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How do I get into The Dark Brotherhood?

Want them to stop sending assassins after me, I kill a lot of them but is getting really annoying.

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Goto Windheld and talk to the barkeep about rumors about a boy looking to contact the brotherhood.
Goto his house in windheld, and do the killing job for him.
Wait untill a courier hands you a msg from them "We Know".
Then wait another 2-3 days untill your kidnapped.

Kill either of the three (doesn't matter) and you're in.

Tip: Steal Blade of Woe from Katrina while your still in the abandoned shacks intiation, you'll get a second one later on in the questchain of DB :)

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to get kidnapped you have to go to sleep. Sleeping anywhere will do the trick

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go to windhelm and talk to the barkeep and ask about rumors after you talk to the barkeep he should say something like boy looking to contact the darkbrother hood. the boys name is Aventus Aretino go to the house in windhelm and pick the door then talk to the boy inside he will say the dark brother hood has come or something along the line of speech anyways the quest name is innocence lost he will ask you to go kill grelod the kind go kill her at the orphanage in Riften and go back and talk Aventus Aretino he wil give you a plate that worth like 100 gold and then you need to find a bed and sleep in it after you do that you will wake up in a abandon shack and astrid will ask you to kill 1 of 3 people and it don't matter who you kill kill one of them and she will give you a key to get out of the shack then the quest with friends like these.. will start and your in just follow the quest mark to the dark brother hood hide out.

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Why why why yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

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What is it that you did to get te Dark Brotherhood to send assassins after you?

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