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How do you buy the house in Rifton?

Ok, so the first town I visited in Skyrim was Rifton, I did a few things for the villagers, saw how awesome the ownable house looked from the outside and that it had it's own pier, so then I resolved to own it. I approached the earl's assistant, she had a task for me to kill a bandit. I did it, she had nothing else, I then subsequently did every quest available for everyone else within the palace and did three more random bounties for the stuward yet she still will not give any hint of letting me buy the house, anyone have any suggestions?

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Update: I read somewhere that you have to complete the bleak barrows quest, I've already done that and been as far as Hrothgar in the main quest, But the stupid steward just won't sell me the damn house.

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sully73 answered:

you have to do one of those miscellenious objective that involves breaking up a skooma ring. You can start it by goin to the dock area of Rifton and talking to one of the Lizard people she works at the fishery if i remeber right. I cant recall her exact name but it began with a W. Do those series of things and then do a few more around town to get the people to like you and then you can buy the house for like 8k
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jecht_highwind answered:

You talk to the Stewart of the head of the town. That goes for every town and city.
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