Blood on the ice does not work?

I have finished the quest line of the stormcloak liberation and have taken over solitude and have accepted the quest to became thane of wind helm but i need to buy the house but i can't because of the butcher so i have fast traveled to white run and back 4 times and then waited untill 2:00 am then headed to the graveyard but no one is there. Please help this pisses me off!!! thanks

XHIPPIEHUNTERX provided additional details:

I started waiting in front of the door to leave windhelm at 1am ( game time) and waited untill 3 am but still no screaming :(

XHIPPIEHUNTERX provided additional details:

Don't worry i accidentally deleted my primary save file so i had to start again but i did pickpocket the key from her and when into the house nothing happened thanks anyway :p


m800_runner answered:

So far I have picked to help the empire and the quest simply wont continue for me either. maybe a bug
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MechDutch answered:

Around 2 am you'll hear a scream (if you are on the main street) coming from the Market, NOT the graveyard. Hurry there and you'll see the Butcher stalking someone. Strike fast and swift, otherwise you might be too late, and the Butcher claims another victim. It won't give you a bounty on your don't worry...
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Artef answered:

The quest seems to bug out a lot. If you really want hjerm and thane eventually, when you start a new game go first to windhelm. If you go to the graveyard and the body isn't there the quest is bugged out as there is no required level for this quest. HOWEVER there is one more way you may be able to salvage the quest but its going to take some luck. Find Tova shattershield. ( if you already did the darkbrother hood quest to kill her daughter she kills her self and is in the top floor of the clan shattershield house) you need to pick the key to hjerm off of her. On the one account I had that this quest did not fire up right away, upon entering hjerm the quest kicked in and put me up to the point of investigating. If breaking into hjerm yields nothing the only fix is to make a new character, sorry.
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thedragonlady answered:

I entered from the docks and the quest wouldn't start. The body was there but being ignored. Luckily, I'm in the habit of saving before entering a new place so I reloaded and went through the front gate instead and it started just fine.
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