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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Open Wounds


    Look for First Aid

    Lara is badly hurt and he mobility is impaired. Make your way forward until you spot the helicopter and then grab the crate of Salvage nearby.


    Search the Rescue Helicopter for Medical Supplies

    You can not take a direct path to the helicopter, so follow the sewage and squeeze through and gap to make your way under the buildings. When you reach the light, carefully move forward and kill the the Solarii on the roof to the right. Now take out the other men and carefully walk over to the netted Salvage, which you can shoot down via the pulley that controls the snare trap. Inside, grab the Salvage and head left and make your way to the helicopter while fighting off some Solarii. When you reach the helicopter you'll need to rope dart the cargo bay open to gain the Lighter and Fire Arrows.


    Highway to Hell


    Reach the Gate Under the Bridge

    As the Solarii converge on you and the game goes slow-mo, shoot the sewage behind the three men below to explode the area and take them out. Now focus on shoot the cloth covered banisters to take away their cover positions and keep a look out for red explosive barrels. As the enemies advance, move to your right and watch the steps there to make sure you don't get ambushed. Eventually you will clear the enemies and be safe again.

    Use the Helicopter Hill Base Camp and then head down the steps and use a fire arrow on the cloth below where you started to reveal and pull down an Effigy to start the Challenge: Laid to Rest. There are plenty of places to explore in Shantytown, so let's get started.

    Head back up to the camp and look through the fence to the north to see and Effigy in the distance. You will need to aim a fire arrow at the head to burn the cloth and then pull it down.

    Take the upper path, sticking to the right, and then take a left to the center tall building to find a Food Cache at the top. Return and keep going down the right path until you find some netting of Salvage and then check the right side for the GPS Cache 1. Backtrack a bit and then use the ramp to get to the next floor where you will find more Salvage. From the area where you first jumped up, go around the outside of the shack and wall scramble to the small roof to jump across to the third floor and use the axe on the Alarm to start the Challenge: Silencer.

    Return to the base camp and head down the steps and enter the building by the stairs for some Salvage. Continue along the right path and shoot the boarded doorway to find the Decorative Inro inside and take a right to shoot through 2 more boarded doors to reach a table with the Endurance Crew - Grim: The Goood Old Days. Now jump up to the second floor to find the Confessions of a Solarii: Toil and Distraction document and more Salvage. There is a Food Cache outside on the roof of this area, behind the document that you should get and then return down where you found the first document.

    Get the Salvage nearby and then blast through the boarded doorway and hang a left to find the GPS Cache 2. Head outside and head southeast to a building with white markings to shoot some boarded doorways to fins Salvage on one side and the Jade Horse inside. Head to the top of the building for a Food Cache and some Salvage on the southern side. The room nearby has a snare trap that will haul you up and leave you upside down for a wave of enemies. Kill them and then loot the Salvage inside before you rope dart the floor to reveal the GPS Cache 3 and the entrance to the tomb.

    Well of Tears

    Head into the well and grab the Salvage as you go, you can use fire arrows to shoot down netted salvage. Continue until you reach the base camp and notice the metal platform high in the air. You need to use the yellow canisters in the area to weigh down the platform. Once it is weighted down, stand on it and toss 1 canister off and grab another. You will need to run off the platform and back up to the base camp, rolling to drop the canister, and then jump to the platform as it ascends and the quickly jump off to the left.

    Proceed to raid the tomb for 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and the Shantytown Relic Map.

    Let's now explore the other side of the town. Start by returning to the Helicopter Hill base camp and head off to the left and blow out a barricade. Lara will be under attack by some Solarii that you'll need to take out and then head up the stairs for some more men. Once it is clear, head inside for the Metal Inro relic and then walk outside and go up to the next level. Inside, find the Confessions of a Solarii: Survival of the Fittest document and then drop all the way to the ground on the south side and blow through the nearby boards to find the GPS Cache 4. Exit and look up to the right to spot some boards blocking some Salvage and then drop down again.

    Head west down the steps and climb up the building on your left and turn right to spot a boarded doorway on your left, blocking the GPS Cache 5. Exit and turn back around the corner and wall scramble up and turn slightly to grab the overhang and climb up. Blast through the nearby door and collect the Jade Water Buffalo relic and exit out the other side. Look off to the right to spot the cloth covered Effigy in the distance and pull it down (you will need to be on the far right to actually be able to pull it down after burning it up). On the opposite side, behind you, you should find the fourth Effigy. Now head for the gate.

    After the short cutscene, walk to the right and pick off the men as the rush forward. When the shielded Solarii attack, dodge and counter (if you have the ability) or shoot them when they expose themselves. You can also shoot many of the explosive barrels if you need to.


    Find a Way through the Gate

    Look up at the gate and note the cloth bar that can be burned. After it is gone, use the axe to open the gate.


