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Mzinchaleft Dwarven Mechanism?

Found what is called a "Dwarven Mechanism" inside the Mzinchaleft ruins which are SW of Dawnstar. The specific room I'm in is called the "Mzinchaleft Gatehouse". I've just killed a Dwarven Centurion Guardian and explored the rest of the area but when I try to activate the Dwarven Mechanism it tells me "You lack the required item".

Anyone know what item it is I need to activate this?

SkyguardianDiro asked for clarification:

I found a strange object called a dwarven cogwheel somewhere in a cave somewhere and for the life of me cant remember where but it must be a part of what your looking for, im not entirely sure though, i need more information on what it is that your searching for in the ruins.

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lahonda_99 answered:

Go to Septimus Signus' Outpost just north of Winterhold. Speak to Septimus Signus and he will give you the quest related to Mzinchaleft and its Dwarven mechanism.
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