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Where can I find a soul trap weapon?

I need that enchantment on my weapon but I don't know it. I had a weapon that had it, but sold it before I knew its significance. So, do you know where I can find any weapon with that enchantment? Somewhere easy or someone to buy it from. Thank you!

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imnotonfacebook answered:

A method that worked best with me was to fast travel between Stormcloak bases.The quartermasters there tend to have both rare and enchanted weapons and armor of good quality. Also important to note is that if the enchantment in the most important part of your given purchase, it might be a good idea to look out for iron weapons with soul trap to save some money. So if you just fast travel back and forth between Falkreath and Haafingar enough times, you can definitely find a soul trap weapon for less than 1000 gold. I've also encountered lightning, fire, ice, stamina damage, magic damage, dwarf, orc and more. Only took me two fast travels, so no wait, simple, cheap, and quick.
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Ciryadin answered:

Wait in 2 day cycles in whiterun or dawnstar shops that sell magical weapons
to see if they loaded up a weapon with soultrap on it.
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ThemaxVoorheis answered:

Weapons with soul trap enchantment are often not labled soul trap. their description is just the description of what soul trap does. availablity from merchants might also depend on your level
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Wolfwithin answered:

There is an ironbind barrow dungeon that gives you a war axe at the end of it that has an enchant on it of fiery soul trap which lights the target on fire and soul traps which is very nice. Dungeon isn't too hard to get through and can be done early in the game. If you look on the map there is a river right under winterhold to the left on the map go to where it ends and the ironbind barrow is northwest of there a short ways. Should see it on the compass once you get to the end of that river.
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