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Golden Claw Quest - Ring Puzzle - Help? D:

After getting the Golden Claw (I'm on the quest from the trader in the first town you get to), I find myself stuck on a "ring" puzzle in a large room that uses the claw itself as the key. The options are bear, owl, and bird for each. What's the solution? I can't find any clues D:

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tkayiira answered:

Look at the claw. The correct sequence is on the underside. You have to zoom in to see it. So, go to items, misc, the look at the claw. Press R3 to zoom and look on the underside.
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Ponchovr4 answered:

If you look at the claw in your invintory R3 to move it round the answer is on it
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dya_peach answered:

The journal the guy you free tells you the answer is in the palm, so you just look at the palm and match the symbols
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