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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Make your way through the tunnel to a camp and then collect the Plant, GPS Cache 1, and Salvage. Create a rope bridge to the rocky wall across the way and shimmy along the outside of the area to enter the bunker. Collect the Salvage at the back of the room and then check the wall near the roped doorway for a Flag (1/4) with an octagram (eight-pointed star) and burn it to begin the Challenge: Previous Inhabitants.

    Crawl through the tunnel and carefully exit the other side to stealth kill a Solarii and then take cover behind the bundled pipes. Take care of the two welders to the right and left with an arrow to the head and then move forward and wait for a Solarii to roll an explosive barrel toward the group of men. Shoot the barrel to take care of the four men and then back up and prepare for reinforcements. The majority of the new enemies will have armor protecting their head, so pull out your assault rifle and/or shotgun to take care of the remaining enemies.

    Once the area is clear, check the corner near the entrance for a GPS Cache 2 and the northeast corner of the courtyard for a Plant and then head to the back of the area to find the Wartime Intelligence - Scientist: In Search of the Star document.

    Enter the hall in the northwest corner and rush around the corner with a weapon drawn to shoot the explosive barrel, hopefully killing the man that pushes it, and then finish off the rest of the Solarii while watching out behind you for a sneak attack. Head upstairs and check the room on the right for Salvage x2 and then carefully head back into the main area, peeking around the corner to encounter more Solarii. Focus on the men throwing dynamite from across the courtyard and then focus on the men on the level above.

    Cross the gap and check the room for some Salvage and then swing across the pole and climb up to the next level, immediately turning right to shoot an explosive barrel on the top floor to dispatch the Solarii. Jump across the gap behind you to collect some Salvage and a Food Cache and then cross the pipe for another Food Cache and a metal Salvage crate.

    Backtrack across the gap and check the other side of the building to spot another Flag (2/4), which you can burn with a fire arrow, and then use the ramp to reach the top level. Circle the outside of the area to burn another Flag (3/4), collect a Food Cache, and then check the northeast corner of the roof for the GPS Cache 3. You can now head toward the object surrounded in rope, but don't drop just yet and instead look up to spot a Flag (4/4) on the power cable tower.

    Drop down to the camp and head toward the truck to collect a Plant and then check behind it for a Japanese 2 Sen Coin. Head back toward the camp and collect the Plant near the stacked boxes in front of the truck and then circle it to find the GPS Cache 4. Grab the Endurance Crew - Alex: Over His Head document near the camp and then create a zipline to the nearby island and slide down, collecting the GPS Cache 5 behind some rocks. You can now take the zipline to reach the Endurance. [100 XP]

    Find Alex

    There are two normal Solarii and a giant one in the next area, but wait for the giant to help pull over a section of the Endurance and return to the left before quickly taking out the two normal sized men. The easiest way to defeat this mini-boss is to use Dodge Counter to stab him with an arrow and then shoot him in the head with the shotgun. Do this a few times to cause enough damage to stun him, indicated with a prompt, and then approach him and attack with Triangle/Y multiple times.

    Using the Rope Ascender, pull the Endurance part by shooting a rope arrow and holding Square/X to drop it through the floor. Drop to the floor below and follow the hall for a scene and then check the floor of Sam's cabin for the Endurance Crew - Sam: Adventures with Lara. [150 XP] Continue down the hall to encounter two Solarii men conversing across the wreck about Alex and then take them both out. You can now slide down the rope and follow the path to the flooded part of the ship. [250 XP]

    Recover Reyes' Tools

    Alex is trapped behind a blocked doorway, so turn around and rope arrow the hooked pulley toward the door. The path is blocked with a pipe the needs to be cleared, so check both sides of the pulley to notice a short ladder on one side and a broken ladder on the other. Jump on the side with the broken ladder, causing the pulley to move, and then rope arrow it away from Alex's position. You can now jump on the short ladder twice to move it all the way to the other side of the room, connecting it to the rest of the ladder that leads to the pipe.