    Infiltrate the Palace

    After unlocking the Ancient Gate Base Camp, stick to the left side and drop down to find a boarded doorway with the Diaries of a Madman: Belief document inside. Exit and look across the sludge to the right to spot another clothed Effigy that you can pull down to finish the challenge. Drop down, grab the Salvage and look up and to the right of the wall next to you to spot some netted Salvage that you can burn down before walking through the sludge and up the steps. Instead of heading across the river, turn around and enter the plane for some Salvage. Exit and cross the bridge, but drop down to the small platform below to find the GPS Cache 6 where the platform ends and meets the water.

    As Lara goes to climb the ladder, Solarii will attack with dynamite. For the first bit, the enemies will stay at a distance and throw dynamite. Focus on hitting any enemy that goes for the alarm on the roof and then focus on the men below. When the leader shoots a zipline across, prepare for some melee combat while still making sure to attack anyone who goes for the alarm.


    This area is great for two specific trophies: one is called Deadeye, and is acheived by shooting men off ziplines, and the other is called Boom Goes the Dynamite, which is achieved by using the Shotgun to shoot dynamite out of the air.




    Find Your Way to Grim

    When the fight is over, take the zipline up and grab the Salvage to the right and Food Cache behind before climbing the ladder and taking out the Alarm. Drop down and blast through the barricaded fence and grab the Commander's Inro from the shack. Now walk to the center of the nearby bridge and drop to the small bit of ground to grab the GPS Cache 7.

    Return to the shack and head up to the second level and around the side of the building to shoot a boarded doorway that blocks the GS Cache 8 and then look up to shoot a netted Salvage far above. Up the next level, grab the Food Cache and then prepare for a fight. The enemies are far away and one will constantly throw dynamite, so get the trophy/achievement if you haven't already. Once the area is clear, head up to the roof via the rungs on the left side of the building and break the Alarm.

    Use the zipline to cross to the area where you were just attacked from and take cover. Enemies will attack from the balcony in the upper right as well as across the windmill fan. Focus on those in the upper right, as they can hit you the easiest and then take out the ones across the way. When it is clear, drop down behind you and run around the corner to grab the GPS Cache 9. Instead of climbing back up, run past the white wall and blast through a boarded doorway to get the Scribe's Inro.

    Return to the upper level and jump across the windmill gap and finish off the few enemies that remain on the other side. Take a left and wall scramble up the building on the left to find the final Alarm. Continue to the roof, grabbing the GPS Cache 10 on your left and then use the zipline that leads north to reach the mine.

    The netted crates of Salvage can't be shot at through the mesh, but there are holes provided around the outside. Using the holes, angle around the tube to find a clear shot and drop all the crates to the ground to be opened. As you descend around the central tube, grab the container of 50 Salvage, a Food Cache, and two crates more crates of Salvage. Cross the beam, grabbing the GPS Cache 11, and then drop to the ground and head back past the stairs and through the tunnel behind them.

    Head straight ahead, staying to the left of the stairs and in a small alcove to the left you should find the Jade Drinking Vessel relic. Turn around and go under the stairs and around the metal wall to find a pile of debris with the GPS Cache 12 near a dead body. Turn around and hug the right wall and drop down to the level below, next to an extra Alarm, and grab the GPS Cache 13. The boarded doorways here lead to a Food Cache and a shortcut back to the gate entrance.

    Return to the previous area and search under the stairs on your left to find the Diary of a Madman: Obsession. From the table, turn left and across the area and blast open the boarded doorway for the GPS Cache 14 and then head up the steps to some Salvage and the Windmill Base Camp, which is right near the tomb and has some Salvage around the area.

    Chamber of Judgement

    Head into the tomb and watch the left wall to spot the final GPS Cache 15 in some bushes and then continue. When Lara begins to fall, quickly press Square/X to save her and shimmy right along the ledge and climb up. Grab the Salvage and take the right path into the tomb.

    You need to get to the craggy wall, but the platform nearby is weighted the wrong way. Grab the yellow canister and stand on the side nearest the fire and drop it. Now use the ramp on the left side of the area to jump to another and drop it on the seesaw as well. There are two canisters left, but you only need one. Using the rope dart on the hanging wheel, crash the wheel into either platform around the area to get the final canister.

    You can now run up the ramp and grab the craggy wall with your axe to reach the treasure and gain 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and the Shantytown GPS Cache Map, which is useless to us.

    Return all the way to the cargo hauling area and hop aboard. As you reach the other side, Grim will be in trouble and a bunch of Solarii will attack. Keep moving and shoot the men as they zipline across. Eventually, when the area is clear, you will get a cutscene and gain 400 XP.


    No One Left Behind


    Find a Way into the Solarii Stronghold

    Climb the zipline that leads to the upper platform and then climb the zipline on the other side, saving yourself when you fall. After Roth saves Lara, and you gain 100 XP, climb the wall and unlock the Vista Tower Base Camp. Head across the bridge and jump the gap for a quick convo with Roth and then wall scramble into the tower and up to reach the underside of the next bridge.

