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Where can I find Grenades?

I am having an issue getting one of the Relics due to the fact, my stupid self ran out of grenades for both my Assault Rifle's launcher and the Explosive Arrows. Anyone know where I can find any? I have been all over the Island and back 15 times, especially the military compounds.


kain920411 answered:

Kill enemies with the assault rifle and loot their bodies. You can also get them from ammo crates (The ones that look like salvage). They start apearing after you get the grenade launcher.
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darkdaxterVZ answered:

If you can find even one grenade, save it. Buy the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer DLC. Behind the explodable barrier, there is a large ammo/salvage cache. Tons of grenades there. You can find grenades in the areas you reach after the Solarii fortress. However, the ones in Shipwreck Beach, the Bunker, and the Research Lab all run out quickly. There are more in the final areas of the game.
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