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All All Questions for Dark Souls.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Can you bring solaire and lautrec all the way to hellkite drake and monster hunter style him? 0
I need help with Gywn can anyone help me? 0
Transient souls/boss help? 0
Anyone help me with Demon Firesage? 1
Anyone want to help me with Kalameet? 1
Can anyone help me beat gwyn please? 1
can anyone help me in defeating Seath the Scaleless on NG+?? 1
Can anyone help me? 5
Can anyone help with four kings? 1
Can I beat Ornstein & Smough? 2
Can I get someone's help with fighting the Four Kings? 6
Can i summon NPCs phantom even if im offline? 1
Can I summon somebody? 1
Can someone come and help me kill the black dragon? 1
Can someone help me with Sif? 3
Can someone help me with the Four Kings? 1
can someone help with the 4kings. PS3? 1
Challenge run bell gargoyles? 1
Could I get help with Gravelord Nito? (PS3) [SL62] 1
Frogs in the Depths with cursebite ring? 3
Giantdad? 1
Help with Four Kings? 4
How did a black phantom disappear from knight Lautrec's room? 1
How do I beat ( sanctuary guardian )? 5
How do I beat (Hydra)? 5
How do I beat bed of chaos? 1
How do I beat ceaseless fire demon? 10
How do I beat Gwyn? 6
How do I beat knight atorias? 3
How do I beat the Hydra at Ash Lake? 5
How do I beat toxic soldier after Gaping Dragon tunnel area? 10
How do I beat WTF with Hydra ? 3
How much health do bosses have in new game + 6? 2
How to beat chaos witch quelaag without drake sword? 12
Knight Artorias help? 1
Knight Artorias. Anyone still playing? 2
Lord Gwyn? 2
Moonlight greatsword query? 1
Need help beating Seath the Scaleless, please? 2
Ng four kings summon? 2
Ornstein and smough ?? 1
Ornstein and Smough help? 1
Smough Issues? 3
Stray Demon Loot Issue? 1
Weird Ninja flipping Black Phantoms in the forest?? 1
What to use against Ornstein and Smough? 8
Whats the best divine weapon to use against four kings ng+? 3
Who wants to help kill crossbreed pricilla? 1
Will throwing dung pies aggro Crossbreed Priscilla? 1
About the Four Kings? 3
Are there Darkmoon Soldiers? 2
Ash Lake Hydra glitch removed (post patch 1.05)? 1
At Oreo and Smoothie now! How does my build fare? 2
Can someone help me with gravelord nito? 1
Capra demon? 1
Cutting of Boss Tails with Spells? 2
Dark Wraith? 2
Darkroot Garden Farming? 1
Dealing with invaders? 6
Do these enemies give experience? 1
Do you have to kill Dark Sun Gwyndolin? 3
Hackers? 3
How do I beat (Red Dragon)? 3
How do I beat blacksmith Andre of Astoria!?? 2
How do I beat Demon under the floor in Asylum? 5
How do I beat gaping dragon boss? 4
How do I beat Gravelord Nito? 12
How do I beat gwyn, lord of cinder? 1
How do I beat hydra? 1
How do I beat large archers in Anor Londo? 2
How do I beat Ornstein & Smough? 1
How do I beat Quelaag? 1
How do I beat the bell gargoyle ? 2
How do I beat the bell gargoyles? 4
How do I beat the bosses in the Abyss? 2
How do I beat the Capra Demon in the Undead Parish? 7
How do I beat the clams? 2
How do I beat the dark/silver demon knight? 2
How do I beat The Four King? 1
How do I beat the four kings? 2
How do I beat the ghosts? 2
How do I beat the giant sewer rat? 4
How to kill Four Kings? 7
How to let Great Gray Wolf Sif escape? 2
How to respawning the titanite demon?? 1
How to you kill skelitons in the catacomes? 3
I accidentally killed the guy on the cover of the game? 2
I cant find Gwyn, lord of cinder, can anyone help? 1
I heard that you can kill the crow in the begining of the game? 2
I wonder about the Gravelords Servent? 2
I'm officially stuck. Can anybody help me beat Ornstein & Smough? 1
If i kill Seath the Scaleless is my Path of the Dragon covenant broken? 2
If I poison mist a mimic, will it die and drop the item? 2
Invading Phantoms? 1
Is it possible to farm the Belltower Gargoyles for drops? 3
Is the mega-creature at the darkroot basin the hardest? 1
Is there a Black Knight respawn in Anor Londo? 3
Issue During Gaping Dragon Boss?? 2
Lautrec info? 2
Man at first bonfire - HELP!? 5
My Firekeeper at Firelink shrine died? 4
O&S in NG+, which is worst? 2
Pyromancers? 2
Really that many? 1
Red darkwraiths in New Londo? 2
Red Dragon Glitch at Undead Burg, what can i get from him? 2
Red Dragon is gone!? 1
Resurrecting skeletons in the Catacombs? 8
Saw a never seen before enemy today. Any Idea? 5
Seathe the Scaleless in Anor Londo? 1
Silver Knight on Undead Bulg? 2
So....whose next? 1
The best way to defeat the Four Kings? 1
Tips on the final boss? 2
What Bosses? 1
What is the best way to defeat Taurus? 9
What stats and weapons do you need to beat the four kings in new game+++? 1
where can i find bed of chaos ( Quelana's Mother )? 2
Where do I find all 4 bosses after Lordvessel? 1
Where is the boss in Blight town? 1
Which is better? 5
Who should I fight? 3
Why don't all enemies stay dead or respawn in area where you use the Crest of Artorias? 3
WTF with the red dragon??? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Can you still do the artorias expansion if you join the dark wraiths first? 2
Diferences btwin NG?? 3
How do I get back to Seaths first encounter room? 2
What is the strongest weapon? 2
Where do you go next? 5
Why is there no blue crystal golem with the broken pendent at entrace to dukes abyss? 1
?Forest Hunter Covenant? 3
Big Hat Logan in Sen's Fortress if I killed the boulder giant? 1
Big hat Logan won't teach me? 3
Black eye orb? 2
Blacksmith in catacombs? 2
Blade of the Dark Moon? 2
Can I be summoned by Alvina when in hollow form? 1
Coming back? 1
Dark Stalker Kaathe? 2
Darkwood Covenent? 1
Help in the catacombs? 6
