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How to grow regular (not giant) Strawberries in summer?

I used to grow strawberries all the time, but now my goblin has started to plant Giant Strawberries instead of strawberries. I went back to Verde Island to catch another Goblin, and made it so that he was the only crop monster on Spring Island (the only island I have discovered) but he is planting nothing but potatoes and pink cat flowers.... Maybe the other non crop growing monsters are influencing the crops? All of the earlier crops seemed to disappear when I got rid of all the monsters tending to them ...

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NanashiRyuu answered:

In order to get strawberries, you have to raise the friendship level with the goblin. In turn it seems that raising the friendship level with crop monsters increases the likelihood of getting giant crops. Just put the original goblin you had back on the island and keep trying or start building the friendship level of the 2nd goblin.
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Eleaion answered:

Nanashi is right. The monsters need a certain amount of friendship. When you assign them to the island you want, you will see what they can grow in the menu. So try catching other monsters, like the grass snakes or the earth elemental(Rare in earth tower).
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