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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Tomb Raider - FAQ/Walkthrough

    Version 1.00 - March 11, 2012

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    Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    First of all, thanks for reading my FAQ. This guide is intended to walk you through the gameplay, while finding all challeneges, hidden tombs, collectibles, and strategies.

    If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

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    With a few exceptions, Tomb Raider plays very much like a standard third-person shooter.

    PS3Xbox 360Standard
    L AnalogL StickCharacter Movement
    R AnalogR StickCamera Movement
    D-PadD-PadWeapon Selection (press direction twice for alternate fire)
    OBDrop / Roll
    SquareXAction / Reload
    TriangleYMelee / Finisher
    L2LBSurvival Instincts
    R2RBAlternate Fire
    L3L3Camera Shoulder Switch
    R3R3Zoom Weapon
    SelectBackOpen Menu


    Game Features


    Base Camps

    Almost all section of the island have one or more camp sites where Lara can stop and upgrade her skills and weapons.

    Survival Skills are skills that help Lara survive on the island and can be increased by gaining experience for skill points. There are three types of survival skills: Survivor, which increases passive skills like finding Salvage or taking more damage, Hunter, which increases your hunting and combat skills, and Brawler, which increases your melee combat abilities.

    Weapon Upgrades are gained by collecting Salvage and purchasing individual additions to each weapon. All weapons have their own upgrades that can be anything from increasing ammo, adding a silencer, or adding additional weapon abilities like explosive arrows or burst fire.

    Additionally, at most points in the game you can use camp sites to fast travel to any previous locations. This let's you quickly go back and grab anything you missed.



    Tomb Raider has a ton of collectibles on the island: Relics, Documents, GPS Caches, and even Salavge. Lara will gain XP for every collectible she finds and when she completes a sub category, such as all of the Helmet relics, she will gain a big boost in XP.

    Through relics and documents, Lara can gain a better understanding of history of the island and what has happened there. They can be viewed at any time through the games menu and some relics can be rotated to find hidden information in them. Other collectibles include fruit bushes and food caches that net Lara small amounts of XP. Salvage can be found in crates on the ground of hanging in netting and require the Pry Axe to pry them open. Additionally, some weapons require Lara to find parts in Salvage crates or on enemy bodies to upgrade the weapons to the next level and unlock more abilities.



    Most areas of the island have at least one challenge that usually involves finding and destroying an object. The number of objects is dependent on the challenge and the items will only be found in the area they are started. To start a challenge, you must first find and destroy one of the objects and then the challenge will be listed and the number required to finish will appear at the bottom of the screen. Upon completion, Lara will gain a large amount of XP.


    Hidden Tombs

    Hidden tombs are located throughout the game and are non-combat areas where Lara will need to solve a puzzle and reach a treasure. While not marked on the map, the game will indicate when Lara is near a tomb. Each tomb grants Lara 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and a treasure map.


    Movement & Navigation


    Wall Scramble

    Lara has the ability to jump against any flat wall and jump again to scramble up to higher levels. This is a vital ability that you will use frequently to climb over obstacles and up buildings. Walls that can be scrambles are generally marked with white paint at the top to indicate this.



    In order to traverse most of the island Lara will need to climb many obstacles to advance through the levels. In general, Lara can climb almost any obstacle that a normal person would be able to climb, such as ladders and wooden rungs. Simply jump onto an object to determine if it is climbable and Lara will grab on. For ledges, Lara can shimmy across them and jump to other ledges nearby by pressing the L Stick and X/A. Once again, most objects that can be climbed are marked with white paint at the top to indicate this.

    As you progress, Lara will gain new skills and equipment that allow her to also climb craggy walls. In order to climb them, jump to a craggy wall and press Square/X to pull out your Climbing Axe and latch on. Lara can jump to other craggy walls nearby by pressing the L Stick in any direction and X/A, but will need to press Square/X again to reattach herself to the wall. Craggy walls appear highlighted when Lara uses survival instincts.


    Survival Instincts

    If you are unsure of where to go or what to do next, or simply need a better look at the area around you, Lara can use her Survival Instincts to dull the unimportant stuff and highlight objects or enemies in gold. This is very useful when you are looking for hidden stuff or collectibles.





    Something that is great in Tomb Raider is that Lara will automatically crouch and take cover behind any waist high wall when enemies are near. When all enemies have been defeated Lara will automatically stand up to let you know the close is clear. This will not only keep you on guard and inform you when enemies are near, but also let you know when it is clear to stand up and explore the areas.


    Stealth Kills

    When a enemy has their back to you they are open to stealth kills by approaching them carefully and pressing Triangle/Y to grab then and then Square/X to strangle them to death.


    Stuns and Finishing Moves

    When an enemy takes enough damage, they may fall over stunned. When this happens, a melee attack indication will appear over their head to indicate that a finisher is available. If you run up the the enemy and press Triangle/Y, Lara will perform a death finisher unique to the type of weapon she has equipped.


    Dodge & Roll & Counter

    Lara can dodge by pressing O/B and roll by pressing it twice. This is best used in combat to dodge and enemies attack. If you have purchased Lara's counter abilities in the Brawler section of her Survival Skills, a melee indicator will show up and allow Lara to counter and enemy attack. This works great on shielded enemies who block your attacks to kill them quick and easy.