Help in the depths? 1
how do I awaken the great blacksmith that is in the tower by the moon light butter fly? 2
How do I get the trading brid to take my items? 3
How do I give souls to Lord Of The Sun to get the sunlight spear miracle? 2
How do I join (the warior of sunlight covenant)? 2
How do I open "Lost Izaligh" door? 1
How do I open the "Illusory Door" in the Undead Asylum? 5
How do I retreive my bloodstain? 3
How do I reverse curse? Where do I find the stone? 5
How do I solve (after rang first bell)? 2
How do you wright on messages? 4
How much humanity is required to offer to the white witch? 1
How to turn into a vase? 2
I hit gwyn in anor londo and its dark are there any way to get her to forgive me? 1
Is there a Bonfire near the top of Sen's Fortress? 2
Is there a hidden passage by Daughter of Chaos? 1
Is there a key to the elevators in Sen's Tower? 2
Is there a merchant in the painted world? 2
Kindling? 2
Light halo in the catacombs?!? 1
Need bonfires? 2
Praise the sun? 1
Question about the Lordvessel?(possible spoilers) 2
Siegmeyer Lost Izalith question? 1
Solaire went hostile? How do I save him? 1
The trading bird? 1
What do I have to do make Shiva of the East appear as a merchant in Blighttown? 3
What should i do next? 1
What's the point of being able to warp to the abyss? 2
Where do I get the lantern for tomb of the giants? 1
Where do you use watchtower basement key in undead burg? 1
Where is the trading bird? 1
Which armorer takes demon souls? 1
Who killed Rhea? 2
Why is my Firelink Shrine bonfire out? 1
Why won't logan leave firelink???? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Accidentally killed Andre, need weapon advice ? 3
Anyone willing to trade with me? 1
Are Homeward Bone unlimited? 5
Binoculars?? 5
Can I darkhand the NPC forest hunters? 1
Can items drop when helping another player as a phantom? 3
Can not warp in new game +!!? 4
Can someone drop me the Iron and Sun Set Armor? 2
Can someone give me a mule? 1
Can someone give mi a channelers trident or moonlight greatsword? 1
Can someone help me with getting the Elite Cleric set? (Xbox 360) 1
Can someone trade chesters and artorias set with me? 1
Can someone trade me a channelor trident/soul of gywndolin/darkhand/gravelord gravesword? 2
Can u up grade armor using demon souls? 3
Can you really mule using the ps3's backup utility after the current patch? 2
Can you reinforce talismans? 5
Can't find an item ? 4
Claymore? 3
Completely lost in items...? 2
Darksouls PS3 - Soul Mule? 2
Demons great hammer (question below) ? 2
DLC Armor and Weapons - Trade? 1
Does any armor have specail properties? 2
Does anyone have an extra of havel's armor set? 1
Does the Drake Sword affect amount of souls picked up? 2
Dragon scales?? 2
Elemental or Normal Demon Machete? 2
Estus flask last upgrade? 1
Forest Covenant - Traitor? 2
Gargoyle's Halberd upgrade path? 2
Good straight sword? 10
Good weapon upgrade path? 5
Grandfather's talisman? 3
Havel's Great shield VS Great shield of Artorias? 2
How can I get the Grant Weapon??? 5
How do I obtain wrath of the gods? 2
How do i put humanity in my counter? 4
How do I trade Items? 1
How do i upgrade my weapon past +5? 3
How do I wield more powerful weapons? 1
How do you turn a normal weapon into a elemental weapon? 3
How does one get the Pharis bow? 5
How exactly does ascension work? 3
How many red titanite chunks needed for +5 to +9? 3
How should i upgrade it? 4
how to get red eye orb after placing Lordvessel ? 2
I have nothing to live for but i really need toget some of this WHERE can i find it? 10
I need some armor advice? 3
I need some one to trade with me!? 2
In need of Souvenir of Reprisals and Priscillas Dagger? 2
Is anyone willing to trade? 2
Is getting CMW worth it? 4
Is it possible to give a DLC weapon to a person who does not hav the DLC? 2
Is it possible to tune the Crystal Greatsword? 2
Is it worth waiting to create unique weapons? 3
Is there a point in maxing a Covenant's Rank? 2
Is there something like talisman of beast in this? 1
Is there something that combines pyromancy and sorcery? 3
Killed Eggyi guy, but want to upgrade pyromancy flame+10+, How? 6
Large ember not where it should be...? 1
LF Moonlight greatsword-Trading Titante slab? 1
Loading screen ? 2
Longsword help? 2
Moonlight Greatsword NG+++? 1
Moonlight Greatsword? 2
Oolacile armor set not showing up? 1
Ornstein armor set worth it?? 4
Pinwheel masks? 3
Purging Stones I can,t buy no more? 4
Queelags Fury Sword damage help? 2
Repair crystal weapon? 3
Ricard's Rapier VS. Velka's Rapier? 6
Should pyromancers buy another fireball? 3
Someone with a tradable Guardian Helm n' Armor...? 1
Strength weapon help? 6
Talisman Trade? 1
Trade for Chester's set? 1
Trade/summon? 1
Tried everything, NO BROKEN PENDANT? 5
Unknown Status Icon? 2
Upgrading weapons help? 2
Ward? 2
What does Havel's Shield's Special do? 1
What happens to items in bottomless box when you beat the game? 2
What items? 2
What new items will be on the prepare to die edition? 1
What weapon does thief uses?? 5
Where can I farm titanite chunks more efficiently? 2
Where can I find a big shield?(One that can Shield Bash) 5
Where can I find a bow if i accidentaly killed the merchant? 1
Where can I find amour of thor? 4
Where can I find an ember? 2
Where can I find Crown of Dusk (Entire Dusk Set)? 1
Where can I find Fire Shield? 4
Where can i find good armor for...? 3
Where can I find Quelaana of Izalith, the second Pyromancer npc? 6
Where can I find the item used to write (online)? 2
Where can I find the lordvessel? 2
Where can I find the Weapon Smithbox? 2
Where can I repair my dagger? 3