    Kick the pipe out of the way and then jump on the broken ladder to move it in front of Alex's position. You can now rope arrow the pulley toward Alex to hook the wires and then pull it away to reach Alex. [100 XP]

    Return to the Military Bunker

    As you might have guessed, you'll need to run for your life as the Endurance sinks into the ocean. Keep running and jump when the game slow-mo's to grab the rope and hold Square/X to ascend quickly. You can now climb the crates on the ships' deck to return to the bunker. [100 XP]

    Return to the Survivor Camp on the Beach

    Back at the camp, use the rope ascender to pull down the block from the top of the bunker and break through the cracked ground. Drop down to collect the Wartime Intelligence - Scientist: Secret of the Island document and then Pry Axe through the door. Turn right to spot a roped doorway and then use the rope ascender to break through the doors. Collect the 100 Mon Coin and Salvage and then backtrack through the tunnel at the other end of the courtyard to return to the large gun room via the tunnel.

    Rope arrow the door to the right to exit the bunker to find the Portuguese Tin Coin, a Plant, and the Cliffside Bunker Treasure Map and then jump to the zipline to return to the other camp. You can now pass back through the tunnel and rope arrow another door for a Food Cache. Ascend the rope and immediately take cover from the three Solarii and then wait for the conversation to end before dispatching the three men. You can now drop to the ledge next to the waterfall for some Salvage, also gaining a Bow part, and then follow the ledge around to the GPS Cache 13 on the other side. You can now climb back up and slide down the ropes to return to camp. [400 XP]

    Storm Chaser

    Start the Climb Up to the Research Base

    We are off to save the day, but first let's finish some stuff. Firstly, talk to everyone at camp again until you can't anymore, making sure you talk to Jonah who is north of the camp, to complete the Chatterbox trophy/achievement. Rest at the camp to hear Lara's Journals: The Promise document and then enter the hidden tomb to the east.

    Temple of the Handmaidens

    Follow the long path to the heart of the tomb, where you'll find a buoy and a wheel that can be turned with your Pry Axe. This tomb is very easy and fast, but the timing requirement and lack of knowledge can make it seem more difficult than it actually is. The basics of the puzzle is that once the wheel is turned and the buoy is released, it will follow the river and push two bars that create paths for Lara.

    Start by raising the platform with the wheel and then follow the path left, waiting for the buoy to create a path. On the next platform, quickly rope arrow the structure in the water before the buoy reaches it. This will move the post halfway toward Lara, allowing the buoy to push it the rest of the way to reach the treasure room. This will unlock 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, the Shipwreck Beach GPS Cache Map, a Handgun part, and the Intellectually Superior trophy/achievement.

    Make your way to the northwest edge of the beach to find a roped door that can finally be removed with the rope ascender and then pull the lever to drop the elevator. Climb the back of the elevator shaft and then scramble up the wall to grab the rocky wall. You can now hop over the wires, climb up to the left and drop on the other side of the shaft to find some Salvage before reaching the top. [100 XP]

    Enter the Research Base

    Open the metal Salvage crate to the left and then face the elevator shaft. The pillar to the left of the shaft can be scrambled up to reach the top of the elevator shaft to find a GPS Cache 14 and then create a rope arrow to the rocky wall below the water tower across the way.

    Check behind the wall for the Endurance Officers - Whitman: My Great Discovery document and then head between the water tower and the other tower for the GPS Cache 15. You can now scramble up the wall to jump to the water tower circling around it to climb up. Jump to the ladder and climb up to reach a platform where you can rope arrow the gondola closer and then jump across and pull the second gondola closer to continue. You can now slide down the rope to reach the research base.

    Scramble up the wall and shimmy around the outside of the base and then climb up the ladder and rocky wall to find some Salvage. Jump the gap and scramble the wall to the right to hide behind a crate while you wait for the two Solarii guards to finish their conversation and then dispatch them. Spot the rocky wall on the side of the base and use the pipe to reach it and then follow the linear path, creating a rope bridge to another rocky wall. Collect the Salvage and pull open the heavy barricade with the rope ascender and follow the path to enter the base. [100 XP]

    Discover the Ancient Tomb

    Carefully climb down the rocky wall to reach the water below and collect the GPS Cache 1 on the rocky nearby. Turn around and shoot a grenade into the metal wall to find some Salvage and then shoot another grenade into another metal wall within this room to find the Chou Dynasty Helmet. Follow the water to a rocky wall to find a Plant and then shoot a fire arrow into the Salvage hanging from the ceiling. You can now climb the wall and squeeze through the gap, using Survival Instincts to spot the Sun Totem (1/5) on the other side of the room to begin the Challenge: Sun Killer.

