Question from Andowar

The game wont let me save now?

I transferred the save files over to a USB and make backups while I formatted the hard drive cause it was being stupid and NOW when i transferred the data back it wont let me save or anything because its "Another users save data"

Anyone got any ideas if i can get around this?? and if so please tell me T_T


Chrono222Nomad answered:

Did you register with PlayStation Network? Logging into your PSN account is the only way that I know of to confirm that you are indeed the same player. It should perform a "sync" for game/trophy data, which would also validate that you are the user affiliated with your saved games.

Of course all of that is 100% dependent on having a preexisting PSN account before reformatting the hard drive, not to mention having ethernet and/or wi-fi access. There may be another way, but this is how I solved the issue myself when I needed to replace my PS3 last year. Best of luck!
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