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How do I beat mission 23?

I need help im using stark because he is like a beast and i beat everything else wit stark help me pleaze asap


Tai1021 answered:

To be honest i just completed it yesterday so im not sure how much help i'll be but i'll do what i can first get into ulqiorra's square then get the yammy ablitly witch absorbs life with super moves it will cost 900 i think thenget ulqiorra's node to that will make your igniton gauge go up faster also get ll the stat upgrades you can and while your at it go do misson 7 a few times as a good try will give you a 1000-2000 every time on hard that way in hollowfied ichgo's space there is a orhime inoue witch allows you to revive after dying and you should be able to get past it with a little health because so far that mission was the hardest.
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Imbackhahahaha answered:

This is another task for your highest level character. The main thing here is you will want to have boosted your attack and your spirit pressure bar. Despite what people tell you, you are going to want to take out Final ichigo first, not Aizen. This is because Final Ichigo is going to be forcing you close to Aizen and you do not want to get near the guy. Trap him in a corner and wail on him with specials. I used skull clad Ichigo for this mission. Any time Aizen gets anywhere close you, run and projectile spam final Ichigo. Once he is done, projectile spam is the name of the game again. You do not want to get anywhere near Aizen because his grab is super deadly. Keep hitting him with projectiles and finish him with your ignition. If you boost your ignition gain enough, you could possibly do this whole mission in ignition mode and regain ignition as you fight.
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Akato_Wulf answered:

The way I personally did this (note I've had this mission beaten for less than 10 minutes), was by using a level 165 Stark. When you get to the boss battle, lock onto Aizen and use Stark's Camarade while in Ignition mode. Doing so takes his health down extremely quick and then you can just blast away with whatever you feel like on Final Ichigo.
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Turiacus answered:

I think the best way is using barragan. Try to defeat ichigo first then aizen, with the ignition or simply dont use the ignition and only trap him in a corner. After defeating ichigo go after aizen but carefully because his super deadly !
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Turiacus answered:

i completed this mission today. And i will change a little my speech... If you go after aizen first, with barragan, everything is easier. Use the ignition against him and he will be a bit dizzy and you defeat him easily. Then just go after ichigo
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DeidaraAkatsuki answered:

For starrk, just level him up more. I beat the entire game using only starrk (Aside from the story) and had no trouble. Once you're high enough, do Beat attack beginner repeatedly and focus on a high slash combo. I can usually get around 1500 hits with starrk each time, and this yields about 4000 soul points by the end.
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fassplaya answered:

i beat mission 23 with level 22 barragan everybodys been using these high level characters to gain al the extras and barragn didnt need any of that hes the best in the game in my opinoin because as long as your close to your target using his super or in ignition the target health steadily decreases and hes super strong i took out ichago first immediatly went into ignition fought him till hi health went half way down then use the ignition move and then just blasted aizen from a distance and thats how i beat mission 23 and comleted it with a score of A
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Silent_Jigsaw answered:

I just beat mission 23 a few seconds after reading different tips above. For starters, I beat it on normal with Lv 65 Starrk because I wasn't sure if 'd beat it this time. Basically, I took out Aizen first. That deadly close-up grabbing move killed every time, and not having dash only worsen the situation. So I locked onto Aizen and keep using Camarada ( The Chasing Wovles ) at a distance. He kept taking the damage. Once Aizen was defeated, Ichigo was just another person I had to beat n 1v1.
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SosukeAizenSama answered:

I beat mission 23 with Aizen at level 32 in 3"45"28" with 92 soul points and got a grade A. I just used Rikoho on Ichigo & Aizen from a distance and I have the abilities of fast spiritual pressure recovery, and a lot of extra spiritual pressure bars. It took me at least 4 or 5 tries before I beat the mission.
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