    Drop down and shoot an arrow into the pipes on the far wall, luring over a Solarii guard that you can headshot, and then move forward and sneak around the corner to kill his buddy. You can now grab the Wartime Intelligence - Soldier: Awakening document on the desk near the Research Lab Base Camp. Instead of heading around the corner, pry open the door near the camp and then shoot a Sun Totem (2/5) to the left and another Sun Totem (3/5) in the window across the way. You can now jump to the window and climb inside to find a Food Cache and GPS Cache 2.

    Hop back into the water and continue along the path to an elevator shaft and call the elevator. When the elevator gets stuck, climb the nearby boxes to pry off one of the wheels and then enter the elevator and hop through the hole on the other side of the shaft. Take the stairs up to the third floor to find the GPS Secrets - Unknown: Mysterious Orders and then call the elevator. You can now take the stairs back down, stopping about half way to jump to a platform with some Salvage (likely getting a Shotgun part) and another wheel that can be removed.

    Head up toward the fourth floor, shooting down some Salvage hanging from the underside of the stairs, and then look high up the shaft near the call button to spot some more Salvage. Look down into the shaft to spot a barricade that can be removed with the Shotgun and then call the elevator, quickly dropping into the shaft and jumping to the rocky wall. Climb around the outside of the shaft to a platform with some Salvage and another wheel and then drop back onto the stairs and head to the third floor, jumping up to the ladder to reach the final wheel. This will drop the elevator through the floor, allowing you to reach the first floor. [100 XP]

    Drop to the first floor and stop at the "1" on the floor to spot another Sun Totem (4/5) to the right and then collect the Food Cache. You can now enter the next room, shooting some salvage through the rubble straight ahead, and then open the Salvage locker to the left.

    Sneak into the hall and kill the two Solarii and then look through the mesh on the right to find the final Sun Totem (5/5). This should trigger the Inconceivable! trophy/achievement and you can now grab the Salvage crate on the floor before grabbing the Ceremonial Helmet on this end of the hall. Head down the hall to collect a Salvage crate and then enter the hall on the right for a Food Cache and another Salvage locker. Across from the locker is a pile of crates, which you can climb to reach the GPS Cache 3 and gain the GPS Secrets - Unknown: Failed Mission.

    Return to the hall and cross to the other side of the main hall to climb more crates for the Research Base Treasure Map. You can now continue down the path for a scene, gaining the Ancient Scrolls - General: Failure of Duty document, and then try to leave. [100 XP]

    Exit the Research Base

    The Solarii will attack from the scaffolding to the south, mostly staying on the upper level. Use the explosive barrels to take out some of the enemies and then finish off any of the men that rope in from the ceiling until you get a small scene. The enemies will now drop down from the scaffolding, where the rocks created a path, and swarm the area. The area beneath the stairs offers great cover and allows you to move back, out of fire, when you need to recover. Watch your back in case any of the men circle around the stairs to attack you, but for the most part they should come straight for you.

    Climb the scaffolding and follow the path until Lara slips and then jump and grab the rocky wall on the other side. Continue along the path to some Salvage and and a call from the Endurance crew. [100 XP]

    Return to the Survivor Camp on the Beach

    Create a rope to the nearby building and slide over and then kill the two men to the right. You can now follow the path and ascend one rope before sliding down another to reach the beach. [100 XP]

    Going Back In

    Take the PT Boat up the River to the Monastery

    When you're ready to continue, head to the boat on the beach. [100 XP]

    Enter the Monastery

    Turn around and create a rope bridge to the rocky wall and then follow the linear path to find Mathius, Sam, and Whitman. After the scene, which is rather satisfying if you dislike Whitman, head to the post to the right of the bridge and shoot an arrow into the rocky wall. From here you can climb up to enter the monastery. [100 XP]

    Search the Monastery for Sam

    Follow the hall and wait for the Stormguard to leave before you shoot a fire arrow into the debris across the way and then follow the tunnel. On the other side, stay low and close to the wall to avoid being spotted by the marching guard and make your way up the stairs. Collect the Food Cache before you cross the beam to the other side of the stairs and jump up to the ledge on the right. Shimmy along the ledge, watching the scene above and below, and then jump to the gap for a scene. Hold the L Analog toward the camera to run as the Stormguard fires on Lara until she falls down a shaft and escapes. [100 XP]

