Question from goobersnake

Asked: 3 years ago

Where can i find ebony ore or ingots?

Ive been searching for awhile but have had no luck anyone know where theres a mine or a shp keeper that sells ebony?

Accepted Answer

From: edit0r22 3 years ago

Gloombound mine (ESE of Windhelm) has about enough to craft and upgrade an entire ebony set. It is neighbouring an orc stronghold called Narzulbur though so you will need to become blood kin by doing a simple fetch and return quest. Failing that you could always sneak in the mine and the miners wont harm you.

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The first place I found some was on the throat of the world but you must be 50% done with the story. So tp there and just go to the top you will also find a "Notched Pickaxe" get the reference

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