Where is a good bow? 4
Where is the best place to farm for humanity before beating orenstein and smough? 3
Where is the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring? 4
Which weapons have the uppercut ability? 1
White wich ring??? 2
Why doesnt the Giant Blacksmith sells Twinkling Titanite? 3
Witch Ring? 2
Would i loss items if i quit my convenant ? 2
A way to check weapon/armor stats at merchant? 1
About the Wolf ? 2
After butterfly at the top of the tower is corpse the blacksmith how do i talk to him or where is the real blacksmith? 4
All rare weapons? 2
Any one have flame ember or flame weapon??? 3
Anyone got a spare Soul of Sif? 1
Anyone know of a good spear I can find or create at the blacksmith? 3
Are whips anygood? 3
Best Armor for Light Clothing ? n how can i find this item? 2
Best Enchanted weapon? 2
Best weapon for a strength build? 19
Blue Titanite Slab? 2
Bonfire teleports? 1
Can i Farm Demon Titanite & Dragon scale? 2
Can I make great swords lighter? 3
Can I obtain 2 copies of the miracle "lightning spear" by leaving warriors of sunlight and re-joining? 2
Can I turn my knight shield into the butterfly shield? 1
Can I upgrade the Havel Armor Set?and the Shield? 2
Can the Black Eye Orb be used more than once? 1
Can the stone armor be upgraded? 2
Can we farm twinkling titanite??? 1
Can you sell items? 1
Cast all? 2
Claymore the great? 2
Crow trading? 1
Crystal Greatsword ? 2
Dark Souils Boosting? 1
Dark Souls - Dark Wood Grain Ring - / Shot the forest covenant >.< Help? 2
Difference between Divine and Occult? 1
Difference between fire and chaos? 2
Do items in your inventory get carried over to NG+? Which ones? 1
Do you have to be in the dark wraith covenant to use the uncracked (whole) red eye orb? 1
Do you keep the Dark Hand upgrade when you leave the Darkwraith Covenant? 1
Does being online make a difference? 1
Does strengthening a pyromancy flame make Power within stronger? 1
Does the Pyromancer have flame at start of the game? 1
Dragon Covenant question? 1
Dragon type weapons and abysswalking? 1
Dragons Eye? 1
Estus Upgrade? 1
Everlasting dragon offering? 3
Eyes of death??? 1
Fire weapon? 3
For the sack? 1
Gargoyle Halberd? 12
Green Titanite Shards? 1
Has anyone ever tried? 2
HELP! Lloyd talisman/ first merchant? 1
Holy wepon/sheild? 1
How can i get more titanite chunks? 12
how can I make Unique Weapon? 3
How do i equip my helmet? 1
How do i get my fire winged spear past +5? 1
How do i get Quelaag's sword? 2
How do I get the Black Knight Halberd? 1
How do I get the item I see on the broken stairs on Undead Asylum? 2
How do i level up my weapon pass +10? 5
how do i make greatsword of Atoris (cursed)? 2
How do I use (Dragon Head Stone)? 1
How do I use spells if I started out as a Wanderer? 1
How do you close your visor on a Helm? 5
How do you upgarde past 5 on a weapon? 5
How go i get rid of weapon degrade? 1
How to appologize to NPC?? plz help 2
How to use remedy? 2
How well do Velka's Rapier and Moonlight Greatsword scale with Intelligence? 2
I accidentally told the blacksmith no; now can I use the item? 1
i am throw half the game I defeated 3 of the black Knights they gave everything they drop except there weapon? 1
I have my black knight sword at +5 already, i know it gets asked alot, but can i upgrade it further? 1
If we already given Soul of reprisal to Darkmoon Covenant, is there anything else to do to the Covenant? 1
In the graveyard right before the Catacombs by Firelink Shrine, there's an item that drops itself? 2
Is it possible to collect more than one of the same miracles/sorceries from covenant characters? 2
Is it possible to exchange weapons between profiles? 1
Is it possible to get another darkmoon talisman if you have given the first to the frampt? 2
Is it possible to get more than one pyromancy flame? 2
Is Smough's armor set the one with the best defence? 3
Is the armor of the glorious worth it? 5
Is the demon greataxe better than the greathammer? 2
Is the merchant, Shiva, the only place I can find the Washing Pole Katana? 2
Is the Uchigatana worth it? 11
Is there a maximum carry weight? 1
Is there a way to get items from enemies that have fallen off a cliff? 7
Is there any reason to keep every item? 2
Is there any upgrade path that is a one-way trip? 2
Item discovery? 2
Item just past second bonfire in Tomb of giants? 1
iWhere can I find the blacksmith to upgrade weapons? 2
Large ember? 1
Large Titanite shards and chunks? 1
Lloyd's talisman? 1
Looking for black knight armor? 1
Moonlight Greatsword Special Attack? 2
Moonlight ultra weapon? 1
More Fire Keepers Souls? 2
Need help making Quelaags furysword, can you help? 10
Ninja Ring/ Shiva? 1
Not bleeding anymore? 1
OFFLINE MODE : is the humanity limited? 2
Patches hostile, still able to get Lantern? 1
Purging Stones? 1
Pyromancers glove? 1
Pyromancy flame not appearing? 2
Pyromancy Help? 3
Pyromancy talisman and covenant? 1
Sephiroth's Sword? 2
Shard conversion in NG+ ?? 1
Shiva of the East Armor? 3
Sif's special sword? 1
Silver covetous ring x 2? 1
So how do you really weild the Zweihander? 1
Speedy Powerfull Weapon? 1
Spider Queen's Spoils? 1
Stat scaling post patch 1.05? 1
Symbol of avirice? 1
The old witch ring? 1
They killed her!?! Now i have an item??? 3
Titanite Chunks? 2
Titanite ore? 1
To obtain Drake Sword? 1
Unbuffed +14/15 vs. Divine/Lightning? 2
Understanding my Bow? 2
Upgrading a weapon using a demons soul? 2
Weapon upgrading? 2
What are all the weapons in Dark Souls (1) with knockup? 2
What are Gold coins, Dried fingers and Sunlight medals used for? 1
What are some evil lookin armor pieces/sets available in this game? 2