    Jump and shimmy to the underside walkway and continue. Roth will once again save your, but you will now have to shimmy right to pull yourself up. Jump to the next area and continue, listening to Roth's instructions. When you reach the top you will fall and be stuck in a platforming run section. Keep moving and when you reach the end make sure to grab the craggy wall and climb up for 200 XP. Enter the cavern and follow the path until you going another 100 XP.

    Follow the cavern to a cutscene and you will then gain access to the next area.


    Rescue the Captured Endurance Crew

    Follow the river of blood until you find some arrows and then light it up and shoot the natural gas to create a path. The gas will quickly return, so shoot another arrow and quickly move by until you reach The Pit Base Camp, where you can gain Lara's Journal: No Escape. Grab the Confessions of a Solarii: In Her Honor document and then squeeze through the passage to a cutscene.

    Head down the path to a second opening and go ahead and shoot the gas to explode the monsters below and then continue. As you reach the bottom, look up to the left to spot a Sack and shoot it to start the Challenge: Firestarter. Head into the open area and hug the left wall for some Salvage and then continue into a small tunnel to reach 2 more crates of Salvage. As you return to the main room, kill the enemy that drops down and then cross to the other side of the cave, past where the crowd of enemies was.

    Stop when you reach the first captive and look up to find another Sack and then continue to the GPS Cache 1, right next to an upper ledge that leads to 50 Salvage. Drop down and continue right into a tunnel, past the gas, and kill another enemy. Using your Survival Instincts, find the Sack on the ceiling above and then grab the Salvage and GPS Cache 2 from the ledge. Return to the center of the pit and climb the ledge in the middle to find the Funeral Fan.

    Now that you have everything, head to the valve by the gate and turn it to release some gas that you can explode to clear an exit. Head through the gate and hug the right wall, hiding behind a stalagmite when some Solarii show up. Wait for the men to separate a bit and then quickly kill of the one that walks toward the pit, followed by the one that stays near you. Grab the Food Cache and GPS Cache 3 and then head up the path. Stop at the corner and wait for the light to go out and the one man to investigate and then kill them both.

    Grab the Endurance Officers - Reyes: Dear Alisha document and the Food Cache and head up the steps. Stop at the first cage and jump up to climb to the top where you will find the Geothermal Caverns Treasure Map and then drop down and continue to the Catacombs Base Camp, Salvage and Wedding Fan relic. Turn around and look left to spot some Salvage in netting and then release the valve nearby and shoot the gas to create a path forward.

    Using cover, head forward and shoot the Sack on the other side of the room and get the Food Cache near the entrance. Shoot a fire arrow at the natural gas to kill the enemies and take out any more that appear. When clear, hop the gap and aim an arrow at the Sack by the natural gas and then drop down to get a Food Cache. Now climb the craggy wall to the next area.

    Start by stealth killing the enemy with his back to you and then back up and shoot the Sack hanging above. Move along the left wall and carefully peak out, switching your firing mode, to shoot the man with the flashlight off to the left. You can now easily take out the rest of the Solarii by shooting the natural gas by peeking through the stalagmite. Head down and loot all the bodies and the Diaries of a Madman: Lost document near the altar before wading into the water to the left to get the Inscribed Silk Fan relic near some Salvage. Return to the altar and cross the room, past a valve, for a Food Cache and the GPS Cache 5 and then rope dart the cage to move it in front of the door. Finally, break the valve and shoot the gas to break through the door and run through the cavern to exit.

    Three men guard the Endurance crew, but luckily they have their backs to you. Start by taking out the Solarii on the far right and then take out the other two, with a fourth showing up on the right. After the cutscene, head through the debris and break open the valve and shoot it so Lara can climb the platform to the roof of the helicopter. On the other side of the room is two gas leaks, you need to shoot the left one and then quickly shoot the right one to release the other platform.

    Unfortunately, Lara will fall, but with a little help you can climb around the right side of the helicopter and reach the top again. Jump across to the platform and pop both valves and then take cover behind the wall so your arrow goes through both leaks at the same time, saving the Endurance crew and getting you 100 XP.


    Escape the Cavern

    Run straight ahead to the two cages and jump across to escape and gain 400 XP.


    Find a Way into the Temple

    Run down the linear path to enter the temple underbelly and gain 100 XP.


    Into the Fire


    Find Sam

    Head straight and pry the the doors open and then continue down the halls and outside on the roofing to work your way around the outside of the building and up a craggy wall. Continue shimmying across the ledge until you reach a patio and head inside for a cutscene. After the scene, follow the men across the roof, down a zipline and across a gap to climb up and run into Whitman.


    Survive the Ambush

    Make sure to keep moving, as dynamite will be coming from all directions. Use the pillars for cover and circle the room, staying out of the middle, as you take out enemies as you go.


