East appear as a merchant in Blighttown?

What do I need to do to make Shiva available as a merchant? I just joined the forest covenant and he won't sell me anything yet. I'm getting reallyyy sick of summoning to fight trespassers. Dark Souls online is so damn frustrating >:C

this close to raging and leaving the covenant.

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From: imbored1190 2 years ago

If i remember correctly you need to join the covenant then talk to Shiva at the forest first, then he will appear in blightown near the waterwheel.

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Imbored is right- join the covenant and talk to him in the dark root forest, then go to blight-town he will be under the ramp to the elevator contraption. Take a lot of souls he has a ton of cool gear- not much in the way of useful right away but the washing pole katana has pretty long reach for a sword (its like Sephiroth's masamune) - hope this helps!

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Become a member, speak to him and then go the Blight Town and he should be by the wheel that acts like an elevator.

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