Open Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Accidentally killed Andre, need weapon advice ? 2
Anyone willing to trade with me? 1
Are Homeward Bone unlimited? 4
Binoculars?? 5
Can I darkhand the NPC forest hunters? 1
Can items drop when helping another player as a phantom? 3
Can not warp in new game +!!? 4
Can someone drop me the Iron and Sun Set Armor? 2
Can someone give me a mule? 1
Can someone give mi a channelers trident or moonlight greatsword? 1
Can someone help me with getting the Elite Cleric set? (Xbox 360) 1
Can someone trade me a channelor trident/soul of gywndolin/darkhand/gravelord gravesword? 2
Can u up grade armor using demon souls? 3
Can you really mule using the ps3's backup utility after the current patch? 2
Can you reinforce talismans? 5
Can't find an item ? 4
Claymore? 3
Darksouls PS3 - Soul Mule? 2
Demons great hammer (question below) ? 2
DLC Armor and Weapons - Trade? 1
Does any armor have specail properties? 2
Does anyone have an extra of havel's armor set? 1
Does the Drake Sword affect amount of souls picked up? 2
Dragon scales?? 2
Elemental or Normal Demon Machete? 2
Estus flask last upgrade? 1
Forest Covenant - Traitor? 2
Gargoyle's Halberd upgrade path? 1
Good straight sword? 10
Good weapon upgrade path? 5
Grandfather's talisman? 3
Havel's Great shield VS Great shield of Artorias? 1
How can I get the Grant Weapon??? 5
How do I obtain wrath of the gods? 2
How do i put humanity in my counter? 4
How do I trade Items? 1
How do i upgrade my weapon past +5? 2
How do I wield more powerful weapons? 1
How do you turn a normal weapon into a elemental weapon? 3
How does one get the Pharis bow? 5
How exactly does ascension work? 3
How many red titanite chunks needed for +5 to +9? 3
How should i upgrade it? 4
how to get red eye orb after placing Lordvessel ? 2
I have nothing to live for but i really need toget some of this WHERE can i find it? 10
I need some armor advice? 3
I need some one to trade with me!? 2
In need of Souvenir of Reprisals and Priscillas Dagger? 2
Is anyone willing to trade? 2
Is getting CMW worth it? 3
Is it possible to give a DLC weapon to a person who does not hav the DLC? 2
Is it possible to tune the Crystal Greatsword? 2
Is it worth waiting to create unique weapons? 3
Is there a point in maxing a Covenant's Rank? 2
Is there a way to get items from enemies that have fallen off a cliff? 6
Is there something like talisman of beast in this? 1
Is there something that combines pyromancy and sorcery? 3
Killed Eggyi guy, but want to upgrade pyromancy flame+10+, How? 6
LF Moonlight greatsword-Trading Titante slab? 1
Loading screen ? 2
Longsword help? 1
Moonlight Greatsword NG+++? 1
Moonlight Greatsword? 2
Need help making Quelaags furysword, can you help? 10
Oolacile armor set not showing up? 1
Ornstein armor set worth it?? 4
Pinwheel masks? 3
Purging Stones I can,t buy no more? 4
Queelags Fury Sword damage help? 1
Repair crystal weapon? 3
Ricard's Rapier VS. Velka's Rapier? 6
Should pyromancers buy another fireball? 3
Someone with a tradable Guardian Helm n' Armor...? 1
Strength weapon help? 5
Talisman Trade? 1
Trade for Chester's set? 1
Trade/summon? 1
Tried everything, NO BROKEN PENDANT? 5
Unknown Status Icon? 2
Upgrading weapons help? 2
Ward? 2
What does Havel's Shield's Special do? 1
What happens to items in bottomless box when you beat the game? 2
What is the best weapon for high int build? 7
What items? 2
What new items will be on the prepare to die edition? 1
What weapon does thief uses?? 3
Where can I farm titanite chunks more efficiently? 1
Where can I find a big shield?(One that can Shield Bash) 3
Where can I find a bow if i accidentaly killed the merchant? 1
Where can I find amour of thor? 4
Where can I find an ember? 2
Where can I find Crown of Dusk (Entire Dusk Set)? 1
Where can I find Fire Shield? 4
Where can i find good armor for...? 3
Where can I find humanity to buy ? 4
Where can I find Quelaana of Izalith, the second Pyromancer npc? 6
Where can I find the item used to write (online)? 2
Where can I find the lordvessel? 2
Where can I repair my dagger? 3
Where is a good bow? 4
Where is the best place to farm for humanity before beating orenstein and smough? 3
Where is the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring? 4