    Escape the Inferno

    Find the doorway on the side of the room with a spotlight that shows you where to go and gain 100 XP.


    Fight Your Way Out of the Palace

    As you turn the corners, take cover and kill the Solarii that try to surprise Lara. With a bit of caution you should make it outside to the cutscene with ease. Nikolai's turret will tear through the weak structure walls, so staying still is a bad idea. Quickly roll from wall to wall until you reach the building on the left with a craggy wall and climb up and zipline down. After another quick scene Lara will gain the Grenade Launcher and 250 XP.

    The Grenade Launcher is not only handy for groups, but it also allows Lara to get through the fortified doors ahead. The enemies ahead can easily be taken out with your new weapon, so take them out and head for the Solarii Fortress Base Camp. After a quick skill and weapons check, head for the craggy wall and blast through to the outside and gain 100 XP.


    Regroup with Sam

    Zipline down and blast the door and prepare for a firefight. Enemies will swarm in to the upper balconies and rush at your from the level below. The first thing to mention is that Survival Instincts is your friend and will help you spot enemies in the harsh weather. Don't be afraid to get out of the streets and into a building where you can take a second to heal and when it is clear, loot all the bodies.

    As Lara passes the fountain at the end of the street, another spotlight will hit her and a Solarii will man a turret. Bob and weave from cover to cover and climb the building on the left to reach higher ground. Quickly hop on the zipline to your right and take out the two enemies and then take cover to heal. Head into the room on the left and wait for a break in the gunfire to lop a grenade across and destroy the turret and then take the zipline for 100 XP.


    Escape the Solarii Compound

    Crossing the river will only take you back to where you came from, so climb the nearby planks to a zipline and take it across to the other side and climb the craggy wall. When a Solarii lobs a Molotov Cocktail inside, Lara will need to quickly exit by climbing the surrounding platforms to reach the ledge where the man was and zipline out, gaining 400 XP for the chapter end.


    Get to the Chopper


    Cross the Bridges

    Mathias will not be happy with your attempt to escape and send Solarii running after you and the bridge below your feet crumble. Running toward the camera, keep moving and jump as needed to cross the gaps. When a Solarii holds on for dear life to Lara's leg, jiggle him off with the wiggle L Stick + Triangle/Y combo and then continue to run to the next tower for 100 XP.


    Climb the Tower

    As the tower crumbles, make your way through the linear platforming section while preparing to hit Square/X a lot to grab ledges and when you reach the top do a slow-mo run and jump to the helicopter.


    Some Time Alone


    Find a Way Out of the Forest

    After the sad scene, Lara will find herself alone and ready to take the offensive for once. You will automatically unlock the Summit Marsh Base Camp and gain the Tactical Pistol. When you have control, grab the Endurance Officers - Roth: An Apology document from the rocky cliff and then use the base camp just ahead to get the Lara's Journal: Don't Think, Don't Feel entry.

    Continue down the steps hug the right wall to grab the Mushroom to start the Challenge: Red Cap Roundup. On the opposite side of the trees you should find the Chou Dynasty Dagger. Circle around the wreckage to get the Salvage and then find another Mushroom behind the tree nearby. Ignore the objective point and run to the poopsite side of the clearing to find some Salvage with the GPS Cache 1 nearby.

    Continue east and when Lara pulls out her bow check for a Mushroom near the path to the Solarii men. Wait for the men to separate and then take the closest man out. Slowly walk into the area, checking the right side for the other guard and then hug the left wall to find a Mushroom and a man guarding the bridge that you can take down.

    Now head for the south side of the area and use your survival skills to spot the craggy wall, which you can climb by using the nearby fallen tree. When you reach the top, turn around and spot the tree platform and jump to it to reach a zipline, shooting the Salvage down if you need it. Climb to the high platform that overlooks the whole area, collecting the Jade Ceremonial Dagger, and then snipe the enemies below with your bow, you should be able to kill four.

    Return to the craggy wall and head northeast to the river, where a Mushroom lies, and then head south. You should hit a wall and run along it to fire at a Solarii and then use the ledge to reach an outcropping on the right with another Mushroom. Continue south, pulling down the roped support and revealing a wall you can scramble and then head toward the water to collect a Mushroom to the far south and kill the guards across the way.

    Using the wall you pulled down, scramble up to the building and turn around and jump to a ledge with the GPS Cache 2 and then go back inside the building and exit the other side. Shoot a rope dart at the tree across the way, climb it and then drop onto the other rope to reach some Salvage. Turning south, spot the GPS Cache 3 and make a leap for it, barely hanging on to the ledge. After collecting the cache, hop into the water to the east and grab the GPS Cache 4 neaby.