What do I do with the Peculiar Doll? 1
What does Fire damage do exactly? 1
What does the spell (karmic justice) do? 2
What does the wolf ring do? 2
What is a nice DEX scaling weapon to start? 2
What is a weapon that scales best with strength and dex? 3
What is rare? 1
What is the benefit of Soul of Priscilla & Core of Iron Golem? 2
What is the best armor to wear? 1
What is the best bow upgrade? 5
What is the best weapon for high int build? 7
What is the difference between Magic and Enchanted? 1
What is the Pendant Gift used for? 7
What is the purpose of the old witch's ring? 1
What item lets you warp? 2
What monsters drop dragon scales? 4
What the use for "Dried Finger"? 2
What's better, a chaos weapon +5 or a fire weapon +10? 2
What's the best weapon for me to get? 5
Whats the best greatsword that can be buffed? 2
Whats the best shield/weapon? 1
Where and how can I find the crystalline set? 1
Where are the best places to farm humanity's? 3
Where can I farm titanite slab?? 4
Where can I find (Catalyst/Talisman Hybrid)? 1
Where can I find (egg vermifuge? 4
Where can I find (pyro: fire surge)? 1
Where can I find (red titanite chunk)? 3
Where can I find (titanite slabs)? 1
Where can I find a great sword that can be buffed and isnt as slow as zwei? 2
Where can I find a stronger weapon? 1
Where can I find another stone knight equip? 2
Where can I find better Sorc Catalyst? 2
Where can I find cracked red eye orb/red soapstone? 1
Where can I find crystal magic weapon? 1
Where can I find humanity to buy ? 5
Where can I find iron flesh ?? 1
Where can I find lifehunt scythe? 1
Where can I find More Red Eye Cracked Orbs? 3
Where can I find Poison Resistant Items? 1
Where can I find Red titanite slab? 1
Where can I find Solar Bug? 2
Where can I find some good armour? 1
Where can I find Sword of moonlight and "masamune"? 8
Where can I find the "I'm sorry" item? 1
Where can I find the armor on the cover of the box art? 3
Where can I find the dragon head? 1
Where can I find the magic casting shield? 1
Where can I find the Maiden Set? 1
Where can I find the morning star? 1
Where can I find the pyromancer's flame? 1
Where can I find the skull lantern and what is the closest bonfire to the tomb of the giants? 1
Where can I find the Sunlight Maggot? 1
Where can I find the Sword of the Moon? 2
Where can I find the symbol of Avarice? 3
Where can I find the Uchiganta? 2
Where can I find the Whip? 1
Where can I find this? 1
Where can I find Twinkling Titanite? 2
Where can I find Wanderer armor set? 1
Where can I find...? 1
Where can I find/buy a bow and some arrows? 5
Where Can I get Pyromancy glove besides from Laurentius? 4
Where can i get the bottomless box? 2
Where can I sell my useless stuff? 1
Where can i use the mystery key? 1
Where do I go to upgrade my weapon to occult? 2
Where is the best farm place to get humanity & souvenir of reprisal? 3
Where is the key for the gate between New Londo Ruins and Valley of Drakes? 2
Where is the light spell? 1
Which is better: A +5 Lightning Weapon, or +15 Weapon? 1
Why does Quelaag attack on site? 1
Why doesnt my bow do elemental damage? 3
why i cant forge my weapon from +5 to +10? in Andor Londo BlackSmith? 1
Zweihander? 1

Level Help Answers
Any easy leveling? 1
Best setup for Blighttown? 4
Can we rank all the areas by difficulty? 6
Catacombs? 3
Co-Op Ally for Sen's Fortress (PS3/SL 38)? 1
Does anybody really play Dark Souls 1 online anymore? 1
Dropping Equipment in Co Op? 2
End Game Help Please (*SPOILERS*)!? 1
Getting back from catacombs? 2
Hey, where are high level people hanging out? 3
How do I do Sen's fortress? 1
How do i ger out of the depths? 4
How do I get a sword? 2
How do I get past 2nd bonfire in Anor Londo? 2
How do I get past duke archive? 1
How do I get through the secret door on the other side of Quelaags Sister? 4
How do I get to Arno Londo? 2
How do I get to the lower streets of undead burg? 6
How do I get to the underground lake? 5
How do I go to the abyss? 2
How do i release the water in new londo ruins? 3
How many souls do i need? 3
How many souls would it take to level all my stats to 99? 1
I want to play as sorcerer on NG+, and I'm a warrior now. Any tips? 1
Killed Undead merchant (oops) where to get bow? 4
Killing blacksmiths? 2
New game+ soul farming? 4
Other secret areas? 2
Pyromancer? 5
Sealed paths? 1
Seath first encounter? 2
What are the early obtainable weapons? 3
What is the best build that includes int. end. str. and dex? 2
What levels....? 2
What to do with my last three levels? 1
Where do i go after beating the lost sinner? 1
(Spoilers) I think I got on the other side of the Lordvessel's door...? 2
Before I begin New Game + ? 2
Best weapon to fight against skeleton dogs in tomb of giants? 1
Blighttown entrances? 1
Can anyone help me out? 2
Can you summon people in New Londo Ruins? 3
Completely stuck and clueless help please? 1
Deadended at Blightown? 1
Does anyone know what to do inside the painted world? or any tips? 1
Fast travel possible? 3
first playthrough, should I use the dukes archives shortcut? 2
Getting back? 1
Hollow enterance? 1
How do I get out of tomb of giants? 1
How do I get past (anor londo)? 1
How do I get past painted world of Ariamis? 5
How do I get past the locked door in Undead Asylum? 2
How do I get past undead dragon in painted world? 3
How do i get the painting to warp me in? 2
How do I get to Andor Londo? 1
How do i open the in the asylm right next to the boss room? 1
How does the elevator in sen's fortress work? 2
How to get out of the depths? 1
How to proceed? 1
I accidentally attacked a merchant? 1
I need help with crystal cave? 1
