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How to use Azura Star?

How to use azura star? i Kill animal still Empty

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That's not the answer

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I suggest taking a look at this website:

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It is a soul gem. You have to use soul trap to make the soul enter the gem. I suggest enchanting soul trap on all of the weapons you use to make it easier. If you are a mage just use the soul trap spell.

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Wolfwithin is right. If you're a mage use a soul trap spell...Otherwise find, buy, or make an enchanted weapon that has a soul trap. If you did do that make sure you killed a more powerful animal. Kill a bear, Sabercat or something greater than a wolf, rabbit, goat or skeever.

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Make sure you don't have any other soul gems in your inventory, as they will fill up with animal souls before Azura's Star.

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