    Walk out of the water to the right and grab the Salvage on the ground and in the air and then continue right through a gap in the cliffs that leads to another Mushroom. Leave and head north around the cliff and then turn around and cross it to reach a zipline, which yuou can then use to reach a platform and jump south to the Japanese Ceremonial Dagger relic. You should now be able to move north to the Hunting Lodge Base Camp and search inside for the Ancient Scrolls - General: The Conquerors document. Head northeast and grab the ninth Mushroom by the bridge and then follow the wall right to find the tomb entrance right before a box of Salvage.

    Stormguard Sanctum

    Head inside until you reach the camp and then look up to spot 2 unlit cauldrons. Using your fire arrows, shoot both cauldrons and then the natural gas to clear a path forward. Instead of moving forward, use your survival skills to spot another cauldron in the upper left and light it. Extinguish the gas again and then quickly scramble up and hang a left to go up another level.

    There are two more torched you can light: one to your right and one across the way next to some debris that you should also light up. Now walk to the edge of the beam and make a leap for the craggy wall, making sure to grab it. Climb up and collect the 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and Summit Forest Relic Map.

    Return the same way you came in.

    Head east along the wall to a shack that you can break open to find a container of 50 Salvage and then take out the three guys up the steps, watching out for the wolves that come rushing when you are spotted. When it is clear, head up the steps to grab the final Mushroom and then head inside the cave.


    Exit the Forest Through the Wolf Cave

    Enter and pull the door away and then head inside. Although not needed, you can quickly kill the caged wolves before pulling the roped deer twice and creating a path for Lara. You can now jump across to a room full of Salvage and the GPS Cache 5 on the floor to the left of the table. Now slide down the tunnel and make your way through the cavern, sticking to the right, to return to Shantytown via the zipline and gain 900 XP.


    The Fast Way Down


    Find a Way Down to the Beach

    After a quick conversation with Alex, hop on the zipline to return to the area where we lost Grim. There are two paths to take, one will return you to town and the other will lead you to the gondolas. If you followed the guide and have everything in Shantytown, take the west zipline and climb to the gondola and jump inside one as it passes.

    Listen to the conversations as you head down to the beach and fill Sam in on the plan, gaining 100 XP for doing almost nothing.


    Travel to the Survivors' Camp

    When the gondola stops, rope dart a zipline to the nearby tower and take it down. Head around the tower and climb the yellow ladder to reach the next floor and then zipline right into a fire fight. The enemies will come zipping in from the left and right as you fight, so shoot them down in air for ease and finish off any in the middle until the cutscene. When it ends, climb the revealed yellow planks around the other side of the ship and then run and leap to the yellow bars across a gap. After another short scene, Lara will need to drop from zipline to zipline while shooting any barricades in the way. Eventually, you will fall in the river and be safe again.

    As you enter the beach, turn left to spot the GPS Cache 1 and then head east for some Salvage before heading down the hill a bit and heading right for more Salvage up another cliff by the river. To the north you should see a rock pillar in the water and a float nearby. Using the float, push or rope dart it to the north side of the pillar, where the craggy wall is, and use it to get up and dismantle the Cairn to start the Challenge: Cairn Raider.

    Head to the main sandy path and follow it a bit until you see a small rock ledge on the lead and follow it, leading to a Food Cache and another Cairn. Turn around and spot the Mine down by the wall and shoot it to start the Challenge: Mine Sweeper and then collect the GPS Cache 2 where it was. Turn around and grab the Salvage and head back to the main path.

    Head northwest on the path to a old truck and enter the area behind it, hoping on the small rock formation to grab another Cairn. Head toward the water for some Salvage and follow the path south to spot some more Salvage hanging in netting. Now head up the structure and enter the building near the blue canopy, right next to the Survivors' Base Camp, to find the Endurance Officers - Reyes: About Lara.

    Now drop down to the beach and grab the GPS Cache 3 by the anchor and destroy another Mine out in the water. Follow the water line to the left and find another Mine and then enter the structure behind you to grab some Salvage. Back outside, and under the pier, grab the GPS Cache 4. Now return to the base camp and scramble up the building that had the document for the GPS Cache 5 before breaking into the north building to grab the Endurance Crew - Jonah: Recognizing the Truth.

    Now approach the crew for a cutscene and make sure to talk to everyone until you can't anymore.


    A Pirate's Life


    Reach the Galleon

    Run south along the pier and climb the tower to find some Salvage next to a zipline, which you should then take. On the other side, look right of the galleon to spot a Mine in the water and then use the pole to swing to the craggy wall and then shimmy right to enter the ship and gain 100 XP.


    Collect the Block and Tackle

    Wait for the two Solarii men to finish their conversation and then rope dart the nearest man off the ship and kill the other. Head up the steps and scramble to a ledge that you can follow to reach the deck. The anchor is held in the air with what you desire, so shoot a fire arrow up at it to cause the mast to come crashing down and collect the block and tackle and gain 100 XP.


    Return to Jonah with the Block and Tackle

    Head across the downed mast and kill the Solarii on the other side before you enter the nearby building to get the Brown Jade Ink Box. Head to the north, standing just under the zipline, and look in the water to the right to spot a Mine. Now use the ziplines and return to the Endurance Crew and receive the Compound Bow and 400 XP.


