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Adequate wind temple equipment? 1
Affection guide? 2
Can you use items in storage for crafting? 1
Champion Trophy? 1
Do you have to do all the love interest request to get married? 1
Does monster affection decrease? 1
Does this game end? 1
EU Release? 1
EU Version? 1
Friendship cap at six? 1
Friendship levels have stoped going up? 2
Gifts for befriending the villagers? 4
Growing tree? 2
Has anyone seen what a mantis does? 1
Help me, please? 1
how and where do I go? 1
How can I get my monsters to farm for me? 1
How do I start the quest to get the Water Shrine Key? 1
How do you "unlock" Pandora? 1
How do you get small treasure chests appraised by Jocelyn? 1
How do you harvest items from trees? 5
How do you invite people to events? 1
How do you raise an island from the ocean? 2
How do you stop controlling ymir in the middle of the ocean? 1
How do you unlock the staff recipes? 1
How do you unselect a monster? 1
How long do trees normally grow? 1
How to beat the colessium on 2nd round? 1
How to find big monster location? 2
How to get tabatha?? 1
I beat the game now i'm stuck? 3
Is it possible for Anette's Friendship to reach 1 or higher? 1
Is there a monster that will harvest ore ? 1
Is there a way to delete a saved file? 1
Is this game only played with "move compatible tools" ? 1
Map icons? 1
Missing recipe books? 2
mMy key to fire shrine disappeared? 1
Monster without purpose? 1
Monsters Tamed stuck at 98%? 1
Monsters? 2
Ore monster? 1
Post game friendship/affection? 1
Trophies? 2
Trophy 101 Trophy? 2
What crops grow in what seasons? 1
What does the "Flash of Light" mean when traveling? 1
What monsters do you put on each island? 2
When do you marry?? 2
When Does Joe Sell Monster Drop Materials? 3
Where can i get raratouille? 1
Which monsters can i put on winter island? 1

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