    Lara can loot any dead enemy by pressing Square/X to find ammo and Salvage, if you have purchased the Survivor skill that grants this.


    So it Begins

    Lara starts out with the monologue and events that many players have already seen in the official trailer. After the Endurance suffers a crash at the hands of a terrible storm, Lara is washed ashore a dark beach. While trying desperately to call for help to nearby survivors, who can't hear her over the stormy weather, a mysterious man knocks her out and our story begins.

    Waking to find herself roped and bond upside down, you will finally gain control of Lara. Using the L Stick, swing back and forth toward the nearby cocooned body to knock it into the fire and set a nearby log on fire. Once the log is on fire, swing Lara to it to catch her rope on fire and fall onto the metal rod. Quickly tap the Square/X button, as the game indicates, to pull the rod out and you can now walk around.

    Stumble past the sacrificial room to the nearby torch and pick it up, gaining the Torch, and continue forward.

    You can now light the torch at any fire if it goes out.

    Continue forward until you reach a dead end with some crates and hold Square/X to light them on fire and make a pathway forward. Continue, through some water, and relight your torch in the new room. You can now use Survival Instincts, which like Eagle Vision in Assassin's Creed will point out objects that are vital or can be interacted with. Using X/A, jump up on the platform to the left and light the cloth on fire, which will transfer the fire across the room and explode the debris in your way.

    Moving forward, a strange man will grab Lara's ankle and the first of many QTE's will pop up. Quickly wiggle the L Stick right and left to break the mans hold before the boulder crashes down, blocking his path. As you make your way into the next room the first objective will pop up.


    Force of Will


    Find a Way Out

    Move into the cavern, relighting your torch, and burn the two poles of cloth to break the ropes and release the platform above and drops a object into the water that will block crates from going downstream. Take a quick second to light the crates on fire and then make your way up the nearby ramp to the upper level. You should spot a container that can be pushed, but so far it will do nothing. From the upper level, turn around and find the platform hanging in the air and jump to it, causing the flaming debris to be transferred to the container nearby. You can now push the container, causing the debris to go down the ramp and into the explosive barrels, freeing your path forward and earning you 300 XP.

    As the place crumbles beside you, run through the cavern as you jump over gaps and avoiding falling to your death or being crushed. When another man grabs Lara, wiggle the L Stick and prepare to hit Triangle/Y when the prompt appears. Continue running and when you have to jump across the big gap, but fail, Lara will lose her torch and have to crawl up the cliff by quickly pressing R1+L1/RB+LB back and forth. Be careful as you go, as items will fall down and cause you to have to move the L Stick left or right and then continue to climb until you reach the surface.


    Signs of Life

    Head down the cliffside until Lara notices the life boat.


    Search for Traces of Other Survivors

    Follow the path until you reach a log bridge and slowly make your way across, avoiding going too fast and falling to your butt. Continue forward, jumping over the small gap, and when you reach the WWII bomber jump up and grab the cockpit, pressing Square/X to get both hands on.

    If Lara makes a jump to an unstable object, she may only catch it with one hand. You will need to press Square/X to regrip it and prevent her from falling.

    Make your way up the top of the plane and the shimmy right along the side and across the wing, pressing X/A to jump, until she finds herself back on solid ground, gaining 100 XP. Continue along the path, using wall scramble to reach and pull yourself up and enter the camp for a scene.


    Follow the Survivors' Trail

    After getting the Two-Way Radio and a new objective. Head forward and jump to the ledge to fail and fall into the Coastal Forest.


    Take Shelter from the Storm

    With the storm become much more severe inland, you will need to find shelter for the night. Follow the path to a cliff outcropping and set up your first Base Camp, Sheltered Ridge Base Camp. It sure was nice of Sam to save us one match, so as Lara sets up camp and reflexes on the actions before the Endurance crash via the video camera, reflex on how awesome the game is.


    Woman Versus Wild


    Search for Food

    With the rain abating and Lara probably starving, head down the ridge and into the forest to look for grub. With Lara more refreshed, she can now use her move advanced moves, such as Dodging and Rolling by pressing O/B multiple times.


    Find a Weapon to Hunt Deer

    As you enter the clearing, Lara will spot a skeleton hanging high above with a bow on their back. Look at the nearby tree, across the water, and grab some Arrows (these are scattered around the maps so always be on the lookout for more ammo).


    The Coastal Forest is the first place to have collectibles, so feel free to start exploring. I will guide you to each location, but if you wish to ignore them, skip ahead to the end of this section:

    Wartime Intelligence - Soldier: Oni Stalkers

    • Head across the river and turn right to find a downed truck. Inside cargo bed you will find this.

    GPS Cache 1

    • From the downed truck, cross the river and jump up onto a walkway that is below the camp, but above the main clearing. Follow it, jumping across a gap and when you reach a dead end wall scramble up the cliffside to find this.

    GPS Cache 2

    • Follow the river all the way until you drop down a short waterfall. Inside the waterfall you will find this.

    GPS Cache 3

    • Facing the waterfall, look left to spot a large rock. In order to get on the platform attached to this, go back up to the top of the waterfall and find the ledge that can be climbed nearby to find this.