    Gone Missing


    Reach the Endurance Wreck

    Before going anywhere, make sure to talk to Jonah, Sam, Whitman, and Reyes until they say nothing else. Now head to the eastern side of the shipwrecks and onto the other destroyed pier. Using your new weapon, rope dart the craggy cliffs across the way and crawl over and up to a metal beam. Head right and follow the beam to the end and make your way on top of the platform. Instead of using the pole to advance, turn to spot the green wall and scramble up it to reach a ledge with the GPS Cache 6. Now turn around and continue left.

    After using the crate to reach the Endurance deck, grab the container of 50 Salvage and then turn around and look down and to the left to find another Mine (it may be behind the crate depending on where you are standing). Shoot the Salvage hanging near behind you and then drop down to the lower deck to find the Stuffed Bunny relic in a room off to the right, followed by dropping down again to find the Stained Jade Head Rest and pick up the salvage. Return to the deck and use the yellow ladder to reach the highest level for the GPS Cache 7 and then use the zipline to reach the next area.

    Slowly make your way forward until the Solarii appear and then take out the back one before shooting the nearest, who starts to walk away to investigate. Head toward the ladder on the right, shooting down the netted Salvage above and take the narrow passage around the building to a Cairn and then turn around north to spot the seventh Mine floating in the wreckage. Head east through the water and shoot the seventh Mine then enter the small cave to the left for the GPS Cache 8. Turning around, you should spot a pier jutting out of a rock formation. This pier has the GPS Cache 9 and a Food Cache, but is difficult to reach (you need tor jump on the rock, then onto the post support, and then up to the pier). Continue east down the small ledge to an area with some Salvage, a Mine and the GPS Cache 10. You can now return to the tower.

    Using the small ramp on the beach, jump to the broken pillar and then wall scramble up to the pier. Walk across the beam and jump to the left path and take the wooden rungs up, turning around to loot the corpse and get some Salvage. Jump back across, pull out your bow and look left into the water for the final Mine before you turn back around and take the right path this time. After climbing the ladder, back up from the boarded wall and pull out your shotgun to shoot the boarded doorway high above. Now climb up and get the Toy Train before you continue to the top of the tower and zipline across.

    Take cover on the left straight away and then kill both men. Instead of jumping to the ledge where they are, jump to the area on the left and grab the GPS Cache 11 and Salvage.

    If you were having trouble with reaching the pier below, push the buoy off the ledge to help you reach the pier.

    Head across the water, watching the right path to kill some Solarii and get the GPS Cache 12 on the left wall and some Salvage nearby. Turn around and use the craggy wall to reach the upper plateau and jump up and pry the door open to find the Shaped Jade Head Rest. Climb the ladder, taking the left path to grab the 50 Salvage from the locker, and then jump across to the craggy wall. Follow the path to a bunker with a Food Cache, netted Salvage, a locker of 50 Salvage and the Worn Wallet relic. Now continue into the tomb.

    The Flooded Vault

    Head up the steps and use the panel to electrify the floor, way to go Lara, and then return downstairs and open the doors. Enter the right room and blast the boarded doorway open and then fire your bow across the way to light the clothed pole on fire. With the raft now free, pull it multiple times until it is close enough to jump on and then use it to reach the other side of the wall.

    Standing facing the other set of stairs, look up and spot the roped banister. When pulled, the weight will pull the electric light out of the water, de-electrifying the water so you can quickly pass. From the other side, pull the raft to the light and then pull the light up and the raft under to prevent it from re-entering the water. Lara can now wade through the water to the stairs on the other side of the room and collect the 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and the Shipwreck Beach Relic Map.

    Return to the outside world and turn left to cross the bridge, immediately taking a right to find the final Cairn. Return to the entrance and jump across to the bridge and make a zipline to the craggy wall across the way and head on down. Grab the Ancient Scrolls - Hoshi: In Her Image document before continuing to the next area.

    Take a moment to stop at the Bunker Vista Base Camp, get the Salvage, and the GPS Cache 1, and then create a zipline to the craggy wall across the way and shimmy inside the bunker. Grab the Salvage and burn the Flag on the wall near the roped/cracked wall to start the Challenge: Previous Inhabitants.

    Carefully walk through the alcove and stealth kill the Solarii on the other side and the hug the wall to the right to find the GPS Cache 2 before killing the welders on both the right and left. Slowly walk forward and wait for multiple men to gather around the barrel, while one seems to be getting shot from somewhere. Once about 4 men have gathered, blow the barrel and then back up to the entrance and take cover and finish off the enemies that come from the ceiling. When the shielded Solarii shows up, take out your grenade launcher and kill him. Once the area is clear, grab the Wartime Intelligence - Scientist: In Search of the Star.

