Question from captainjack23

What is the best way to kill a Bear with the Torch?

In order to get rank 4 for undead hunter i need 2 kill 2 bears, 5 wovles and 3 cougars with a torch... but i dont know the best technic to kill the bear? i need help

captainjack23 provided additional details:

Ahhhh,,, but wouldn't the horses trail kill the bear?

letham166 asked for clarification:

I need help, everytime I kill a undead bear with a torch the info for the challenge, says i have 0 out of 2 undead bears to kill, i dont know what im doing wrong

xanderwatsonian asked for clarification:

I'm having the same trouble. I've killed multiple dead bears whilst staning still on pestilence using a torch and it's not making any difference in my challenge menu. Most probably a bug?


notoriusdoc answered:

The best way I found was to use the apocolypse horse Death. Stay on the horse (the bear can't kill the horse) and swing the torch at the bear.
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dragone78 answered:

One of the Apocalypse horses would be great, if not get a zombie horse, bears take longer to kill them. Once your horse is dead, you're dead meat, unless the bear is almost dead and will go down with 1/2 hits of your torch. The key to this is: USE GUNS to weaken him up! As long as the last blow is with the torch, you still get it. Other things to remember: keep dead eye so if other animals (wolves, cougars etc.) pop up you can kill them quick. Remember who you get! You need 2 bears, 3 cougars, 5 wolves, but the game doesn't tell you what you already killed, so keep track of what's left.
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Dylmiester answered:

If you've done all the horse challenges and have the blood deed for Pestilence, or just have Pestilence, get that horse because it's the toughest. Then go to the bear-populated area of Tall Trees (go in the daytime so you can see the bears), find a bear, and set it ablaze. Make sure it dies or you won't get the kill. This method also works with the cougars and wolves
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ceckitti answered:

@dragone78.... the game will tell you how many of each you have killed. Its in the pause menu. I believe you hit triangle when highlighting the challenge description.
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Chris_8592 answered:

Use the Horse Death but make sure you stand still! Let the bear (and anything else) Attack you just keep swinging the tourch I tried it a few mins ago and it works. Just remember that the Zombies can pull you off so shoot any of them.
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MultiJD88 answered:

What I did was simple.If you have the incinicbility cheat,turn it on.Go to Tall Trees.Get off your horse,and equip your torch.When a Bear runs at you hit it and keep hittin it.Bears arent fast, so you dont need to get on your horse just chase him down.This worked with me,and I had 3 bears on me at once!

P.S.If you dont have the cheat look it up under the Regular RDR Cheats Section.
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