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Whats better in the game, vampire or werewolf?

Vampire or werewolf?

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So when not in "beast form" are there any active effects such as, a vampire being a bit stronger, and a bit faster, and so it was for vampires in oblivion?

13Persia13 asked for clarification:

How Can You Turn Into A Vampire?! Where Do I Go?!
I Killed Many Vampires, That's Not Going To Get In My Way Right?!

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Tantio_Nos answered:

Werewolfes do have them Kelvasa
There is a passive effect you get for having beastblood one + and one -
+ you are immune to diseases (lycantropia isn't considert a disease here, as having it doesn't count as number of times having contracted one) This is also the reason why some-one with beastblood cant become a vampire. It's a good passive bonus if you ask me.
-You don't get bonuses from sleeping <= well not that this isn't really a problem for your stats it takes a bit longer to level up a skill.
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IXILucidityIXI answered:

Matter of opinion, my friend.

Both can be cured. The werewolf form is called "Beast Form" and can be controlled rather than you changing every night. You can change on a whim. As for a vampire, honestly, I can't give any advice on it yet since I haven't contracted the disease to become one.
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Kelvasa answered:

Werewolf is better for warriors; vampires for mages. A vampire has passive benefits and disadvantages, while the werewolf just lets you turn into a werewolf, which is pretty awesome. In beast form, your hp and stamina increase, wolves won't attack you, and any crimes while a werewolf won't count against you. Also the additional attack damage. I like the werewolf concept more.
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lolz022 answered:

It really is matter of opinion like previously said. I like werewolf because of the dmg increase, but youre so much easier to be damaged.

Vampirism is very iffy. You get a healing spell and you do get resistance to frost and improv. night vision but thats it. People start to become hostile to you and you advance in your stages quickly as a vampire.

Personally, I'd go with werewolf.
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skyrimgamer6586 answered:

Iwuz vampire gets annoying after while cuz u got to feed 24/7 I werewolf now soooo much easier
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gamerlord08 answered:

Warewolf, you sprint faster then a horse, and for atleast a minute, your resistant to diesease, you choose when to turn into a warewolf, much better in my opinion.
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Chrono222Nomad answered:

Being a werewolf has fewer drawbacks, especially since you can just walk around as your normal self unless you decide to change into Beast Form. Immunity to disease is a nice passive bonus, and not being able to get the "rested" or "well rested" bonuses from sleeping isn't really a big deal. You can still give yourself skill-learning bonuses by activating one of these Guardian Stones: Mage, Thief, and Warrior Stones which will improve those individual skill areas 20% faster, and the Lover Stone which makes all skills improve 15% faster.
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starmark1230 answered:

Two good things for werewolf: 1. Immunity to disease. 2. Beast form running.
The biggest two drawbacks for werewolf: 1. No well rested or rested bonuses. 2. Can't access menu, magic or pick up items while in beast form. You also have to re-equip everything when you change back.

Three best things about being a vampire: 1. Immunity to disease. 2. Sneaking is improved. 3. Night vision.
Three biggest drawbacks for being a vampire: 1. You do not regenerate health, magicka and stamina while outside during day. 2. Weakness to fire. 3. If you go too long without drinking blood, then people will attack you on sight (gets annoying). And you also do not get rested bonuses.

On a side note, if night vision is really that important to you then play a kajhiit. The cat people have night vision automatically. If running is that important to you then go with werewolf, but understand that further in the game you will fast-travel everywhere and get at least close to any new location without too much need for running (personal opinion).

I prefer vamp (usually play as mage or stealth char), but got bored with the constant stops to drink blood. I prefer to play as a normal mortal now.
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jhonel83 answered:

Werewolf is good because of the passive -always immune to disease. But that's about it -changing into beast form can easily get you killed because you can't block incoming hits and you have no acces to potions or healing spells. Also has some annoying bugs to it, like the innability to change to first person view again. You also have to equip your stuff back after you are in human form. Also the immunity to diseases makes the game a little less interesting for me.
Vampires are a bit "meh" to me. In oblivion your stats changed as you progress in vampirism, but here the are no stats to speak of. So you are left only with better sneaking and a crappy spell. Also have the immunity to disease. But the rest of your life as a vampire is just a bit set of annoying nerfs/
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DarkFrankhs answered:

I haven't been a vampire yet, but the werewolf is a lot better than most think. I use it with my mage as it gives him a melee edge if I run out of magicka or just fancy a change of pace. But the first thing while playing as a werewolf to know is the fact that the running attack is RIDICULOUSLY powerful - very few enemies survive it. So aim to do this to most enemies - speed is your friend. Then if you do get surrounded use the 'howl' ability (R2 on PS3) and all enemies run away and you can just chase after then and take em down.

I'm having a lot of fun with it with my High Elf Mage
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hellraiser33 answered:

Hey just to let you know since becoming a werewolf is a quest threw the companions you can 1st become a vampire, which gives u immunity to diseases but since its a ritual to become a werewolf by-passes it. So to become a werewolf/vampire is this, go to broken fang cave (west of whiterun past the western watchtower) then do the quests for companions, become a werewolf. People will not attack you on sight at all if u don't feed. You keep all benefits from being a vampire and a werewolf, only drawback that I've encountered is that fire does 25%, it will be higher depending on what stage u r from being a vampire w/o feeding.
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manic2 answered:

werewolves are WAY better.i looked them up in the book.a vampire is mostly sneaking around and running from the law.a werewolf doesnt have to worry about the law as long as he doesnt get caught,he can change whenever he likes but once a day.when he switches over,his diseases are healed also.
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DGKXZIBIT answered:

Id say being a werewolf is waay better because you get attacked for no reason when your a vampire. Anyone that sees you will attack on sight until your dead.
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dya_peach answered:

13 Persia to become a vampire you must be able to contract a disease and be hit by vampires. you contract it by being attacked by them.
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Kelvasa answered:

I think that they have to use their vampiric drain ability on you instead of attack you. I'm not certain. I've read that you can get it from normal attacks or from the drain. Best way, or one of them, to get vampirism is to go to marthal, start that burned house quest, talk to the ghost girl, go behind the house to the vampire, and let her attack you until you contract sanguine vampiris. Don't attack back.
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the_Rieper answered:

I personally like the Vampire. It makes the game more of a challenge.
The fact that you are not only disease immune, but if you play as a Nord, and go vampire, you have a frost immunity by Stage 3, and you have a poison immunity is a plus. You can use your weapons as a vampire as well, another plus.
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