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Where can I find an item with the fortify 1 handed enchantment?

I just smithed some glass and i need to get my 1 handed up and i figured enchanting my armor to fortify 1 handed would be easy. But i need to find an item that has a fortify 1 handed. Where could I find this?

cheekeetsp provided additional details:

At the risk of sounding stupid, is a peddler a vendor?

cheekeetsp provided additional details:

OK thank you guys both.

godylla asked for clarification:

Do you have to be a certain enchanting level to upgrade gauntlets to fortify one hand?

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brightdemon answered:

Check to clothing store in Solitude. It's called Radiant Raiment. They usually have appeal with good enchantments. It's a good way to learn some useful enchantments early on. Aside from that, try revisiting some of the dragon lairs you've been to. I believe that the large chests get refilled every 2 days or so. Don't worry about the dragons. I believe that re-spawn every 2 weeks.
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

Stuff like that is pretty rare and worth a fortune. I'd try the peddlers in each hold and village
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malic80 answered:

I got a ring from the chicks with the clothing store in solitude. With the enchantment I do over 120 dam. And still have to Max onehand and enchant 4/5 in both cant wait to hit 80 in both as it is now enchant of 73 I can add 32% more dam with a grand soul gem 22% with greater and you can do onehand enchant to rings,neck,gloves, and boots!!!
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

Yes peddlers are vendors. Old term for merchant. But I found a pair of Ebony gauntlets that fortified one-handed by a dragon mound. I'd be prepared for a hard fight and worse trip to the mound
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mhase68 answered:

Radiant Raiments or bits n pieces in solitude, also can check Bierond for a gauntlet.
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BillySisco answered:

I find them constantly in bleak falls burrow every time i start a new game and im lvl 15 when i do it if it helps
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kenmicjen answered:

Yea i would try seeing if anyone has something for sale. Maybe at the Warmaiden in Whiterun. As for enchanting level, i don't think there is a requirement.. But if its low, the enchantment will be low too.

Enchanting useless items with Petty soul gems is a good way to level enchanting.. And of course try to explore the different Perks in enchanting, as they can make a big difference..
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Shadow_Magus answered:

A guaranteed 1 hand enchantment item is the nightingale glove from the quest

Trinity Restored from the Thieves Guild questline, which gives you the entire

nightingales set, it's light armor if that's wut also worries and honestly I'd get the

nightingale set since equipping it completely gives you automatically and

independently wether you have the light armor custom fit & matching set. and

each piece has some useful enchantments.
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EmperorAmuul answered:

I find the best way to get something for one handed enchantments so long as you do not mind using the console is to find something online and getting it via the console for example:

Ring of Eminent Wielding
Type: Jewelry
Slot: Ring
Armor: 0
Weight: 0.3
Base Value: 1027
Level: 24
ID: 00100e2c

Just go to the console and enter:
player.additem 00100e2c 1
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twilda answered:

The War Room in BlackReach has a necklace for 35% added to 1 handed attacks and Gauntlets for 2 handed attackes
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