    Also look out for the following as you explore:

    • Fruit Bushes (which net you 10 XP)
    • Food Caches (which net you 20 XP)
    • Salvage (used for Upgrades)

    When you are ready, head back to the top of the river and climb atop the building to cross some logs and grab the Makeshift Longbow and 250 XP.


    Collect Meat from the Deer

    Time to test out our new bow. Using standard fire commands (R1/RB to aim and L1/LB to fire), it is time to go hunt some deer down. Slowly make your way down into the forest until you spot some deer and then hold the draw button to aim. When you got it in your sights, aim for the head and hold the fire button to charge your shot. If the deer does not die, follow the wounded creature and take a second shot to kill it and then approach it for a scene and 150 XP.


    Return to Camp with the Meat

    You can now freely hunt in this area and any new ones. Each kill will net you XP and each area has a cap of experience that you can earn before you only gain 1 XP for each kill.


    Each area will have a set of hidden objectives, called challenges. These can be any number of things, but usually involve finding and destroying an object. I will cover them when they come up.

    Challenge: Ghost Hunter

    This challenge has you finding and destroying Totems that are hidden throughout the area. Note that these will be highlighted with Survival Instincts, so don't be afraid to use it often.

    To start this challenge, head back to the building where you got the bow and look SE into the tree you climbed to find the first Totem dangling above. Shoot it and gain 10 XP, which is what each totem will give you. Now, head all the way down the river and when you drop down the waterfall turn left and look under the log bridge to find another Totem. Turn directly around and cross the area around the large rock formation. On the other side, just west of the end of the river, is another Totem. On the map, head directly west to above the middle of the bottom area and find another Totem dangling from a rock formation. The final Totem for this area is located past the camp, just as you uncrouch look out at the tress to find this dangling.

    Pressing Select/Back, find your way back to the camp and hit Square/X to enter the Base Camp menu.

    Survival Skills

    There are many different types of survival skills and some are more useful than others at this point. Take a look through the menu to see what you can purchase, but at this point you should get Survivalist or Bone Collector to help get more Salvage or XP.

    Once you have purchased a skill, back out for a cutscene.


    Just Keep Moving


    Find a Way Out of the Forest

    Head back down the forest and the door to the building is now mysteriously left open, don't go into the light Lara! Actually, we need to go inside to progress. Head indoors to grab a torch and then drop down, pressing O/B, at the ladder. Take a look at the markings that Lara mentions and then head down the flooded tunnel and into a bunker.


    Explore the Bunker

    There are two boxes in the area, one with simple 125 XP and the other with the relic Hannya Mask and 25 XP. You will be unable to pry the nearby door open, so turn around and find the cloth covered crates and light them on fire. Once the fire settles, head inside and get the Pry Axe and 250 XP.

    With your new tool in hand, pry the door by repeatedly pressing Square/X to open the door.


    With the Pry Axe, we can now open a the door that closed behind us and leads to the Coastal Forest. Why might you want to do this? Well, there is a crate of Salvage located on a rock formation near the far northeastern area. Simply follow the river to the small waterfall and then look left to climb a formation, walk across a log bridge, and smash the crate for some Salvage.


    Exit the Bunker

    When you are ready, head to the previous door near the relic that we could not open and pry it open to proceed. Follow the linear path through the cavern and climb up the ladder to finish the objective and get 100 XP.


    Investigate the Strange Voices

    Put out your torch and head toward the fire, following the voices, for a scene where you catch up to Sam and a stranger known as Mathias. You will also unlock the Forest Ruins Base Camp.


    Survive the Wolf Attack

    Since Lara finds herself stuck in a bear trap and unable to move as wolves circle in, ready your bow and charge a shot. When you hear the growl of a wolf, prepare to fire, and shoot the wolf as it exits the bushes. Do this twice more, with the third being in slow-mo, and you will gain 110 XP. You will then be saved by Reyes, Dr. Whitman, Jonah, Grim, and Alex.


    Catch Up with Whitman

    Before going anywhere, have a seat at the camp and gain Lara's Journal: Shipwrecked. We now need to catch up to Whitman, but first let's collect the many items available here. Start by using the nearby flame to light your torch and then burn the netting hanging nearby to claim the Salvage.


    Endurance Crew - Sam: Family Story

    • Located on the table in the Base Camp area.

    GPS Cache 4

    • Head behind the camp and hug the right wall, jumping up onto the rocks instead of heading down the stairs. Follow the path to it's end and jump to a large rock formation. This is located on the left side of the rock and can be hard to spot.

    Endurance Crew - Sam: Feelings of Unease

    • Cross the tree bridge and on a table by the bridge you should find this.

    Female Noh Mask

    • Drop under the bridge to find this relic in a box.

    Hugging the eastern wall of the map, head north and you will encounter some more wolves. These can be shot with the bow or combated with QTE's, but be prepared. Note that this area has a separate hunting experience limit than the previous.

    Hugging the east wall, gather the Salvage near the broken bridge and then take the small ridge to the east to find more Salvage. Using Survival Instincts, look at the gap of the broken bridge and you should spot another Totem. Now, use the arches above the bridge to jump across to the tree platform and get the Coastal Forest Treasure Map.