    The crate of ammo is a good indication that you should equip a weapon, so move forward to trigger the appearance of three Stormguard members. Dispatch them quickly and continue forward to a camp with a Food Cache nearby and then make sure to sit down to hear Lara's Journals: The Monastery. You can now continue down the tunnel for another Food Cache before prying open the doors to spot Sam. [100 XP]

    Rescue Sam From Mathias

    Follow the path until your get a small scene in which the whole Stormguard seems to converge on Lara. Luckily, the whole area is full of explosive barrels that can be used to kill any Stormguard that is silly enough to stand next to one and the environment offers plenty of cover. Focus on standing next to the corners of building, allowing you to take out the aggressive ground units while avoiding fire from the archers. Keep moving toward the monastery, using the Dodge Counter to easily take out the heavily armored units, until the wind reveals a roped barricade. Pull the barricade down and continue for a scene and then enter the shrine.

    At the Sacred Hall Base Camp you can finish off any weapon or skill upgrades needed to complete them and earn the attached trophy/achievements. Collect the Kansu Burial Urn relic from the nearby table and the Wartime Intelligence - Soldier: Last Stand document near the large doors. You can now shoot the Salvage hanging from the ceiling before prying open the doors to a large puzzle room.

    Drop to the floor and check beneath the walkway to find a Ban Chiang Vase and then face the center of the room. There is a lever on each side of the room, one of which opens a grate in the floor while the other raises a cage. Use the lever on the right side of the room to open the grate and then cross the room and raise the cage. Grab the Endurance Officers - Whitman: Crossing the Line document near the second lever and then turn around and use the ramp to reach the upper level.

    Follow the walkway to the end to collect the Chasm Shrine Treasure Map and a metal crate of Salvage and then return to the center of the platform and face the cage. Rope arrow the cage to break through the opposite wall and then drop down to the main level again. You'll need to close the grate and then drop the cage, which will land on the grate instead of disappearing down the hole, before returning to the upper level. You can now pull the cage once more and use it to reach the cracked wall to continue.

    After the scene in the room of the Sun Queens, head to the room on the right for the Ancient Scrolls - Hoshi: An End document and then follow the path to find Salvage x2. At the end, collect the Satsuma Vase near the Sacred Passage Base Camp and then finish up any areas.

    WARNING: This is the point of no return, meaning you'll be unable to Fast Travel to previous areas until you complete the game. Once completed, load up the file to backtrack to any previous areas you have not completed.

    End the Storms by Stopping the Ascension Ritual

    & Pry open the doors to enter the Chasm Ziggurat and then cross the bridge for a scene. You won't be able to follow Mathius and Sam directly, so head left to find a Food Cache and then create a rope bridge to the rocky wall above. Climb around the inside of the wall to reach a walkway and then hop on the icy wall and circle the outside of the tower. In the next area, pull the bell sideways into the path of the wind to bust through the doorway and continue. Climb the wooden beams and create a rope bridge from the post to the bell across the way and then climb up, jumping when the game goes into slo-mo. Keep moving around the outskirts of the icy tower, climbing the remains of the buildings and walls until you reach the top.

    After spotting Sam and the Sun Queen, hop down and make your way forward as waves of Solarii make their presence known. Use the cover areas to your advantage and don't get locked in on one target, as Solarii have a habit of popping up from the other side when you are focused on a single side. Once the ground units are gone, focus on the enemies in the building to the right and then move forward for a short scene.

    The wind will knock over the tower and remove the boards, creating a path for Lara. Scramble up the wall and head down the other side for another scene and then dispatch more Solarii. Use the explosive barrels on the roof of the building to finish off the men throwing dynamite and continue forward. After a scene, jump across to the pillar and then to the rocky wall to enter the icy clearing.