Which weapons have the uppercut ability? 1
White wich ring??? 2
Why doesnt the Giant Blacksmith sells Twinkling Titanite? 2
Witch Ring? 2
Would i loss items if i quit my convenant ? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
What is the best strategy to be summoned with the Dragon Eye? 0
Advice for someone having trouble in Anor Londo? 2
At level 20 faith, would I do better to use the Thorolund talisman or Sunlight talisman? 3
Best armor pieces? 2
Best overall armor for defense? 6
Best weapon after Drake Sword? 4
Diferent Knight Class:Build,Equips and few plz? 1
Do occult weapons heal with every hit? 1
Drakesword, Dragon-crest shield, Elite knight set, Havel's ring & Ring of Favor and Protection, what next? 2
Help with new build? 1
Help with quality hybrid build? 3
How long does it take to accumalate 11,000,000 souls? 2
How many stat points to you get per level? 3
How much damage reduction is there for left handed attacks? 1
How much does Estus heal in Co-op? 1
How to best defend from invaders? 2
I need help with sorcery it seems like they're not doing any real damage. any help? 2
If I kill Gwyndolin before Ornstein and Smough will I still be able to get the lordvessel? 2
Increasing my attack from 620? 2
Invaded while hollow ? 1
Is it possible to defeat the 4 kings and join the dark wrath covenant before beating smough and orenstein? 3
Is my build a good idea for NG+ ? 3
Is my sorcerer character good? 1
Is there a way to warp from a bonfire to another? 4
Is there any reason why invaders would attack other invaders? 1
Is there point getting over 76 poise? 1
Need advice, Which weapons are best for 48 sten and 24 dex (endurence is 38 or something)? 1
PvP Level? 1
Pyromancer build? Want to do massive bleed damage and be lightweight. 1
Red Dragon not there from the ranged tower? 3
Sorcerer equipment? 3
Strategies and tips for defeating the Four Kings? 5
Used lordvessel !? 1
What is a good weapon to upgrade? 2
What is the best Build similar to DS fatal dagger build? 1
What is the best strategy (if there's is) after killing Petrus at the begining of the game? 3
What is the best strategy for PvP rapier backstabs? 1
What is the best strategy for sword wielding Mage ? 1
What is the best weapon for a base level pyro run? 1
What is the Ratio of Strength Level to Bonus? 1
What makes my soul counter go up automatically? 2
What stats do you need to max out the magic adjust of talismans and catalysts? 2
What strong enemies that can be affected by toxic mist? 1
What style of PvP will keep me at same level as opponent? 1
What weapon should I got for next? 2
What weapon sould i get for this build? 1
Whats the best way to rebuild or define a character? 2
Where can I find sorc spells? 5
Which is better to level up? DEX or STR? 1
Which should I go with? 2
Will one purging stone cure multiple stacks of curse? 1

Other Help Answers
Seath Bonfire Glitch? 0
Who knows this mod? [PC] 0
(Kinda dumb question) build i plan to start and build advice? 2
About KNIGHT'S HONOR Trophy/Achievement? 5
Accident??? 2
After you beat the hydra is there anything in the water? 2
Any black colored weapons? 2
Any opinions on good ring and armor combos? 1
Anyone who can help me defeating 4 Kings ? 2
Anyone willing to trade armor better than eastern for black knight great sword great axe or halberd? 1
Being Sumonned? 1
Best place for fair pvp? 5
Best place for level 100-130 co-op? 2
Best PVP build? 2
Big hat logan stuck in firelink shrine? 1
Bond of a Pyromancer Trophy? 1
Build?? 1
Can Clerics heal other players? 4
Can i join the dark wrath if i have already delt with frampt and the lordsvessel? 1
Can i join the Darkwraiths? 2
Can i still upgrade??Please help 2
Can someone give me the trident just for the trophie? 1
Can someone help me with WOG damage? 2
Can you cut/shoot the tail off all the boss dragons? 2
Can you invade with a friend? 1
Can you re-map the control/button scheme? 3
Can't open Demon Firesage boss door and I have the lordvessel? 1
Catacombs blacksmith ? 2
Cleric Build? 1
Crystal soulmass? 1
Dark Souls 2? 1
Dark Souls Megamule (PS3) Question (?) 3
Dark souls PtD edition Strategy Guide? 1
Delevel? 1
Depths bonfire has gone out; why?. 2
Dingy robe drop? 1