    Take the zipline down and follow the river right to find Salvage before turning around and going the other way to find more Salvage on the other side of the bridge and even more Salvage near the wall. Hugging the west wall, cross the river for another crate with Salvage and continue up the stone steps to find Endurance Crew - Sam: Filmmaker, as well as a Totem hanging from the roof. Make sure to burn the Salvage down and then drop into the courtyard below for more Salvage.

    Head northwest, hugging the wall to find a small cave with the Oni Noh Mask, and then return to the river and follow it east to find more wolves, Salvage, a Totem under the nearby bridge, and a Totem in the tree directly north of the bridge. Now, instead of heading toward the objective, climb the large rock formation directly in front of you and find the final GPS Cache 5. Drop off the rocks to the left and head up the hill to find Salvage in the bushes and more Salvage as you turn the corner onto the main area.

    You are now, mostly, finished with this area. Head back toward the objective and uncover The Gate Base Camp before heading to the gate and catching up with Whitman and gain 100 XP.


    At an Impasse


    Collect Salvage to Upgrade the Axe

    If you have been following my guide you will have more than enough.


    Find a Camp and Upgrade the Axe

    Before we upgrade the axe, talk to Whitman multiple times until the conversation is over and over until you can not do it anymore (this is part of a trophy/achievement called Chatterbox). Before heading back to camp, go north of the gate and find the Endurance Officers - Whitman: Don't Leave Me document and then go to the opposite side for the final Totem and gain the Unfinished Business trophy/achievement.

    Using The Gate Base Camp, upgrade the Axe with Strengthen and open the large metal containers: one at this camp and one near the other camp (each contains 50 Salvage).


    Open the Large Gate

    With your new Axe in hand, head to the left gate wheel and use it to open the gate and gain 400 XP.


    Mountain Rendezvous


    Follow Dr. Whitman Up the Mountain

    As the title suggests, follow Whitman up the mountain as they discuss the goddess. Eventually, you will run into a cutscene and Whitman and Lara will be captured.


    Avoid Detection While Attempting to Escape

    Thanks to some stupidity on the part of the natives, Lara is free to wander around while bond. You will need to use the environment to avoid detection. Since Lara will automatically take cover whenever enemies are around, you should have no problem avoiding detection behind any waist high object.

    As soon as you have control, run up to the stone wall directly in front of you and wait for the first man to walk past. Quickly run up the hill and take cover on the left wall while you wait for the enemy to turn. Once it is clear, run across the area, ignoring the two men on the right, and hug the right wall to enter doorway. Wait behind the wall until a man passes and then run right up the stairs he just came down, but be careful at the top. Wait for the two men to turn and head right into a small building for a scene and be ready to press Triangle/Y twice. Once Lara has the gun, aim and shoot at the man before he wrestles you for the gun (wiggle the L Stick, tap Square/X repeatedly, and then fire with R1/RB).


    Fight Back Against the Island's Inhabitants

    With the Semi-Auto Pistol in hand, head down the right path and follow it until you get a quick scene. Now that you have ammo, and enemies, you can take on enemies. Note that headshots are not only worth more XP, but they are also one hit kills. Once both enemies are dead, loot the bodies and head for the door and pry it open.

    Inside, press Triangle/Y to bush open the boards and escape the side of the building. Move forward, gathering ammo and Food Caches, and take cover behind the wagon when you reach it to learn about silent kills and take the far enemy out by zooming in on his head. Climb the wall and jump the gap to a ledge and shimmy across and climb up to the area above, taking cover behind the crates. Take out the man on the left first and then quickly target the other man. As a third comes crawling down the ladder, shoot him for an easy kill and gain 110 XP for completing this section.


    Continue Up the Mountain to Regroup with Roth

    Climb the ladder as you talk to Roth on the way up and when you reach the top jump over the little fence and grab the Salvage. Head to the waterfall off to the west and hop down and go into it to find the Mountain Temple Treasure Map and some salvage that you can't get at this time. Return to the side of the area where you got the salvage and wall scramble the white washed wood to get to the second floor and find the GPS Cache 1. On the other side of the building is the Mountain Temple Base Camp, where you can now use Fast Travel to go back to previous camps and get Lara's Journals: Nightmares.

    Head toward the waterfall and into the nearby cave to find Salvage and Diaries of a Madman: Stranded. Now, head across the bridge and up the steps to find two enemies. You can choose how to take them out, but a useful strategy is to distract one by firing an arrow nearby and then shooting the other in the head.

    With the area safe, head to the left side of the building, on the other side of the tree, and shoot down the Lantern to start the Challenge: Pyromaniac. Walking across the log to the backside of the building and wall scrambling up the wall will also reveal that the upper floor contains 50 Salvage. Head east across the grass and then cross the stairs going soth to find an area with a Food Cache and the GPS Cache 2 to the northeast. When you are ready, return to the top of the stairs and wall scramble up and over to enter the building via a small open area.

    Looking right, shoot the Lantern to set the debris below on fire and sneak through when the fire has cleared. The enemy on the other side has it's back to you and is perfectly set up for a stealth kill. Simply walk up to the man and press Triangle/Y and then quickly tap Square/X to strange him silently. Look up to the right and spot another enemy patrol that is looking down at the nearby guy. When the upper guy turns away, headshot the guy near you and move forward.

