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Missing collage students?

I have played thru many times and on one of the play thru's I got Phinis the conjurer teacher says something about 4 missing students. I found all 4 places but one of the students was glitched out. I have yet 2 get Phinis to give the quest again. What do I have 2 do 2 get this quest 2 start?


Zeriaon answered:

The quest is broken, according to the Elder Scrolls Wiki.
"Lost Apprentices (Broken Quest): Phinis mentions that 4 student from the college, Yisra, Ilas-Tei, Borvir and Rundi have gone missing. However, the discussion doesn't create a quest entry in the logbook. After finding the students and their respective belongings, there's no dialogue option to inform Phinis of their fate." ~TES Wiki
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