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Ysgramor tomb Word wall help???

I have been walking around there like a idiot for 30mins and I cant final a word wall but I see the guide from google they said that there is a word wall inside ysgramor tomb.....I seriously cant find it help???

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Thx dude what do you mean by "on the back wall before you get into the area??"

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reidomatic answered:

It's not actually inside the tomb. It's outside the place. Just take the Skyrim door you did not enter from and it's up the stairs at the top.
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Ph0en1xFlam3 answered:

if i remember correctly it is on the back wall before you get into the area to talk to Kabolds ghost. Also in response to your other question about how to find the words of power there is another way that i found in relation to the one that the other guy told you in the holds if you shout and then get the load screen either by going in to a building or leaving the town when you go back outside a courier will show up and hand you a mysterious note from "A Friend" in the note it will tell you about a word of power in a location and that location's marker will be added to your map.
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Phantasmguy answered:

Did you see a big stone bridge over a large gap area near the flame trap at the top of the stairs? Maybe a little pond below the bridge? Your word wall is down there. Also a treasure chest, if you're interested.
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asmodean333 answered:

You need to do the Companion's quest line. The last quest sends you to that tomb and when you reach the end and kill the wolf spirit take the stairs to the right and follow it. When you reach the end you pull a chain and the wall opens up to reveal your at the beginning of the tomb. But go straight ahead (west) to reach the other side and that chain will have opened up that wall as well. Go out into Skyrim and you will be on some stairs just follow them up and you will reach the word wall.
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AlexanderDrake answered:

Well, considering the answer as been given I won't bother to answer. I would however like to point out that using a google guide is a waste of time... What you really want to use is (Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages), they are seriously the most comprehensive thing out there for TES, I mean... The only way to get better info than from them is direct from Bethesda... So just a heads up!
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tulmkohr answered:

It is also possible to scale the hill from the outside of the tomb, without having to enter the tomb at all.
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