    Look across the gap and you should spot a Lantern across the way. Firing at it will draw the attention of the nearby enemies, but not firing on it and getting their attention will cause that whole area to go up in flame. I suggest shooting it and then quickly fighting though the enemies with the pistol, focusing on killing the one throwing Molotov Cocktails at your ass. When you reach the top, follow the path across a jump and zipline to thr ground.

    Turn toward the water and notice the small ledge with a Food Cache that you should grab. On the opposite side of the path is the Confessions of a Solarii: Salvation document. Instead of heading through the arch, head the opposite way and hug the south wall to climb up some wooden planks. The nearby buildings upper level can be reached from here and it contains the Green Folded Fan relic (the fourth Lantern is also hanging from this buildings second level). Head out and continue south for a Food Cache and the final Lantern. On your way back to the main path you may spot the netting with Salvage that is easily gotten by lighting your torch at any of the lanterns in the area.

    Back at the main area, take the souther stairs down and find the Gunbai War Fan relic. With everything gotten in the area, return to the arch and head to the end where you will need to climb a narrow crevice to meet up with Conrad Roth.


    Cry For Help

    With Roth and Lara now reunited, Lara will gain access to the Village Plateau Base Camp and have to track down the wolves to retrieve the transmitter to radio for help.


    Find Roth's Pack

    The village is an expansive area with lots to discover and collect, but unfortunately much of the area is inaccessible at this time. Start by jumping into the water and getting the GPS Cache 1 on the left side of the waterfall and then return to land. Light your torch and head straight for the statue and light it to begin the Challenge: Illumination. Check the northwest corner behind the statue to find Salvage and then head to the building to the left of it to light some netting and drop more Salvage.

    Return to the statue and wall scramble to the roof of the southwest building to find the GPS Cache 2 before jumping to the roof of the statue's building. Now, jump to the hanging crate and then across to the walkway on the other side.

    There is a crate with Salvage on the ground and nearby it is the Silver Flask relic. Head upstairs, grabbing the Ancient Scrolls - Ambassador: First Impression document, and then pop open the crate of Salvage in the other room. Upstairs, burn down the Salvage and then climb up onto the roof. Head straight, jumping catty-corner to another section of the roof and look down to spot some Eggs, which you can steal to start the Challenge: Egg Poacher. Hop across to the solid ground nearby, picking up the GPS Cache 3, and then drop into the courtyard below.

    Head straight for the pile of tombstones to find the GPS Cache 4 and then make your way through the bomber wreckage and onto the wing, where a small island with Salvage awaits. Return to the body of the craft and grab the Salvage near the rock steps before climbing them to the burning tree and then turn around to use the top of the planes body to reach a new upper ledge where the wolves den is located.

    Instead of heading into the den, turn to the right and cross the bridge, dropping into the water to find a small cave with the GPS Cache 5 and a tomb that you can't access at this point. Return to the wolves den, lighting your torch if needed, and head inside to find the radio and gain 500 XP.


    Bring the Transmitter to Roth

    As Lara exits the cave, the large wolf that was stalking you attacks. Quickly wiggle the L stick and prepare to hit Triangle/Y when prompted before repeatedly tapping Square/X and then Triangle/Y to kill the beast. Exit the cave and walk right and look over the small fence to spot a roof with a flashing GPS Cache 6 that you can jump down to. Now return to Roth for a scene, 500 XP, and the Climbing Axe.


    Reach the Top of the Falls

    Turn around and use the camp to gain Lara's Journal: Prepared for the Worst and make sure to talk to Roth until you are not allowed to anymore. Survival Instincts will now point out walls that you can climb, so go ahead and test it out and head for the cliff wall directly across from the camp. At the top, use the wall above the rock steps to reach the area where the previously mentioned tomb is located.

    Tomb of the Unworthy

    Follow the linear cave until you reach a Day Camp and then continue to the puzzle in the room past the waterfall. Start by jumping across the platform with the hanging cocoons to reach some fire on the other side and the lighten the weight by burning the cocoons. Now return to the other side and push the container off the ledge to raise the platform and allow Lara to reach the climbable wall on the left side of the area.

    Reach the top will reward Lara with 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and the Mountain Village Relic Map. In addition, you will also gain the One Smart Cookie trophy/achievement.

    Head across the bridge and use the climbable wall on the left side of the waterfall to get up to the next level and jump across to another wall that leads to an area with some enemies. To cleanly take out this area, wait for the men to finish talking and the on on the right to head indoors. Once they are all in static positions, distract one of the guards on the left and shoot the one that remains, before quickly shooting the other. You can then take out the third one by walking around the boxes and sniping him from the side.

    With all three men dead, hop into the building on the right and grab the Salvage and the Ancient Scrolls - Ambassador: Discoveries. On the opposite side, locate the GPS Cache 7 on the ground and the Food Cache above. Using the buildings wall, scramble up to the next floor where you can find the Yagen relic. Once again, use the building's walls to reach the next level, where you can find some Eggs. You can now reach the top of the waterfall by jumping to the hanging crate and then across to the Statue, which can be lite via the flame nearby the netting with Salvage. Jump down to the eastern buildings roof and grab the GPS Cache 8 before using the craggy wall by the lantern to progress. As you cross the bridge, the wood will give way and you'll need to jump to the craggy wall and anchor yourself in with the Climbing Axe. For reaching the top you will get 100 XP.