    An Oni Stalker will enter and engage Lara in a one-on-one fight. This fight is all about using the Shotgun on the back of the Oni by dodging into his attacks, which have a slow recovery, and then turn around to fire on him. Do this multiple times until the Oni staggers and a melee prompt appears over his head and then quickly rush in for a QTE attack. Each time you get this prompt the Stormguard archers will show up and attack, so make sure to take them out with your firearms before continuing to attack the Oni. Attack him three times with the melee prompt and then you'll be able to spam Triangle/Y, followed by Square/X, to defeat the Oni. [100 XP]

    Approach the ritual for a scene [100 XP] and then follow the QTE prompts to finish off Mathius:

    PS3PS4Xbox 360/One
    L1 / R1L2 / R2RT / LT

    Watch the ending for Lara's Journals: The Truth entry, which should get you the "No Stone Left Unturned" and "A Survivor is Born" trophy/achievements.

    Skills & Upgrades

    Survival Skills

    Survivor Skills
    Animal InstinctsKeen observation allows you to spot hard-to-find animals and food sources.
    SurvivalistEarn extra rewards when looting animal corpses and food caches.
    Advanced SalvagingThoroughly search crates and caches to find extra salvage.
    Bone CollectorCarefully looting animal corpses will reward you with extra salvage.
    Arrow RetrievalResourceful archers can recover arrows from the bodies of enemies.
    ScavangingSpotting hidden pockets on enemy corpses will reward you with extra ammunition.
    Climber's AgilityIncrease your climbing skills to traverse the environment with more speed and resist falling damage.
    OrienteeingUse your keen perception to find hidden rewards in the environment.
    CartographyAll tomb entrances and map locations will be revealed on your map.
    Hunter Skills
    Steady ShotA focused mind allows you more time to aim deadly shots with your bow.
    Ammo CapacityEfficient use of bags and pockets allows you to carry more ammunition.
    Heavy LifterYour increased strength allows you to carry the maximum amount of ammunition.
    Accomplished KillerEliminate your enemies with finesse to earn greater rewards.
    Bow ExpertStab enemies at close range with your arrows for extra rewards. Also unlocks headshot reticule.
    Pistol ExpertExecute enemies at point blank range for extra rewards. Also unlocks headshot reticule.
    Rifle ExpertUnload your rifle at close range to brutally finish enemies and earn bonus rewards.
    Shotgun ExpertBlast enemies with the shotgun at close range to stop them in their tracks and earn extra rewards.
    Brawler Skills
    Pain ToleranceWithstand more punishment in combat and live to fight another day.
    Dirty TricksCleverly use dirt and rocks to blind enemies and leave them vulnerable to your attacks.
    Axe StrikesDeliver two swift strikes with your climbing axe to stun your enemies.
    Axe ExpertUse your climbing axe to deliver a deadly, stunning blow to your enemies.
    Dodge CounterAfter dodging an enemy, stab them in the knee with an arrow to cripple them and leave them Vulnerable to killing blow.
    Dodge KillSkillfully dodge lightly armored opponents and then strike them at close range to kill them instantly.
    Dodge Kill MasteryStriking after dodging becomes even more deadly, allowing you to kill almost any enemy.

    Equipment & Tools

    Makeshift Longbow

    Location: Coastal Forest

    Reinforced Limbs250Reinforced bow limbs allow a stronger pull for increased damage.
    Wrapped String200Wrapped string enables a faster firing rate.

    Recurve Bow

    Location: Salvage crates in Base Exterior and Mountain Village

    Key Ring Trigger250Makeshift key ring release trigger further increases firing rate.

    Compound Bow

    Location: Shipwreck Beach

    Napalm Arrows350Fire arrows spread a pool of fire on impact.
    Plaited String250Twisted bow string increases arrow damage.

    Competition Bow

    Location: Salvage crates in Chasm Monastery and Shipwreck Beach

    Explosive Arrows650Arrows are rigged with grenade tips to explode on contact.
    Stabilizing Weight300Stabilizing weights improve accuracy resulting in increased damage.
    Penetrating Arrows650Charged shots will penetrate armor or pass through soft targets to hit multiple enemies.

    Semi-Auto Pistol

    Location: Mountain Temple

    Burst Fire Mod450Allows for an alternate three round firing mode.
    Extended Mag200Longer magazine holds 10 rounds.
    Port Vented Slide200Recoil compensation improves accuracy for increased damage.
    Muzzle Brake250Delivers rounds more accurately for increased damage.
    Rapid Fire Mod300Hair trigger modifications increase rate of fire.