    Head through the door to the right and thrust around the corner to shoot and explosive barrel and kill some guys. Kill the following two men and then watch your back for a guy who tries to sneak up on you. Head up the steps and take a right to grab 2 crates of Salvage and then cross to the balcony, where you will engage another group of men.

    Once clear, jump the gap and head into the left room for cover and Salvage. When it is clear, use the pole to reach the wooden wall and climb up, clicking aiming up to the right at an explosive barrel to take out another group of men. Instead of continuing, turn around and jump to a crate of Salvage and a Food Cache and then walk across the pipe to another Food Cache and a container of 50 Salvage. Behind the container, on the center of the south wall, is another Flag that you should shoot with a fire arrow before running the opposite direction and using the ramp to reach the hanging platform.

    At the top of the building, look up and to the left to find a Flag hanging from the tower that looms above and then turn around and shoot the final Flag. Grab the Food Cache and the GPS Cache 3 on the outskirts of the area and then hop off the building to find the Endurance Overlook Base Camp and the Endurance Crew - Alex: Over His Head document.

    Head northwest behind the truck and find the Japanese 2 Sen Coin relic and then hug the left wall around the crates to find the GPS Cache 4. On the south side of camp, stand by the post and shoot a rope dart into the craggy wall and slide across. The GPS Cache 5 is on this island, hiding behind the rocks on the left, so grab it and then zip on over to the Endurance and gain 100 XP.


    Find Alex

    There are two normal enemies and a big one... take out the two men as stealthy as possible and then turn your attention to the big guy. This guy is all about dodge counters. With your shotgun in hand, wait for him to attack and then dodge, pressing Triangle/Y to stab his leg with an arrow. While he is distracted by the arrow, shoot his face to do some damage, but don't approach unless another melee action appears. When a second melee action appears as he stumbles around, approach him and doe a chain of two timed attacks of Triangle/Y to kill him and gain the Rope Ascender.

    With your new toy in hand, rope dart the heavy object off to the left and hold Square/X and pull it toward you, clearing a path. Drop down and follow the path to a scene where she enters her cabin and then grab the Endurance Crew - Sam: Adventures with Lara document as you gain 150 XP. Exit the hall and wait for the guard to walk off and slowly head down the hall to kill him and his buddy across the way, near the end of the zipline. Take the zipline down and head through the tunnels and drop into the cargo hold to gain 250 XP.

    Alex is trapped behind a blocked doorway, but Lara always has a way. Using the Rope Ascender, pull the hooked pulley toward the door and then jump on the side with the partial ladder to move the whole thing. Once it stops, pull the pulley back away from Alex's position and then jump on the full ladder, which moves the object and allows you access to the area above. Follow the path to kick the pipe out of the way and when you are back down below pull the hook all the way back and jump on the partial ladder to reset it's position and pull it to Alex. With the electric plug hooked, pull the hook back and head inside.


    Recover Reyes' Tools

    Enter the room where Alex is to get this completed and gain 100 XP.


    Return to the Miliart Bunker

    As you might have guessed, you will need to run for your life. Keep running and jump when the game slow-mo's to grab the rope and then hold Square/X to ascend quickly and escape the sinking ship. Follow the hall to the deck and use the crates and the rope ascender to return to the bunker and gain 100 XP.


    Return to the Survivor Camp on the Beach

    Using the rope ascender, look above the building to grab an object and pull it down to create a hole that Lara can drop down to obtain the Wartime Intelligence - Scientist: Secret of the Island document. Pry open the nearby door and then drop down to the right and rope ascend the door to get some Salvage and the 100 Mon Coin within. Now drop to the floor and return through the crack, breaking through the wall to reach the outside and get the Portuguece Tin Coin relic and Cliffside Bunker Treasure Map. Now return across the zipline and head through the tunnel.

    After exiting the tunnel, pull the cracked wall nearby and grab the Food Cache before ascending and taking cover. You can safely take out the closest guy with stealth, but the other two have armor. Once all three are dead, use The Grotto Base Camp, if needed, and then drop off near the waterfall to grab some Salvage and the GPS Cache 13 on the path nearby. You can then climb back up and return to the camp and gain 400 XP.


    Storm Chaser


    Start the Climb Up to the Research Base

    After the cutscene, we are off to save the day, but first let's finish some stuff. Firstly, talk to everyone at camp again until you can't anymore (making sure you talk to Jonah who is north of the camp), which should get you the Chatterbox trophy/achievement. Now rest at camp for the Lara's Journals: The Promise document and then access the hidden tomb nearby with our handy dandy rope ascender by heading northwest of the camp.

    Temple of the Handmaidens

    Enter the cave and follow the path to the temple's base camp. This area is short and sweet, but all based on timing. You need to pry the wheel to allow the buoy to pass and then quickly head left and jump up a ledge. When the buoy reaches the pole below, it will spin the whole structure and allow you to jump the gap. As the buoy continues slowly, rope dart the spot in the lower right, putting the next pole into place, and when the buoy passes use it to jump to the craggy wall and enter the tomb. You will gain 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and the Shipwreck Beach GPS Cache Map.