    Find the Bunker

    Proceed to the zipline and swing into the new area with some enemies that will automatically be aggressive toward you. Once you have taken them out, grab the Salvage in the netting and then squeeze through the cavern to reach the Broken Tunnel Base Camp and watch a cutscene.

    After the cutscene, grab the Bronze Chinese Coin from the camp area and then walk northwest to find the GPS Cache 1 hiding in the bushes on the left. Continue, taking cover behind the old car, and take out the man controlling the spotlight before taking out the nearby guard. You can then take out the 2 farther away guards and enter the area to gain 100 XP.


    Find a Way into the Bunker

    Move into the area slowly, looking around for guards and taking them out with stealth. With the courtyard area clear, enter the building on the left side and stealth kill the man welding to safely head upstairs to get the Bronze Japanese Coin that awaits you on the walkway above the stairs.

    Head outside to the spotlight and kill the man in the hallway facing away from you and then check the second floor of the other building to spot two more enemies. Distract one so you can kill them both silently and then jump across to find a Food Cache and the GPS Cache 2. You can then reach the roof and zipline to the next area and receive your 100 XP.


    Find the Communication Console

    Head forward to a desk and collect the Confessions of a Solarii: The Best Job document to learn the truth about Mathias and then continue down the hall to the green gas. The gas will kill Lara is she breaths it in too long, so use the the axe to turn the valve and shut it off before you head through the area. As you exit and hear the men discuss fuel, carefully turn the corner and wait for both men to approach the barrel and explode it with an arrow.

    Pick up the Salvage in the previous room, and then take the first right to a Food Cache and light your torch on fire. Return to the main hall and head north, this time taking the first left, and set the wall Banner on fire to start the Challenge: Non-Believer.

    Continue up the stairs, drawing your bow as you turn the corner to kill the Solarii that pops down. Head through the small gap the man came through to reach a generator room with three lanterns. Lara can pick up and throw these lanterns to start fires and your first target should be the Banner behind you. Using the green machine, hop up through the vent opening and turn on the gas and then quickly return the way you came. Pick up a lantern and arc it through the vent to explode the room and advance.

    Take the first left, returning to the room with the barrel of fire, and light your torch so that you can destroy the Banner located in the newly exploded room, just on the other side of the once glass window. Continue forward, grabbing the WWII Submachine Gun, and head to the right in the next room to find the GPS Cache 1. The desk nearby also has the Wartime Intelligence - Scientist: Secret Project document that you should grab.

    As you approach the next room, equip your assault rifle and prepare for an onslaught as Lara becomes discovered. Take out the Solarii charging you and then focus on those with Molotov Cocktails. Once the room is empty, hug the right wall to grab the GPS Cache 2 and then head upstairs to use the Map Room Base Camp to upgrade your assault rifle and use any skill points.

    Back downstairs, take the room with the light above the door and draw your bow to kill the Solarii that drops down. Once able, light your torch and return to the room below the camp to light another Banner on fire, while getting the Salvage. Return to the room with the Solarii you just encountered and pop the door open.

    After the cutscene, grab the Diaries of a Madman: Alone document on the desk by the door, the Salvage, and then light the final Banner on fire. Now crawl through the vent and make your way outside.


    Climb the Radio Tower to Send an SOS

    Head right and unlock the Bridge Overlook Base Camp and then cross the bridge via the beam. A Solarii grabs Lara, so wiggle him off and hit Triangle/Y to kick him off the bridge. On the other side of the truck is the only GPS Cache in this area, so grab it and then shoot the Solarii further down the path. Slowly make your way forward, taking out the archer on the building roof, and then ones on the building to the right. There are two more enemies in the crumbled building with the arches on the northern side of the area that will need to be taken care of before going too far.

    When it is clear, head left and climb the wall and turn around the building to find the Japanese Dogtags relic and then continue. Watch out for the enemies that come from the left and then wall scramble up the arched building to the second floor, where a Food Cache and the Diaries of a Madman: The Solarii document are.

    Jump up onto the western building for another onslaught. Focus on the Molotov Cocktail throwing Solarii and when any come down the zipline, shoot them in midair. As you enter the cortyard below, a shielded Solarii will exit the building. Use dodge (O/B) to avoid his attacks and shoot him when he exposes himself. Once down, make sure to take out the Molotov Coctail Solarii in the now open doorway.

    Enter the building, examining the room on the right to get 50 Salvage from a locker, and then head upstairs for more Salvage in a crate and even more Salvage from the netting. Pry open the door nearby to reach a room with the Marksmanship Badge relic and then head to the roof and access the Radio Tower Base Camp. Grab the Diaries of a Madman: Research document lying in the camp area and then use the zipline nearby to reach a previous building with a Food Cache and the Mountain Base Treasure Map. Return to the camp and use the zipline to reach the tower and climb to the top.

    At the top of the tower, spin the L Stick until you hear an emergency broadcast and then switch to the tuner and spin the L Stick again until the signal is strong with no static to broadcast.


