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What Is The Best Class To Use For Insanity Mode?

What Rifle And Armor Do I Use?

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brow3458 answered:

I have found that the inflitratior with the black widow sniper rifle (with the sniper concertraion mod and rifle extention mod) is the best class weapon combination beacuse of the tatical cloak can be invaluable for killing enemies and running away if your getting overran by the enemy. Also any armor that will bring up your weapon damage helps to and dont forget to put a helmet on if you dont like your character wearing it in cut sceens you can go into the options and change it to where he takes it off while he is talking.
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Forth52 answered:

the weapon u want is the black widow sniper (max upgrade)...u get it from the spectre shop for 200k+ credits. the basic idea is to keep as much distance as u can while in cover and snipe them away. Also dont ignore ur companions make sure they are well equiped with weapons and mods. you can take up to 5 weapons with u but i recommend u limit urself to 3 weapons to keep ur power Cooldowns low...and of course upgraded since it helps with dmg, weight and capacity.

As for armor i use the default N7 armor which gives a bonus to HP. or any other defensive armor. If u got tactical clock then i would chance taking pure damage armor.

the basic idea is headshots and keeping ur distance. place ur companions appropriately. Use ur powers and theirs. Medi gel is replenished after each mission so dont be shy about using them.

As for class not a big factor if u use the sniper distance strategy. However being able to go invisible can be useful. I did insanity using the "soldier" . but i guess it could be easier using infilitrator.
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