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Asked: 3 years ago

How to beat a certain someone at the College of Winterhold? *Possible Spoiler*

How do I get Ancano to fight me? All he is doing is using lighting bolts on the Eye of Magus and I can't attack him or get him to disengage from the Eye to fight me.

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From: Kolbo44 3 years ago

When the orb is open, the pieces will be whirling around and Ancano will be invincible.

First, use the staff on the orb in order for it to close. Then Ancano will be vulnerable to attack. When the orb opens again, it'll spawn some enemies. Repeat the process until Ancano is dead.

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Use the Staff of Magnus on the eye to get him to disengage and the eye will break apart making Ancano invincible so just use the staff to make the eye close and a few sword swipes or magic should kill him.

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You can only defeat Ancano once you have acquired the "Staff of Magnus" then you must return to the college and absorb the magic from the Eye (using the staff) it takes a minute but it will eventually power down and Ancano will start fighting you.

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When the orb is closed, Ancano spaws some Magic Anomalies. They attack him and kill him, just give him some space. Worked for me on master diffuculty.

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u have to use staff of magnus on orb until fully closed while the orb is fully closed Ancana is vounerable once orb open again u have to use staff on the orb again as whiel open Ancana is invinsible

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