Question from Hazzard89

Asked: 2 years ago

Does being online make a difference?

I read somewhere that being human increases drop rates, so I should be human as much as possible, which I'm dandy with. What I don't really enjoy is the other players preying on noobs like me when I'm still learning some basics. Basically I wanna know if remaining off line will affect the drop rate at all. I can do without the ability to summon... I think.. I've only rang one bell, so I can't say for sure lol.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Well consider me a lone warrior lol. The risk of being invaded by some jerkoff high ranker outweighs soapstone and summoning others. maybe I'll play online when at a higher level and know more.

Accepted Answer

From: SolidSaiyan 2 years ago

Being online only effects weather you can summon, be summoned, see blood stains, see floor markings, or be invaded. Other than that playing offline is just a lonely day.

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