I think i might be 3
Just beat Seath the Scaleless? 2
New game + Difficulty scaling? 1
New Londo Ruins ghosts? 1
No ladder to climb by the bonfire in undead bulg? 1
Orange fog? 2
Returning to Northern Undead Asylum? 1
Should i go to the forest near the blacksmith? 1
Three questions? 1
What happened to the cat? 1
What is the best pvp level? 1
Whats next? 1
Where can I join the path of the dragon covenant? 1
Where is the second bonfire in blighttown? 1
Where to next? 1
Why did my pyromancy glove do so little? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
What is the common Soul Level for PVP? 0
Where does everybody PVP? 0
Advice for someone having trouble in Anor Londo? 2
At level 20 faith, would I do better to use the Thorolund talisman or Sunlight talisman? 3
Best armor pieces? 2
Best weapon after Drake Sword? 4
Diferent Knight Class:Build,Equips and few plz? 1
Do occult weapons heal with every hit? 1
Drakesword, Dragon-crest shield, Elite knight set, Havel's ring & Ring of Favor and Protection, what next? 2
Good light armor setup with poise? 1
Help with new build? 1
Help with quality hybrid build? 3
How long does it take to accumalate 11,000,000 souls? 2
How many stat points to you get per level? 3
How much damage reduction is there for left handed attacks? 1
How much does Estus heal in Co-op? 1
How to best defend from invaders? 2
I need help with sorcery it seems like they're not doing any real damage. any help? 2
If I kill Gwyndolin before Ornstein and Smough will I still be able to get the lordvessel? 2
Increasing my attack from 620? 2
Invaded while hollow ? 1
Is it affecting my Miracles when I have insufficient stats for the Talisman? 1
Is it possible to defeat the 4 kings and join the dark wrath covenant before beating smough and orenstein? 3
Is my build a good idea for NG+ ? 4
Is my sorcerer character good? 1
IS the qualogs fury sword a good sword for the rest of the game? 1
Is there a way to warp from a bonfire to another? 4
Is there any reason why invaders would attack other invaders? 1
Is there point getting over 76 poise? 1
My wanderer consumed The Fire Keeper Soul, but no 5 units of humanity were achieved? 1
Need advice, Which weapons are best for 48 sten and 24 dex (endurence is 38 or something)? 1
PvP Level? 1
Pyromancer build? Want to do massive bleed damage and be lightweight. 1
Red Dragon not there from the ranged tower? 3
Resins vs buffs? 1
Sorcerer equipment? 3
Strategies and tips for defeating the Four Kings? 6
Used lordvessel !? 1
WeaponsClash! Dragonslayer Ornstien vs Artorias the Abysswalker? 1
What is a good weapon to upgrade? 3
What is the best Build similar to DS fatal dagger build? 1
What is the best strategy (if there's is) after killing Petrus at the begining of the game? 3
What is the best strategy for PvP rapier backstabs? 1
What is the best strategy for sword wielding Mage ? 1
What is the best strategy to be summoned with the Dragon Eye? 1
What is the best weapon for a base level pyro run? 1
What is the Ratio of Strength Level to Bonus? 1
What makes my soul counter go up automatically? 2
What stats do you need to max out the magic adjust of talismans and catalysts? 2
What strong enemies that can be affected by toxic mist? 1
What style of PvP will keep me at same level as opponent? 1
What weapon should I got for next? 2
What weapon sould i get for this build? 1
Whats the best way to rebuild or define a character? 2
Where can I find sorc spells? 5
Which is better to level up? DEX or STR? 2
Which should I go with? 2
Will one purging stone cure multiple stacks of curse? 1
Any helpful tips? 3
Any ideas for a good character build? 27
Any tips for a noob? 1
Are there a way around the patch or can you get rid of it ? 1
Are there any catalysts or talismans that need an alternate stat increase to improve the magic adjust? 1
Backstabbing guys? 1
Best armour for pure sorcery builds? 1
Best overall armor for defense? 7
Best weapon? 2
Build Advice? 2
Can you double plunge attack the first demon in the sanctum? 1
Can you repair a broken weapon if so how? 2
Character Building help? 2
Dex 40 or 45 fo r a dex build? 2
Do you want a backstabbing tip? (tip) 5
Does stamina regeneration stack? 1
Does the bellowing dragon crest ring boost all magic weapons or just sorceries? 1
Good weapon for around level 80? 2
Great weaon for a strength/magic build? 1
How can I mod my character to become anti-scum build? 1
How do covenant statuses transfer over in ng+? 1
How do i parry/reposite? 8
How do I use magic? 7
How effective is the strong magic shield in new game +? 1
Human and Undead? 1
Humanity? 1
Int or Faith for a Dex-build? 1
Is it possible to use the lifehunt scythe without killing yourself off? 1
Is this a good build for PvP? 2
Item discovery drop? 1
Knight strength for leveling? 2
Magic Dmg ? 1
Ornstein and Smough? 1
Player vs Player sudden unseen backstabs ? 1
Pyromancer and Intelligence? 2
Quelaana Flame? 1
Regaining souls after quiting? 2
Running speed? 2
Should I go to SL 171? 2
Smough Build? 1
Soul Level for finding PvP? 1
Sunlight Blade (pvp-focused Build)? 2
Tail Cutting? 1
The Slide? 1
What does paying souls for Absolution do? 4
What does Poise do for you? 1
What is humanity and why do you need or want it in this game? 1
What is the best character build? 1
What is the best light armour for a Dex build? 1
What is the best place to soul grind? 6
What is the best pyromancy build and what is the best pyromancy to stack? 2
What is the best strategy for Bed of Chaos? 2
What is the best strategy for getting the sword in the wolfs mouth ? 1
What is the best strategy for smough and ornstein? 2
