Question from AlexialAngel

Anyone know what type of armor Farkas is wearing?

I love the look of the armor that Farkas is wearing and was wondering if anyone knew what it was?


lupinswitch99 answered:

I don't know 100%, but im thinking that it is, Heavy Steel im not 100% but it looks like what my heavy armor person is wearing.
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

Most likely an improved version of either Iron or Steel. One of kind by the looks of it too
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SlayerGamer answered:

Farkas is wearing wolf armor dude go to the skyforge the gray-mane dude probably have fullset
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

Farkas is wearing all Steel. You can also smith it if you want but there's two different type of steel armor and they provide the same defensive stat
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silverzgreen answered:

It's definitely the Wolf Armor. You can make it at the Skyforge after the companions quest line is completed.
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General_Walther answered:

Farkas is wearing STEEL ARMOR. His brother Vilkas is wearing the Wolf Armor.
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TheLazer5000 answered:

Farkas is wearing steal armor, but the torso piece can randomize between the kind that has pauldrons, and the kind that doesn't.
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