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Where can I find a black soul gem?

I am trying to get rid of my vampirism but I can't find a black soul gem, anyone know where one is?

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Ninja_Rat02 answered:

You can get a black soul gem from the mage Falion who cures vampirism or find them in Broken Fang Cave in Whiterun, Hobs Fall Cave in Winterhold or Hjerim,a house you can purchase in Windhelm.
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whatmustido answered:

Just loot any random cave full of mages. They usually have at least one amongst them.
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rymachelin answered:

Master necromancers or Arch necromancers have one with them usually. if you follow up the quests of the college of winterhold eventually you will come across some black soul gems because its questline is heavily relied on killing mages and dragur (high ranked dragur dropped me black soul gems too)
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srs9891 answered:

The is a mage named Falion in the town of Morthal, who sells at least one black soul gem once every 48 in-game hours. The sell for about 800 gold a piece. This was the most consistent source for soul gems I myself have been able to find, as it is a "for sure" way to get some, assuming you have the gold.
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