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Where can I find tuna, and squid?

I have no idea where to look for the squid but I was told tuna is in the deepest water in the ocean which I've been fishing in but all I catch are Mackerel, Sardines, and a few others but no Tuna. Any help is appreciated.

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Atelier_Eladrin answered:

Squid can be found at the whitebeach body of ocean with a fishing pole during spring, and at the Port Fenith in summer, at least that's where I have found them so far. to catch squid you have to be a certain fishing level it seems, but I haven't specifically tested for it, just my conjecture.

PSN: Atelier_Eladrin feel free to add me :) likely squid is any ocean body, and I have no idea about tuna sorry mate.
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selfor answered:

You can fish for tuna off Ymir in deep waters (use the overhead view to see the water color) and for squid at the port.I got both in spring.
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