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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find fairy dust and speckled skin?

I havent got a clue on which monster drops it. Anyone?

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From: merlin5877 3 years ago

Also in the Water temple You can find Fairy dust in one of the chests on the final floor before the boss floor. Which You get a chance to pick up once a day without haveing to fight anything.

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So far, all the monster drops in ToD seem to be the same as in Frontier. There is a Bestiary/Pet Guide by MasterPingu1 under the Frontier FAQs.

According to that guide, Fairy Dust is dropped from Fairies and Speckled Skin is dropped from anything (in the guide) that drops Fair Hide. It is the same thing, just renamed.

I unfortunately do no know the whereabouts of these monsters, the farthest I've gotten is the first dungeon. D: I hope I was able to help!

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You get speckled skins from bug-type enemies in the Flame temple.
You get Fairy dust from elementals. (They are rare and found in the element temples.)

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The mages in the water shrine will also drop fairy dust.

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Fairy dust is dropped by magic-type creatures. Fairies in the Fire Tower, and Water Elementals in the Water Tower. I cannot list further than that. Also, Itachi is right as well.

Speckled Skin is dropped from bugs starting at the Fire Tower(If I remember correctly), it's a semi-rare drop.

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