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Asked: 2 years ago

S.O.S. - I am trapped in the Anor Londo Church (read and help me please)?

I am pretty trapped in Anor Londo Church (where there is a huge picture).
I was playing my steps in Anor Londo Church, near of the roof, and died many times trying to reach the other side of the Church. One of those deaths I was near to reach that side. I could see a fog. But then I fall into the ground and died. It was 2:00 AM and I was so muhc tired, and I didnt wanted to await. Turned off my Xbox....on the other morning I turn on my console and, for my surprise, I was not at the fire. I REBIRTH ON THE BIG PICTURE ROOM... The problem is: istead of died, I killed all foes, and went inside the Picture, and i lite other bonefire there. I played all the picture snow wolrd, and made my way back to Church. But now I cannot leave, becouse as I saw in many walkthrouth at web, I didnt rotate the central tower.
Any chance to me??? or just begin everything again (I was SL 85, WITH 80 HOURS OF PLAY TIME. :(

any help would be nice.

Additional details - 2 years ago

When I die I rebirht on the same room.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Thanks for respond me.

But when I go where you said to me, ther eis a lever. I dont know why (maybe becouse I didnt moved that tower before), "the contraption doenst move" msg appear when I try to move the lever. When I jump and die, I return to space right at side of the big picture.

I believe that its over for me.

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I am assuming you jumped off the cliff in the Painted World Ariamis?? Run to the opposite side of the Church and there is a door. You should see the tower in front of you but it is unreachable. Directly beside the tower entrance is a lever that lowers that tower to your current position.

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can't get passed wall of brilliance, entrance to Dukes Archive, in Anor Londo

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