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Does any armor have specail properties?

When selecting armor, is there anything to consider aside from weight and resistances? Do any pieces bestow unique effects?

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The pinwheel masks give Mother +15% Hp (PTDE 10%) Father +15 equip load( PTDE 5%)
Child restores stamina faster.
Kirk (Thorns set) armor adds damage to rolls and I think boosts damage of fist weapons
Sunlight Maggot gives off light for some dark areas.
Symbol of Avarice boost the Souls by 20% and Item Discovery by 200 and drains your heath over time.
Dragon Body (if you would call it armor) adds better fist damage.
Crown of the Dark Sun boost magic by 10%.
Crown of Dusk boost magic by 20% but weakens your magic def by 30%

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He forgot the BEST one. The dragon head lets you shoot super awesome plasma fire breath from your face if you reuse the dragon head stone while your head is a dragon! Its pretty useless actually unless you REALLY level the covenant and even then it merely becomes useful but even still it's amazing.

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