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Shantytown bug?

I am playing on the PS3 and am in Shantytown. I am at the part where you cross the rope and two guys appear. One shooting arrows the other hacking the rope. I'm stuck at this point. The scene where the rope gets cut doesn't play. I can't fast travel or safely descend in any way. Any help?

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Tried that. Puts me at the same area. It loads they show up. I climb rope first part plays out. I continue up the rope and nothing...

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Woof...this seems quite weird. You mean the rope didn't get cut and you just got stuck on the rope?
I guess the only thing you can do is load last checkpoint and hope that it doesn't happen again.

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Similar situation happened to me later in the game at Himiko's palace when your trying to escape for the first time with your team. I somehow skipped a cutscene in a certain room and couldn't progress had to start my entire game over. I would do as Shinchikudo said and just reload the last checkpoint and hope it works.

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When the bad guys show up keep moving forward on the rope. Do not try to respond to the threat in any other way. You can't look around or pause without confusing the game. I messed this up the first time but if you keep climbing forward it will sort itself out.

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Got the same bug :( did you end up finding a way around it without starting all over again

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