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Delvin's items?

What are the items that Delvin will pay for, and where can you find them?

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Where in Goldenglow is the Queen Bee statue?

Talaeladar provided additional details:

And where in Snow Veil is the model ship?


otakuman706 answered:

Various rare items can be stolen from around Skyrim and sold to Delvin. All of these items come from locations visited during the Thieves Guild quests. They will be displayed in the shelves behind Mercer's Desk:

Queen Bee Statue in Goldenglow Estate
Honningbrew Decanter in Honningbrew Meadery
East Empire Shipping Map in East Empire Company Warehouse
Model Ship in Snow Veil Sanctum
Dwemer Puzzle Cube in Calcemo's Laboratory in the Dwemer Museum in Markarth
Bust of the Gray Fox in Riftweald manor in Riften
Left Eye of the Falmer in Irkngthand

As you finish the additional jobs that Vex and Delvin give you, trophies of recovered items begin to fill the shelves too:

Jeweled Candlestick appears after you complete 5 jobs.
Ornate Drinking Horn appears after you complete 15 jobs.
Golden Ship Model appears after you complete 25 jobs.
Golden Urn appears after you complete 35 jobs.
Jeweled Goblet appears after you complete 45 jobs.
Jeweled Pitcher appears after you complete 55 jobs.
Jeweled Flagon appears after you complete 75 jobs.

After completing 125 jobs, a Safe is added next to the shelves which contains potions that improve your stealth skills and other random loot.
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kuns7glak answered:

If anyone has trouble returning the last of the items due to the bug in the quest, this page will help those using a PC:
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