Dispel Invaders? 2
Do any girls play dark souls? 1
Do i need to kill the gapeing demon in order to get Domhnall of Zena to move? 3
Do multiplayer and new games coincide? 1
Does anyone want the Soul Exploit cheat? HERE IT IS 5
Does ciaran leave the grave if she kills me? 1
Does sinning prevent you from playing multiplayer? 1
Dragon Convenant? 2
Dragon head stone? 2
dumb Question about Gestures.? 1
Good Dexterity build,Weapons,Armor, and Shield(s)? 3
Good place for PvP? 1
Halberd for the Four Kings? 2
Harder hitting spells? 4
Host summoned me for PvP duel ?!? 1
How can I get a cute looking girl character.. any guides? 1
How do i play with my friend? 1
How do i sell items if i shot big snake with arrows till it left? 3
How do i walk back with my shield facing the front? pc version 1
How do you equip the soul arrow as a pyromancer? 5
How do you leave a message on the ground? 2
How much sunlight medal can we earn for 1 game? 4
How to coop? 3
How to I get to spinning platform in Anor Londo? 2
How to use titanite? 3
How, exactly, does the strength bonus from two-handing work? 1
Humanity and Death? 2
I abandoned the Covenant: Way of White. How can i get back to it? 3
I appear to be stuck? 1
I can't get my bonus content!? 6
I cant reverse hollow?? 2
I had 5 humanity, i now have 0, why? 3
I have been cursed. How do I get un-cursed? 3
I need help finding the best weapon for my stats? 3
I need help with darks souls mule please? 1
I need Souls can anyone donate? 1
I rank up in the darkwraith covenant and i got the red eye orb.. mu question is do you loose it after beating the game?? 5
I s anyone willing to give me there gold tracer and the lords blade set? 1
If i delete the Dark Souls patch, will my character be deleted? 3
If Solaire dies....? 2
Invasions in darkroot garden? 1
Is there a PvP exploit that makes backstabbing super-easy? 4
Is white dragon breath worth 50 int, or stop at 45? 1
Its my character build ok, or should l get another one? 5
Killed pyromancers? 3
Killed two guys? 2
Killing sunlight princess Gwenevere? 1
Logan killed in Sen's Fortress? 1
Losing Souls (Glitch/Bug ?) 3
Lost izalith shortcut? 2
Major Pvp? 1
Need help to trigger the appearance of queelana from izalith? 1
Need professional oppinion on my recent character? 1
New game + ? 1
Other Help - bottomless box glitch help ? 1
Perfect playthrough?? 6
Power Within Bugged? 1
Problem with catacombs? 1
PS3 God Mode, Infinite Health / Stamina? 1
PVP other players seeing your light? 1
Raising Stats? 1
S.O.S. - I am trapped in the Anor Londo Church (read and help me please)? 2
Save File? 1
Shiva is not ANYWHERE HELP!? 1
Shotel, lightning +4 or chaos +5(and 10 humanity)? 3
Should I buy the DLC from the PSN store or as a disc from a regular store? 1
Should i buy this game? 3
Should I join the gravelord covenant if I host? 2
should I keep the guy by the firelink shrine that just sits there alive or should I kill him? 5
Siegmeyer? 2
Sliding down ladders? 1
So i am pvping and i was wondering should i use zweihander +15 or zweihander lightning or claymore +15? 1
Some help with Death eyes? 2
Summoning help? 1
Summoning? 1
Sunlight Medal Question? 1
There are still any possibility of ban if I use a mule save in Dark Souls: PTDE? 1
Third playthrough, farming in forest? 2
To patch or not to patch? 1
Using Moonlight Greatsword as faith build? 1
Ways to sin? 1
Weird creature? 1
Were is the great black smith in the dark root forest? 3
What black knight weapons are actually worth using in PvP? Both strong attacks and regular attacks. 2
What do i do with the little mouse running around in the depths? 3
What do i need? 2
What elemental should i go with for Darksword? 1
What I know on hollow and living STATMENT? 1
What is Fairness in Dark souls? 2
What level should i be? 2
Where is the abyss? 3
Where is the Blight town shortcut? 1
Where is the way back to Snuggly? 1
Where should i leave my summoning sign? 3
Where should i put skill points in? 1
Where's Dusk now? 3
Whip? 2
Who are the most reliable "Traders" in the PS3 Dark Souls community here? 1
Why can't I level up? 3
Why is everyone losing their darn SOULS!!!? 1
You think someone could beat dark souls without dying first try? -.- 2

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