What is the best strategy for the sewers? 2
What is the highest equip burden possible? 1
What level should I be to beat the game? 1
What should I do with this my character now? 1
What strikes does the toxin build up with the Gravelord sword? 2
Where do i go with my dex build (SL 51)? 1
Why are the land of giant so dark? 1
Why can't I kick? 1
Would upgrading a parrying dagger affect the strength of my ripostes? 1

Technical Help Answers
Why am I getting kicked off every few minutes on PS3?? 0
A lot of animations aren't visible? 1
Anyone want to play dark souls with me? 1
Can DS save files be copied to a USB drive then restored to go back in the game? 1
Co-op and PVP at 711? 2
Connecting to multiplayer? 2
Connectivity help? 1
Corrupt file? 2
Corrupted save Data problem help? 3
Cross region support for save games? 1
Error no 80010038 when i want to update to 1.07? 1
Freezing...? Am I the only one? 4
Game disc is one region, DLC is another? 1
How do I check my region code using save file? 1
How do i fix this for pc? (dark souls) 1
How to fix corrupted save on dark souls every iplay this game it's telling me corrupted save any answers plz ? 1
I can't ever seem to be invaded or summon people, why? 1
Is anyone else experiencing the screen blacking out over and over except for the HUD? 3
Is the new patch already increase the drop rate?? 2
Is there a way to use my ps4 controller with this game? 1
Major catacombs glitch? 4
Online Problems? 3
The system says I'm online, but the game says otherwise? 1
Why can't I see summon signs/be invaded? 2
Why does dark souls keep forcing 720p? 6
Can someone explain me how to mega mule dark souls on ps3? 2
Cant find friend for Co-op both need humanity? 3
Failed to invade? 2
Falling and dying? 1
Game isn't showing effects: spells, items, summon signs, etc. Any ideas how to fix it? 1
Graphics Issues!?!?! 1
Input delay / lag? 1
Internet needed? 1
Knights honor fail? 1
My time machine isn't fetching Dark Souls 2? 2
Save data corrupted? 1
The loading screen won't stop... loading? 1
Will Dark Souls (1 or 2) support dual PS3s? 1
Will I be able to play the Prepare to Die Edition on my 2011 save? 1

Other Help Answers
Anyone wanna Co-op with me? 0
Are people coming back to PvP? 0
Assistance? 0
Can someone help me get platinum trophy? 0
Dark Souls 'Knight's Honor' trophy. Can someone help? 0
Dark Souls - looking for someone to trade a Soul of Sif? 0
Halp!!!1? 0
How far can the long bow be upgraded? 0
How many others have got the platinum? 0
Is anyone still pvp/coop? *new* 0
Missing Altar of Sunlight? 0
My save data is stuck in loading screen need help? 0
Soul of Gwyn needed? 0
Where else can I buy Lloyd's talismans? 0
Who knows this mod? [PC] 0
(Kinda dumb question) build i plan to start and build advice? 2
About KNIGHT'S HONOR Trophy/Achievement? 5
Accident??? 2
After you beat the hydra is there anything in the water? 3
Any black colored weapons? 2
Any opinions on good ring and armor combos? 1
Anyone still playing dark souls? 4
Anyone who can help me defeating 4 Kings ? 2
Anyone willing to trade armor better than eastern for black knight great sword great axe or halberd? 1
Being Sumonned? 1
Best place for fair pvp? 5
Best place for level 100-130 co-op? 2
Best PVP build? 2
Big hat logan stuck in firelink shrine? 1
Black knight sword help? 1
Blighttown and cursed can someone please help? 1
Bond of a Pyromancer Trophy? 1
Build?? 1
Can Clerics heal other players? 4
Can i join the dark wrath if i have already delt with frampt and the lordsvessel? 2
Can i join the Darkwraiths? 2
Can i still upgrade??Please help 2
Can someone give me any of these items? 1
Can someone give me the trident just for the trophie? 1
Can someone help against o&s? 1
Can someone help me with WOG damage? 2
Can you cut/shoot the tail off all the boss dragons? 2
Can you invade with a friend? 1
Can you kill Ornstein first and still get his set? 1
Can you re-map the control/button scheme? 3
Can't feed humanity to Frampt? 1
Can't open Demon Firesage boss door and I have the lordvessel? 1
Catacombs blacksmith ? 2
Cleric Build? 2
Crystal soulmass? 1
Dark Souls 2? 1
Dark souls help! PS3 players SL 120? 1
Dark Souls Megamule (PS3) Question (?) 3
Dark souls PtD edition Strategy Guide? 1
Delevel? 1
Depths bonfire has gone out; why?. 2
Dingy robe drop? 1
Dispel Invaders? 2
Do any girls play dark souls? 1
Do i need to kill the gapeing demon in order to get Domhnall of Zena to move? 3
Do multiplayer and new games coincide? 1
Does anyone want the Soul Exploit cheat? HERE IT IS 5
Does ciaran leave the grave if she kills me? 1
Does it matter what straight sword I use when making the cursed great sword? 1
Does sinning prevent you from playing multiplayer? 1
Dragon Convenant? 2
Dragon head stone? 2
dumb Question about Gestures.? 1
Good Dexterity build,Weapons,Armor, and Shield(s)? 3
Good place for PvP? 1
Halberd for the Four Kings? 2
Harder hitting spells? 4
Host summoned me for PvP duel ?!? 1
How can I get a cute looking girl character.. any guides? 1
How do i play with my friend? 1
How do i sell items if i shot big snake with arrows till it left? 3
How do i walk back with my shield facing the front? pc version 1
How do you equip the soul arrow as a pyromancer? 5
How do you leave a message on the ground? 2
How much sunlight medal can we earn for 1 game? 4
How to coop? 3
How to I get to spinning platform in Anor Londo? 2
How to use titanite? 3
How, exactly, does the strength bonus from two-handing work? 1
Humanity and Death? 2
I abandoned the Covenant: Way of White. How can i get back to it? 3
I appear to be stuck? 2
I can't get my bonus content!? 6