    Tactical Pistol

    Location: Summit Forest

    Magazine Well325Magazine is easier to insert for decreased reload time.
    Ergonomic Grip300Rubberized grip modification reduces recoil.
    Silencer350Shots are quieted at the cost of reduced damage.

    Magnum Pistol

    Location: Salvage crates in Hall of Ascension, Chamber of Judgement, and Temple of the Handmaiden

    High Capacity Mag250Extra long magazine holds 12 rounds.
    Polished Barrel400Improved mechanical performance for increased damage.

    Trench Shotgun

    Location: Chasm Monastery

    Full Choke400Adds an alternate fire mode which concentrates the cone of pellets and gives them longer range.
    Barrel Shroud325Slotted barrel shroud improves gun handling for increased damage.
    Polished Bolt300Faster cycle rate between shots improves firing rate.
    Padded Grip300Padded front grip helps steady the weapon for reduced weapon kick.

    Pump-Action Shotgun

    Location: Salvage crates in Mountain Village and Shantytown

    Incendiary Shells400Modified barrel tip applies ignitable fuel to outgoing pellets.
    Wrapped Stock300Wrapped folding stock further steadies the weapon while firing.
    Shell Mag350Removes need to load shells individually for faster reloading.

    Combat Shotgun

    Location: Salvage crate in Shipwreck Beach, Cliffside Bunker, and Research Base

    Modified Receiver325Tuned mechanics improve performance for additional damage.
    Drum Mag400Improves reload speed and doubles magazine size to 12.

    WWII Submachine Gun

    Location: Mountain Base

    High Capacity Mag225Longer magazine holds 15 more rounds.
    Padded Stock300Rifle butt and grip padding helps steady the weapon while firing.
    Muzzle Brake350Padded Stock required. Effectively dispels the gas from bullet firing to reduce recoil.
    Taped Double Mag300Two magazines taped together increases reload speed.
    Polished Ejector250Polished ejector increases firing rate.

    Assault Rifle

    Location: Salvage crates in Mountain Village and Shantytown

    Barrel Shroud350Barrel shroud improves gun handling for increased damage.

    Commando Rifle

    Location: Salvage crates in Shantytown and Shipwreck Beach

    Frag Grenades500Grenades spray shrapnel upon detonation, incapacitating enemies within a wide blast radius.
    Match Grade Barrel400Custom barrel rifling increases bullet speed for increased damage.
    Scope250Increases zoom magnification for improved accuracy at long range.
    Silencer500Shots are quieted at the cost of slightly reduced damage.

    Pry Axe

    Location: Coastal Forest

    Strengthen50Reinforces the pry axe so it can be used to operate cranks.

    Climbing Axe

    Location: Mountain Village

    Hidden Tombs

    The following is a list of the hidden tombs and the solutions for each. Tombs are found throughout the areas of the game and are non-combat puzzle areas that always lead to 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and a treasure map.

    Tomb of the Unworthy

    Reward: Mountain Village Relic Map

    Follow the linear path to reach a day camp and pass the waterfall to reach the actual puzzle room. Hop across the platform with the hanging corpses and quickly jump across again to light your torch. This will allow you to lighten the weight of the platform by burning the corpses, but you'll have to push the cage down on the other side to raise the platform up to the rock wall.

    Halls of Ascension

    Reward: Mountain Village GPS Cache Map

    Move through the cave and look for some Salvage near the skeleton with red candles around it. As you enter the tomb you'll notice two valves: one that controls the shutters and another that controls the lift. In order to reach the treasure you'll need to shut the shutters and then raise the lift when the first shutter busts open. This will allow enough time to jump onto the platform before the remaining shutters open and push the lift against the wall. If you raise the lift too early it won't make it to the wall where you need to scramble to reach a ledge that leads to the treasure.

    Well of Tears

    Reward: Shantytown Relic Map

    Follow the linear path down the well while collecting the Salvage x2 on the ground and then shoot the Salvage x2 in nets over the next two ledge with fire arrows. When you enter the tomb you'll notice a cage above and some yellow cans. You'll need to toss three cans on the cage to lower it to the ground and then stand on the cage and toss one can off. Once you step off the cage it will begin to raise, so rush up to the camp and jump on the cage before quickly jumping off to the ledge on the left.

