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get out of Pelagius' mind?

Help! How do I get out?

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Mythranil answered:

It's all about the Wabbajack. Sorry I don't have much for specifics in the following descriptions; it's been a long time since I've played through that part.

In one direction, where you find a pair of specters fighting each other - one large, one tiny - use the Wabbajack several times on the larger one to make him small, then use it on the small one to make him big.

In another direction, where you come across a sleeping Pelagius, use the Wabbajack on him repeatedly to conjure different creatures. Defeat each one as they appear. The final one will be a dragon priest, and once you defeat him, you're done. The trick is to do it all quickly or the sequence gets reset.

For the final direction, you will come upon a stadium of sorts where there are two atronachs battling. On the opposite side of the arena is a spectator and two lackeys beside him. Use the Wabbajack on them and they will turn into wolves and attack.

After these three events, go back and talk to Sheogorath again, and you'll be done.
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