I cant reverse hollow?? 2
I had 5 humanity, i now have 0, why? 3
I have been cursed. How do I get un-cursed? 3
I need help finding the best weapon for my stats? 3
I need help with darks souls mule please? 1
I need Souls can anyone donate? 1
I rank up in the darkwraith covenant and i got the red eye orb.. mu question is do you loose it after beating the game?? 5
I recently started dark souls on ps3 and completed the game? 1
I s anyone willing to give me there gold tracer and the lords blade set? 1
I seem to get less souls? 1
I seem to get less souls? 1
I'm an :( 1
If i delete the Dark Souls patch, will my character be deleted? 3
If Solaire dies....? 2
Invasions in darkroot garden? 1
Is there a PvP exploit that makes backstabbing super-easy? 4
Is white dragon breath worth 50 int, or stop at 45? 1
Its my character build ok, or should l get another one? 5
Killed pyromancers? 3
Killed two guys? 2
Killing sunlight princess Gwenevere? 1
Logan killed in Sen's Fortress? 1
Losing Souls (Glitch/Bug ?) 3
Lost izalith shortcut? 2
Major Pvp? 1
Need help to trigger the appearance of queelana from izalith? 1
Need professional oppinion on my recent character? 2
New game + ? 1
Other Help - bottomless box glitch help ? 1
Perfect playthrough?? 6
Power Within Bugged? 1
Problem with catacombs? 1
PS3 God Mode, Infinite Health / Stamina? 1
PVP other players seeing your light? 1
Raising Stats? 1
S.O.S. - I am trapped in the Anor Londo Church (read and help me please)? 2
Save File? 1
Seath Bonfire Glitch? 1
Shiva is not ANYWHERE HELP!? 1
Shotel, lightning +4 or chaos +5(and 10 humanity)? 3
Should a pure pyro level dex? 1
Should I buy the DLC from the PSN store or as a disc from a regular store? 1
Should i buy this game? 3
Should I join the gravelord covenant if I host? 2
should I keep the guy by the firelink shrine that just sits there alive or should I kill him? 5
Should I upgrade my set of elite knight armor or find something better? 1
Siegmeyer still alive glitch? 1
Siegmeyer? 2
Sliding down ladders? 1
So i am pvping and i was wondering should i use zweihander +15 or zweihander lightning or claymore +15? 1
Some help with Death eyes? 2
Summoning help? 1
Summoning? 1
Sunlight Medal Question? 1
There are still any possibility of ban if I use a mule save in Dark Souls: PTDE? 1
Third playthrough, farming in forest? 2
To patch or not to patch? 1
Using Moonlight Greatsword as faith build? 1
Velka's Rapier? 1
Ways to sin? 1
Weird creature? 1
Were is the great black smith in the dark root forest? 3
What are the most casul things you can do in any Dark Souls playthroughs? 2
What armor should I equip? 1
What black knight weapons are actually worth using in PvP? Both strong attacks and regular attacks. 2
What causes random Estus Flask recovery? (Offline) 1
What do i do with the little mouse running around in the depths? 3
What do i need? 2
What elemental should i go with for Darksword? 1
What I know on hollow and living STATMENT? 1
What is a good way to build a faith build? (i'm a noob) 1
What is Fairness in Dark souls? 2
What level should i be? 2
Where did my fire keeper soul go to???? Please help. 1
Where is the abyss? 3
Where is the Blight town shortcut? 1
Where is the lady I met in the cave of giants? 2
Where is the way back to Snuggly? 1
Where should i leave my summoning sign? 3
Where should i put skill points in? 1
Where's Dusk now? 3
Which is the best covenant for me right now? 2
Whip? 2
Who are the most reliable "Traders" in the PS3 Dark Souls community here? 1
Why can't I level up? 3
Why is Dark Souls loved more then DS2 by gamers, but the opposite by critics? 1
Why is everyone losing their darn SOULS!!!? 1
Would anyone be so kind and trade with me? 1
You think someone could beat dark souls without dying first try? -.- 2
2 PS3 on same router? 1
76K souls for an accidental attack? 1
About the Guide? 2
Accidentally killed Eingyi? 4
Anor Londo bonfire? 1
Anor Londo spoilers pls? 3
Any plans for DLC?? 1
Anybody have Artorias armor set they can give me? 1
Best build for a pyromancecer? 1
Best Dex Scaling (backup) weapon without DLC? 3
Best Light Armor with great defense? 1
Beta testing email wont work? 1
Better for enchanted, magic or +15 weapon for sorcerer? 1
Black Knights not appearing....suggestions? 1
Blacksmith locations? 1
Breaking the dragon covenant? 1
Broken lock-on system gone? 4
Can a warrior cast spells? 1
Can i still get ornsteing/smough armor if i killed the guy in the depths? 1
Can u get the drake sword without gold pine resin? 1
Can you do the infinite soul cheat if you downloaded the patch? 1
Can you Import your Demon Souls Character and Equipment into Dark Souls? 1
Can you lose souls/humanity in the arena? 1
Can you reset your stats? 1
Can't buy Dark Souls DLC? 1
Can't figure out what the numbers mean. Help? 2
Class Types? 1
Co-op restrictions? 1
Co-op SL80? 2
Covenant and Sin points question? 1
Curved sword +10? 2
Dark phantom silver knight? 1
Dark Souls Artorias of the Abyss DLC Issue? 1
Darkmoon bow good for my build? 1
Darkroot Garden Red Mushrooms? 1
Did I kill the merchant? 1
Do dropped items become vagrants offline? 3
Do I need to kill nito for patches to be at firelink and what do I say when I meet him? 1
Do merchant Prices go up in NG+? 1
Do the bosses respawn if you save at a bonfire? 1
Do you really recommend Dark Souls? Why or why not? 2
Does any one know where and how I download my preorder content? 1
Does more item discovery increase how much demon titanite you get from those titanite demons? 1
Does Prepare to Die include the original game as well? 1
Does the new dragon head glitch work on the patch 1.07? 1
Door in the Forest ? 3