    Start a Signal Fire

    Head down the zipline and follow the path to some fuel tanks and turn the valve and then head into the nearby building to gain the Fire Striker tool. Start a fire and head back to the fuel and light it up for a scene. Lara will find herself falling down a steep cliff with the plane crashing behind her. Controlling Lara, navigate around the obstacles and when you reach the bottom quickly press Sqaure/X to hang on, but just when you think it is safe the plane will come hurtling toward you. Quickly jump to the adjacent area and gain 100 XP.


    A Road Less Traveled


    Find a Way Back to the Mountain Village

    This section is mostly platforming, so there is little to say because it will depend on your reflexes to complete. Simply keep moving forward and jump to banners and adjacent buildings. When you land, the poor pilot will be killed by a Solarii and you will have to finish him off. Once you are free, grab the Salvage in the netting to the left and then continue to the Cliffside Vista Base Camp, where you can hear Lara's Journal: Unnatural Storms. Proceed a bit to get a radio from Roth and gain the 100 XP.


    Regroup with Roth

    Head up the cliff, hanging a left after going through the short cave to grab Salvage, and when you reach the top and get caught in a snare quickly fire upside down on the enemies and then free yourself. As Lara falls, gaining the Rope Arrow tool, use it on the rope wrapped banister to pull the whole structure down.

    Rope Darts can be used on any rope wrapped object to pull it out of the way. You can also use rope darts to create ziplines and pull enemies close to Lara.

    If you pull five enemies off cliffs with the rope darts you will get the trophy/achievement Get Over Here!

    Finish off the rest of the enemies and then head northwest to find a Food Cache. Using the Rope Darts, pull the crate close enough that you can use it to get to the second and then cross the area and pull the beam down of the higher building. Scramble up the white washed wood and then head through the building for Salvage. Turn around and head northwest into the passage.

    When you reach the river, shoot a rope dart at the upper left building to create a zipline and reach a Food Cache. Drop down and proceed, breaking the rope wrapped door and returning to the Mountain Village and regroup with Roth.


    Guilty Conscience


    Reach the Smoke Beacon

    Take a moment to access the Village Overlook Base Camp and talk to Roth until you can't anymore. Head down the path and create a zipline and take cover as three men exit the nearby building. Wait for them all to settle and then take them out quietly. Grab the Salvage from the crate by the house steps and then head inside for more Salvage and the Medicinal Herb Vial relic.

    Head up the steps, lighting the third Statue, and zipline down into the village. Check beneath the stairs for the GPS Cache 9 and then enter the building and jump across to another Statue. Notice the netting of salvage above you, well if you jump to the roof of the building and light the cauldron you can then rope dart the thing into the netting and gain the Salvage.

    We can now go back to the village and explore newly opened areas:

    From the base camp by the plane crash, grab the Endurance Officers - Reyes: Dear Roth document and the Food Cache nearby. Now cross the river to the east and use the cauldron to light the netted Salvage. To reach the ledge above, head across the river and use the plane's cockpit to reach a crate with Salvage and the GPS Cache 10 in the bushes before using the wall to scramble up the next level for more Salvage in some netting and even more Salvage at the top.

    Return to the plane, jump in the body for a Food Cache, and exit the other side for a metal container with 50 Salvage inside. Follow the crash path to another Food Cache and another container with 50 Salvage. Enter the building on your right for Salvage and then enter the adjacent building for a Food Cache and the Old Photograph relic. On the other side of the building is Salvage in a crate.

    Head back and find the white washed wall behind the first building to reach a Statue and Salvage. Light the cauldon nearby and then rope dart the one farther away to pull it close and light it. You can now jump to the roof of the nearby building, grabbing the Eggs, and then rope dart the 2nd cauldron and get the Salvage in the netting. Now return the statue and head up the path for 2 crates with Salvage and the GPS Cache 11.

    Return to the plane crash and enter the main part of the village and run past the lit statue to find a door that can be rope darted. Inside you will find Salvage and the Dried Gobo Root relic. Now make your way up to the two story building in the area above and find another roped door that blocks more Salvage. With the majority of that area covered, return to the starting area by climbing the zipline back.

    Take the stone pathway around the corner and create a zipline to the area above and follow the path . Take out both Solarii quietly and then head inside the small cave to light the Statue up. Return to the zipline and cross the gap to find a tomb.

    Halls of Ascension

    Head into the tomb, grabbing the Salvage near the skeleton with red candles, and continue until you enter the tomb. Continue until you cross the bridge and enter the building.

    The first thing you want to do is find both valves: one by the shutters the wind is blowing through and the other by the the entrance that controls a elevator. You need to shut the shutters quickly and then turn the valve to raise the platform and jump up to it. When the wind breaks through the shutters you will be moved to the far wall and you can wall scramble to a ledge. If you raise the platform too early, the platform will not move before the wind breaks through the shutters and fall to the ground.

    Continue to shimmy across and enter the treasure room to get 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and the Mountain Village GPS Cache Map.

