Question from meguira

Asked: 3 years ago

Growing tree?

I'm at 100% on spring island and some tree are currently growing. I then tame, later, a little squirrel and saw an "oak" beneath his name... Do I have to put it on the island for the tree to grow??? thanks!

Additional details - 3 years ago

Since my squirrel is only for the "oak", do I need multiple monsters for all the kind of trees that are growing?

Accepted Answer

From: Ygnizem 3 years ago

Yes, or you could tame a monster that can grow both oak and maple trees.
Kingsqueak, Arch devil, the blue squirrel(forgot the name), etc
There are only two type of lumber in the game anyway.

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Just like any other "farm" monsters, they have to be on the "farm" site in order for your crops, ores, and lumbers to grow. So yes.

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