Double exp? 3
Dragon head shout glitch???? 1
Drake sword question? 2
Equipment load-out advice? 1
Evasive move? 1
Forest Hunter Covenant? 1
Ghost blade? 2
Glitches? 2
Gravelord servant Lich form? 3
Hardest ever? 7
Hey uh, does anyone have Quelaags soul that they can give me? 1
How do I beat the wolf in Dark Root Forest? 2
How do I get Ciarian to appear? 2
How do i get rid of weapon degrade? 2
How do i get the blacksmith in the undead parish to stop attacking me? 2
How do I get to Blight Town? 7
How do i get to nito? 2
How do i INVADE another world with Red Cracked Orb? 2
How do I join the gravelord covenant ?? 1
How do I know when someone is trying to summon me? 1
how do i make Ornstein spear? 1
How do i open the door to gwyn beside the lordvessel? 1
How do i open the gates to sens fortress? 1
How do I summon another player? 3
how do I use the moonlite soul? 1
How do you abolish your sins? 1
How do you die in the game? 2
How do you get out of the abyss if you don't have the lordvessel? 1
How does Souls scales? for Lvs 2
How good is this game? 1
How long is this game? 1
How many black knights are there? 2
How Many Bosses?! 2
How many consumables and materials did you tend to have on your first playthrough? 1
How many discs for 360? 2
How much harder is this game compared to demon souls? 10
How strong do you got to be to wield the drake sword with one hand? 2
How to buy from Undead Burg Merchant if you accidentally hit him? 3
How to do the murderer quest event? 1
How to get curse off or how to get to New London? 1
How to get over the effect of Eye of Death? 1
I accidentally attacked an NPC and then killed him! =( can i bring him back? 1
I acidentaly cause damage to the vendor, what now? 1
I am struggling with an Eye of Death user...? 1
I don't see player's summoning signs anywhere can anyone explain? 1
I made the chaos blade thinking it was the one on fire. Any way to reverse it? 1
If i abandon a covenant and rejoin, is my rank reset? 1
If im SL 711, can i still be invaded by SL 125's 200's etc? 1
If released, will Lautrec start killing off other NPC's?(like Yurt in "Demon's Souls") 1
Im a knight with these stats. are they good? 9
Intellect and Faith Build????? 2
Invasion by Black Phantom NPC: is being online required ? 1
Is Crown of dusk worth it? 1
Is Dark Souls like Zelda? 3
Is the new Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition compatable with the current one? 1
Is the online server region specific ? 3
Is this game any good? 2
Kill dark sun gwyndolin? 1
Levelling up to 792? 2
Monsters with blue aura, stronger ??? 1
Multiplayer at soul level 120-140? 1
Need help completing build? 2
Need titanite slabs preferably 3 can offer up to 20 red chunks? 1
New Game Plus? 1
NG+ co-op? 1
Obtaining all rare weapons trophy? 1
Problems with humanity? 2
PS3 dark souls praising the sun? 1
Question about New Game+? 1
Question about PvP? 1
Question about the pyromancer in the firelink shrine? 1
Quick Covenant question? 1
Rejoining Forest hunter? 1
Save File? 1
Shiva the betraying b****. Whyyyy??? 1
Should I kill the guy waiting for the undead library to open? 1
Should I Upgrade my Pyromancy flame or get better pyromancies first? 1
Sin as Recorded in Book of the Guilty? 1
Sin carry over to NG+?? 1
So I killed the first Shop Keeper, how screwed am i? 2
Solaire - Accidentally attacked. now hostile.. help? 1
Soul glitch? 1
Special messages on Darkroot Basin? 1
Spells for warriors? 1
Still active? 2
Straight up trade? 1
Stuck in the dlc? 2
The new dlc ? 1
The old Women in the cell is dead i can't upgrade my Potions what to do??? 5
Titanite Slabs? 1
Two quick questions? 2
Undead Parish bell ringing? 1
Went to Tomb of Giants before Blacksmith broke the wall? 1
What areas can I put my white sign down at SL125 for co-op? 1
What carries over in a New Game+ ? 2
What causes my Estus Flask to randomly go up one slot? 3
What class should I start out as? 2
What do the thick white rings in on-line play signify? 1
What do you do with coins? 3
What do you do with Sunlight Medals? 1
What does Humanity do? 1
What does the Boss in Undead Bug drop? 3
What exactly are phantoms? 1
What exatly does red moss do? 1
What happens if an enemy kills an npc? 1
What happens if I ring the bell in the bell tower? 1
What happens when weapons break? 1
What is that snoring?! 1
What is the benefit of being is Chaos Servant ? 1
What is the best build for level 711 pvp? 2
What is the little Phantom Scorpion thing in Undead Parish? 1
What is the purpose of the Covenants? 1
What is the recommended cap for all stats? 1
What is this thing stuck to my head? 1
What name shows up above your head when you are summoned? 1
What npc's should I kill? 2
What Shield Should I Use? 1
Whats going on? 1
Whats the best GREATSWORD? not ultra greatsword 1
Whats the coolest/best defense hood? 1
Where does the water wheel in blightown lead to? 1
Where is Big Hat Logan? 2
Where is quelana? 1
Where the Red Dragon go? 1
Which weapon deliveres the most poise break? 1
Why can you get this game for 360 in the US and UK but not in japan? 4
why can't I open secret passages? 1
Why cant i find Shiva? 1
Why doesn't Andrei the blacksmith recognize the titanite in my inventory? 1
Why don't bosses give me souls? 2
Why is dark souls on 360 but demon souls was not? 1
Why is my 2nd pyro trainer not spawning? 3
Why won't the blacksmith of vinheim use my sorcery ember on anything? 1
Will the bottomless glitch work with no patch or it has to be on patch 1,05? 2
Witch of Izalith? 1
Would this work out with my character? 1
Wtf does seek guidance do? 3

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