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Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find a pick-axe?

I have a desperate need to mine iron....

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Warmaiden's in Whiterun... nevermind.

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From: platinumxii 3 years ago

Enter any mines and there's bound to have a pickaxe or two somewhere be it inside or outside the mine. Look out for wooden carts or atop tables.

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seek the blacksmith in Whitesrun

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As stated can be bought in the first village you come to (Riverwood).. or further along in Whiterun.

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You can get pickaxes from vendors in almost any town and from the mine closest to Riverwood. The mine is indicated on your compass by crossed pickaxes. Inside the mine should be at least two pickaxes to be found.

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If you begin doing missions at the mage college in Winterhold, the first cave that you go into for the quest has a pickaxe before you fight any enemies. It's dark in some parts so you may not be able to see it without lighting the area.

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Along with the previous answers, there's also an enchanted pickaxe to be found if you manage to climb up to the highest pinnacle of The Throat of the World beyond High Hrothgar. It's called the Notched Pickaxe, and it improves Smithing as well as causing elemental melee damage. There are several veins of particularly rare ore up there for you to mine, as well. You can't get up there until you've learned a certain distinctive shout, but when you're up there you'll know.

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Throat of the world, also with some ebony ore, and some other ore, just cheat-climb up there, you will need whirlwind sprint to get to some area's though, but it's all worth it, or wait until you go to the throat of the world through main questline.

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