Question from micjig

How do I get Shadowmere back?

I got Shadowmere from the Dark Brotherhood quest, but then lost him when I had to do Promises To Keep. (the one where you steal the horse Frost) Now I cant get Shadowmere back. Does anyone have any idea what to do?

micjig provided additional details:

He didn't die, I had to ride a different horse, so I can't find Shadowmere anymore, no idea where he went.

Accepted Answer

bluemoon1 answered:

Well if you chose to keep the horse instead of giving him away he will have replaced Shadowmere, in this case you must choose which one you want that or wait for Frost to be killed in battle. Either way afterwards just fast travel somewhere or go to where Shadowmere originally spawned.

If you didn't choose to keep Frost then wait a month, in game time, and Shadowmere will respawn where ever he died.
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mikesweeneyy answered:

Go to where Shadowmere died around a month later. he should be chilling there.
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Chrono222Nomad answered:

Did you try going back to that black pool outside the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary where Shadowmere first spawned? Also, did you choose to kill the quest giver so you could keep Frost? That was one of the options and it might cause an issue since you can only have one horse at a time.

When I did this quest I thought Frost was going to stick with me even though I gave him away. He followed me around and was waiting outside Fallowstone Cave when I went inside, but when I came out again he had been replaced by Shadowmere. It was bizarre.
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nwanamaker answered:

The most recent horse that you rode and OWN will be your new default. If you fast travel somewhere, that will be the horse that shows up. Eventually the other horse will return to where you first found it but it will take a while.
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andy16878 answered:

Just wait a bit and go to the dark brotherhood sanctuary he'll be there.
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OhYouBaby answered:

Go to where Shadowmere died around a month later.
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