    If this is your last tomb you should get the Intellectually Superior trophy/achievement.

    Head to the objective point in the northwest and pull the door open and use the axe on the elevator lever. Climb up the back of the elevator and then wall scramble to a ledge below a craggy wall, which you can then jump and cling to. Follow it up to the left and then drop down to find some Salvage and then climb to the top and gain 100 XP.


    Enter the Research Base

    There is a container of 50 Salvage on the left side of the area that you should get and then head around the elevator shaft and scramble up a part of the concrete wall to jump to the top of the shaft and get the GPS Cache 14. Head across the way and shoot a rope dart into the craggy wall across the way and ascend to climb up. Grab the Endurance Officers - Whitman: My Great Discovery document and then find the GPS Cache 15 between the two buildings. Now use the wall to scramble up the water tower and climb up to the gondola platform.

    You now need to pull the individual gondolas closer to Lara so she can make the jumps and then quickly jump to the next tower before it falls toward the ground. Use the zipline to reach the bunker and then scramble up and use the pipes to reach a ladder and climb the craggy wall to some Salvage. Jump across to the walkway and the wall scramble up to your right and take cover behind a box. The two men here are both weak to headshots, so distract the one on the right and then shoot them both. Use the pipe on the wall near the craggy wall to reach it and then climb up and around to the next level. Now jump to the ladder, grab the Salvage and bust through the wall and inside for 100 XP and the Research Base Camp.


    Discover the Ancient Tomb

    From the objective, jump to the craggy wall and descend and then drop and grab the wall below to safely enter the water below, right near the GPS Cache 1. Behind you is a metal wall that can be blasted for some Salvage and a wall that can be scrambled to reach the Chou Dynasty Helmet. Return to the water and continue around the to a craggy wall and look up to shoot more Salvage down and the ascend up.

    Squeeze through the narrow gap ahead and then use your survival instinct to spot a Sun Totem in the upper left corner of the area that you can shoot to start the Challenge: Sun Killer. Drop down and shoot an arrow at the pipes across the way to lure a Solarii over, that you can headshot, and then move forward and peek around the door to kill his friend. You can now use the Research Lab Base Camp and get the Wartime Intelligence - Soldier: Awakening document.

    Head back past the camp and pry open the door to look across the way and shoot another Sun Totem, follow by another Sun Totem to your left, and then jump across the gap to the window for a Food Cache and the GPS Cache 2. Now return and then drop into the icky water and head left to open a door and call the elevator. When it gets stuck, climb on the boxes and pry the wheel to make it descend more and then climb on top and through the gap on the other side. Ascend the stairs to get the GPS Secrets - Unknown: Mysterious Orders and press the elevator call buttons and descend, jumping to a small platform with Salvage and destroying the gear. Now drop down and ascend to the 4th floor, getting the hanging Salvage, and look down in the shaft to shoot open a barricade before pressing the elevator call again. As the elevator ascends, hop into it and use the opening you created to jump to a craggy wall and make your way around to another wheel and more Salvage. Now drop down, return to the 3rd floor and use the ladder to reach the final wheel and gain 100 XP.

    Head down and drop into the elevator shaft to reach the first floor, which has a Food Cache, and stop at the number 1 printed on the floor and look right for another Sun Totem. Head foward and take a left in the room to find a locker with 50 Salvage and then turn around and face the other side of the room to spot the final Sun Totem, which will also get you the Inconceivable! trophy/achievement if you have completed all challenges. Head to the other side of the room and look down the hall to spot two guards, which you should be able to take out silently. Grab the Salvage and the Ceremonial Helmet and then head down the hall and take a right to another locker with 50 Salvage and a Food Cache. Across form the locker are a pile of crates, which when climbed lead to the GPS Cache 3 and unlock the GPS Secrets - Unknown: Failed Mission document. Return and cross the other side of the main hall are some crates with a gap in the upper left, which Lara can squeeze through and lead to the Research Base Treasure Map. Now continue to the objective and gain 100 XP.


    Exit the Research Base

    After the cutscene, which actually unlocks the Ancient Scrolls - General: Failure of Duty document, Lara can head for the exit. Unfortunately, the Solarii will block your escape and come pouring in from the south side of the cavern. Take cover and move around to make yourself a hard target for Molotov Cocktails and dynamite as you slowly take out the enemies. Be careful when the enemies start to drop down and aggressively attack them. When they are all dead, climb the stairs and make your way down the slide, jumping to catch the craggy wall, and climbing up. Walk through the tunnel, grabbing the Salvage and listing to Reyes gain 100 XP.


    Return to the Survivor Camp on the Beach

    Make your way down the zipline and kill the two guards nearby and then ascend the rope nearby and zipline down to the camp to gain 100 XP.


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