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How do i make my sword unbreakable?

Berserker89Guts asked for clarification:


Who drops Demonsbane? I'm currently using Black Mark'd which I thought was a pretty good sword, haven't seen Demonsbane yet. I've unlocked several endings and killed pretty much everyone except the Chief Minister.


AQFaruqi answered:

I don't think anybody has achieved it in the american release yet but I think it might be after restoring 200,000 durability points on sword. It's honestly just something I read somewhere. If you are willing to try it save before hand and test it and see if it works. If it does let us know!
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Mandog19 answered:

Yeah, I just got it done today lol. Most people like to hit dead bodies and then repair and repeat, I just played the game for 2 days straight inbetween my college classes and got an Unbreakable Demonsbane, which in my opinion is the best sword.
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KuroKuma-chan answered:


The one who drops the Demonsbane is the guy who sells accessories in the Gambling den, he is in a corner so just attack him and loot. He also drops Hanza Iai Style which is quite decent.
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