Question from ringoffire0282

Why does falion attack me every time i try rising at dawn? i want to be free of vampirism

I am very frustrated at the fact that when you become a vampire your attacked on sight, this does not work well with me since i am trying to complete all side quests. i'm passed the 3 days so i can't go to the shrines to cure it. i've acquired the rising at dawn quest but everytime i approach falion he freaks out and attacks me. how do i complete this quest when everyone hates me. i got so pissed i quit my game all together till i can find a way of curing this dreadful inconvenience to my game


Luiman04 answered:

Fe on sleeping people. (Click on the while sneaking.)
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TerraAvsTrais answered:

You MUST be a stage 1 Vamp then talk to him, to get to Stage 1 feed on sleeping NPCs
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