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Can i go back to sovengarde?


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goobersnake answered:

You cant go back to sovengrad because one, its impossible to reach the portal again and two, the gate keeper in sovengrad even says you cant.
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Nexahs1990 answered:

Sovngarde is the Nord version of heaven, or the afterlife. So no. I assume you mean the town from the tutorial, which is called Helgen. Which you can go back to.
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neohippie2010 answered:

Unfortunately, no you can only enter Sovngarde once as part of the MQ. Sensing this, I searched every nook and cranny for some kind of loot but alas, to no avail. Don't worry about Sovngarde ;) It's just a story setting.
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danteallege answered:

To get to Sovngarde, you have to go to Skuldafn, via Odahviing. Since Skuldafn can't be fast travelled to, and you can only use Odahviing to get to it as part of the mission, you can only go to Sovngarde once. There's nothing of interest there, unless you want to be flung off of the waterfalls.
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Lcoz answered:

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