Question from tredecim13

Asked: 3 years ago

Where is the dog outside Falkreath??

I've looked all over - wandered around for ages in the vicinity of the quest marker, but no dog anywhere!

Is he in a specific place?

I've found a weird talking door, but no dog :(

Additional details - 3 years ago

I've got the quest from Lod. I've also got the food (which is why there's a quest marker) but I can't find the dog anywhere.

Am I supposed to drop the food on the marker or just wander around with it in my inventory until the dog shows up?

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From: HubeG 3 years ago

Get the quest from Lod in Falkreath. He'll give you fresh meat to take to it. Make sure quest is turned on then walk to the marker and Barbas the dog should come to you and start talking beginning Clavicus Viles quest. Do the quest until you get the axe but do not take it back to Clavicus. Keep the dog instead because he cannot be killed making him the best dog in the game. A lot better than the mask or axe Clavicus gives you.

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I think you have to start a quest with a guy in Falkreath first. I forget his name sorry.

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U have to talk to a guy in the town.He gives u some food to make the dog come to u.

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The weird talking door aka is the Dark Brotherhood door.

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Follow Lod's instructions- go outside of Falkreath, onto the road. Then, drop the fresh meat on the road, and the dog should come over to you. If you still can't find the dog, the game probably bugged up (?). You can either start a new game, or just leave the quest as it is not important.

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I didn't drop any meat on the ground, I just went to the quest marker and it was there, it's definitely on a road not far from Falkreath, maybe a minute or two's walk.

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I just got the meat and just stood right on top of the quest mark and he just showed up and talked to me (freeked me out cuz it was my first time doing the quest lol) but you wana do the quest, its a daedric quest so it will count tward your 15 daedric artifacts trophy

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