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Does changeing the Difficulty in an other career void inanity trophy / achivment in your original career? 0
(create your own question)NG+ Importing save files from ME2? 1
Access Soundtrack? 1
After download the "Resurgence Multiplayer Expansion"? 1
An extra mass effect 3 online pass? 1
Change appearance after import? 1
Did I mess up the Ashley Romance track? 2
Get with ED? 2
Getting Collectors edition? 1
How can my Sheperd live? 1
How do you create a biotic explosion? 2
How do you get dark channel ???? 2
How to stop it with Kaidan? 1
If I get everything? 1
Importing savefiles to mass effect 3? 2
Is it worth buying? 3
Is there more than one ending? 3
Mass effect 3 multiplier? 1
Me3 multiplayer? 1
Question about importing data from different region? 1
Upgrade of Health , shield , melee , Cooldown reduction for powers???Where are the upgrades?? 3
Use Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition product voucher on normal Mass Effect 3 disc? 1
Where is Tali's Picture? 1
Who is still active on ps3 multiplayer? 1
(Can you do coop offline like splitscreen?) 2
Alliance Network? 1
Can I map more than 3 powers other than R2, L2 and Triangle? 1
Can you have more than one file? 2
Free DLC with new game? 1
Has anyone found any exploits yet? 1
Help on understanding reputation? 1
How do i get to the trailer at the end of reckoning to unlock the weapon? 1
How do I reload a sniper rifle? 1
Importing characters and change career??? 1
Is there going to be multiplayer? 2
ME3 from PC to PS3 IMPORT game like for 1 to 2? 1
Motion Comic Still available? 1
Multiplayer - going Prestige? (potential spoilers) 1
Multiplayer? 1
New game + plus ? 4
Prestiging characters? 1
Promoting? 1
Romance help? 3
Shepard's facial scars? 1
Somethings wrong? 1
Starting a new ME3 romance? 3
War zone thingy? 1
What happended to the battlefield 3 human soldier kit for ME3 ? 1
What happens to the squad you chose right before you beam up to the citadel? 1
Why the low user score? 8
Will Shapard die? 3
Would someone clarify exactly what happens upon importing a character? 1

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