Question from Starkiller258

What do i use dwemer levers and centurion dynamo cores for?

Can i sell them or do i need to save them for a quest?

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scorpioss87 answered:

if you take the dwemer stuff to Deep Folk Crossing, north west of Markarth, there is a dwemer converter witch transforms the items into dwarven armor and weapons, handy if you need some ekstra cash...
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G1utton answered:

In Morrowind there was a quest from a Dwarvin robo spider thing, he asked you to retrieve stuff like that, but I have yet to see him in Skyrim. For now sell them, there is plenty more of them around.
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Belvoul answered:

In the college of winterhold, You'll get a quest that requires 10 dwarven clogs. Not sure if the guy will ask for anything else after the quest. I never finished it before starting over.
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