    Chamber of Judgement

    Reward: Shantytown GPS Cache Map

    As you make your way into the tomb, hug the left wall to find the GPS Cache 15 and then continue through the tomb until you slip down slope. Grab onto the ledge and shimmy right until you can climb up to find some Salvage and then continue right to enter the heart of the tomb.

    Note the circular structure with a ramp on top of it that acts as a seesaw when you step on it and then grab the yellow can nearby and drop it on the side nearest to the camp. Use the ramp next to the seesaw to jump to platform in front of the statue, dropping another can, and then drop the yellow can on the seesaw. Use a rope arrow on the tire hanging from the ceiling to swing it into the platform high in the corner to drop a third can and then drop it on the seesaw as well. With three of the four cans, use the seesaw as a ramp to reach the rocky wall and attach yourself to the wall to reach the treasure.

    Stormguard Sanctum

    Reward: Summit Forest Relic Map

    Head inside until you reach the camp and then look up to spot two unlit brazier that can be lit with a fire arrow to help light the room. In order to clear a path above you'll need to shoot the natural gas to clear the debris and then light another brazier above the gas. You can now shoot the gas again and quickly scramble up the wall, turn left, and climb up another ledge. Light another brazier near the platform and use Survival Instinct to spot another brazier and some crates across the way. Shoot the clothed crates with a fire arrow to clear the debris and then jump across and grab the rocky wall to reach the treasure.

    The Flooded Vault

    Reward: Shipwreck Beach Relic Map

    Head up the steps and use the panel to drop a light into the water below, electrify the water and powering the room. Return downstairs and open the double doors via the panel and then enter the room on the right to blast through the barricade. Shoot a fire arrow across the water to burn the clothed pole, releasing the raft, and then pull it multiple times until it is close enough to jump on and use to reach the other side of the wall.

    Face the other stairs and look up to spot a roped metal beam, which raises the light and de-electifies the water, and cross the water when you get a chance. Turn around and pull the raft close to the light and then raise it and pull the raft underneath, preventing the light from entering the water again. You can now wade through the water to the staircase in the back corner for the treasure.

    Temple of the Handmaidens

    Reward: Shipwreck Beach GPS Cache Map

    Follow the long path to the heart of the tomb, where you'll find a buoy and a wheel that can be turned with your Pry Axe. This tomb is very easy and fast, but the timing requirement and lack of knowledge can make it seem more difficult than it actually is. The basics of the puzzle is that once the wheel is turned and the buoy is released, it will follow the river and push two bars that create paths for Lara.

    Start by raising the platform with the wheel and then follow the path left, waiting for the buoy to create a path. On the next platform, quickly rope arrow the structure in the water before the buoy reaches it. This will move the post halfway toward Lara, allowing the buoy to push it the rest of the way to reach the treasure room.

    Collectibles & Challenges

    Location Maps


    Ghost Hunter


    There is a total of 8 Lanterns, three of which are in the temple and are missable, but you only need 5.


    Egg Poacher


    Laid to Rest

    There is a total of 10 Effigies, but you only need 5. The following is the first five you'll encounter in the northern half of Shantytown.


    There is a total of 5 Alarms, but you only need 4.


    Red Cap Roundup

    Cairn Raider

    Mine Sweeper

    Previous Inhabitants

    Sun Killer


    Relics are physical items found throughout Yamatai, with each item being part of a group. These usually consist of two or three items and all other items in the group can be found within the same region, for example: all Noh Masks are found in the two Coastal Forest regions and all Helmets are found in the Research Base.

    Kanpo Herbs


    Location: Mountain Village

    Medicinal Herb Vial

    Location: Mountain Village

    Dried Gobo Root

    Location: Mountain Village

    Noh Masks

    Hannya Mask

    Location: Coastal Forest

    Female Noh Mask

    Location: Coastal Forest

    Oni Noh Mask

    Location: Coastal Forest

    Edo Period Fans

    Green Folded Fan

    Location: Mountain Temple

    Gunbai War Fan

    Location: Mountain Temple

    Semper Fi

    Silver Flask

    Location: Mountain Village

    Old Photograph

    Location: Mountain Village