    Leave the cave and use the post to access the small island in the lower left and light the Statue. Using the new post, shoot to the roped banister off to the left and climb over to the Ancient Scrolls - Hoshi: Answering the Call document. Now shoot a rope dart to the roped tree across from the statue island to climb up and find the GPS Cache 12 on the ground. Turn right and return to the statue island, grabbing the Eggs and then use the log bridge to walk across and find the USMC Dogtags relic.

    Using the nearby post, aim for the roped tree on the island across the way and grab the Salvage. Light the Statue on the other side and then use the nearby post, shooting the lower level tree across the way and zip over to some Eggs and climb up for the Ancient Scrolls - Ambassador: Dark Tidings document. Finally, shoot a rope dart to the island with the blue smoke.

    As Lara climbs across the rope, the post will begin to break. Keep moving forwards, but when Lara begins to fall quickly hit Square/X to catch the wall and climb up to gain 200 XP.


    Locate the Second Pilot

    Jessop is not at the smoke, so run along the path and into the pass to collect Salvage. Continue ahead for more Salvage and then enter the Arid Canyon Base Camp. There is a crate of Salvage near the camp and a Food Cache and more Salvage on the left path. Stick left and continue forward to a lit area with 2 crates of Salvage and then continue for a cutscene.


    Another Fine Mess


    Find a Way Out

    Lara once again finds herself bound and hanging. Wiggle the L Stick back and forth until she takes position with her feet against the beam and the tap Square/X repeatedly. When you have control, follow the path not covered in bloody corpses and enter the small cave for a scene and then continue outside for 100 XP.

    Follow the path to a cutscene and gain the Trench Shotgun to clear a pathway forward to gain 250 XP. Keep going and climb through a window and into a tomb. After the cutscene, survive the enemy onslaught however you want to go about it and then rope dart the bell into the door and proceed.

    Stop at the Sheltered Alcove Base Camp for some upgrades and then blast through the boarded wall to access the outside and continue around the outside, even after the boards below you crumble. Continue until you are forced to jump to the remains of the walkway and then jump up and climb to the level above. Continue and climb into a room for a quick battle.

    Head upstairs, with a surprise attack as you head up the ramp, and jump to the second floor. There are two sets of valve controlled shutter and a big bell in the middle. You need to open one of the shutters and then rope dart the bell to break the beam support. Close the valve and do the same thing with the other set of shutters. As enemies come pouring in take cover by the ramp and shoot them as the ascend. When the threat is gone, open both shutters and rope dart the bell again.

    As the building crumbles, Lara will find herself and some Solarii running for their life from the Oni. Run straight as you jump over the first gap and then veer left so you can use the pole to swing across the second gap. Keep running and then jump to the bridge. Unfortunately, the bridge collapses and you will now need to shoot the barricades as they block your path. After the cutscene you will get 500 XP and be back on your way to the village.


    A Friend in Need


    Find the Way to the Solarii Base

    Squeeze through the small gap to reach the Mountain Descent Base Camp and listen to Lara's Journal: Ancient Guardians. Continue to the bridge and jump into the water to the left to find and light the ninth Statue. Now jump into the water and run the opposite direction, under the bridge, to find slew of Salvage, including a container with 50 Salvage. On the opposite bank from the container of salvage, a little off to the right, is the GPS Cache 13. Now return to the base camp and rope dart the roped tree to reach a path that leads to the GPS Cache 14. You should be able to see a group of Solarii men from this cliff, but ignore them and jump on the top of the arch to reach the other side of the path for some Salvage and the final Statue.

    Take out the Solarii men below you and then drop down and rope dart across the gap and zipline across to find the GPS Cache 15 off to the right. Blow open the boarded doorway and continue inside for a scene.


    Descend Down the Mountain to the Solarii Base

    While Sam may need our help, there are some things we need to finish in the Mountain Village now that we have the Shotgun. Start by using the wood planks to climb on top of the bell and jump to the second floor of the current house to find a Food Cash and the Ancient Scrolls - Hoshi: At Her Side document. Drop down and find the doorway that is boarded up and shoot it to return to the Mountain Village.

    Using the base camp, fast travel to the Village Overlook Base Camp and then head down the steps and zipline to enter the building and shoot the boards blocking the Ancient Scrolls - General: The Oath document. Other than a few salvage in the cliff hut directly below the wolf cave you should now have everything for the Mountain Village complete.


    Since we are cleaing previous areas up, you may remember that at the Mountain Temple we could not get some Salvage in a netting because of the waterfall. Now, with the Fire Striker, we can Fast Travel to the Mountan Temple Base Camp and drop down the waterfall and head through the small crack to get the salvage.

    When you are ready to advance, return to the house with the bell where you got Sam's distress call and follow the southeast path and zipline into a house. Carefully climb up and wait for the men to to puncture to fuel tank and shoot the lantern to kill at least 2 of the 3 and finish any survivors off.

    There are two paths here, one is more offensive and the other is more defensive, but neither should pose much of a problem. Make your way down the hill, killing any enemies you encounter, and then enter the river.

    Unfortunately, the river current is too strong and Lara find herself falling down the river toward very deadly bits of debris. When Lara does finally come to a halt, she will find herself in a very dangerous position and you will need to quickly deploy the parachute by pressing Square/X and then O/B. Now spend you time doding the tree branches until Lara is safely on solid ground again and gains 100 XP.


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